Is Your Company Spending Christmas With Your Clients?

Spend Christmas with your Clients

My favorite t-shirt, which I received at skucon 2017. Thanks, commonsku!

After a relatively HOT week in Northwest Florida leading up to Christmas, we woke up to much colder temperatures on Christmas morning. While weather really has nothing to do with Christmas, cooler weather does help set the stage for one of the “expectations” of Christmas.

As I peel myself out of bed, I put on my favorite t-shirt, which I received at skucon 2017. This annual conference in Las Vegas features an impressive lineup of industry speakers and a bag full of awesome swag from several great promotional products suppliers! The shirts given out for skucon 2017 were a District brand ring spun t-shirt from SanMar to which a custom printed pocket was added by T-Shirt Tycoon. The shirt is ridiculously soft, which is why the one I received has become my Number One shirt when lounging around the house. I can’t wait to see what skucon 2018 has to offer!

Once out of bed, I stumble into the kitchen and pour coffee into my favorite stainless steel promotional tumbler, which happens to have my company logo on it. For many other households, the go-to coffee mugs are decorated with some other company logo.

So I’ve only been awake for 5 minutes and I’ve already been exposed to two different promotional products. Granted one of them is boasting my own company, that’s not the typical scenario for most. It’s Christmas morning, and this is the third day in a row which I have been “off” from work, yet I’ve had a gentle and welcomed reminder of these companies with which I do a lot of business.

This continual positive brand exposure helps strengthen the business relationship by consistently improving my outlook toward these companies.

Is your company spending Christmas with its clients? Does your company continue to stay top of mind, even when your clients are not in “business mode?”

If you are, is it a welcomed visit? TV and radio ads are disruptive (in a bad way) and unwelcomed ways to enter homes, however, promotional products are always welcomed when they are useful.

Take the time to think of your client demographics in order to determine the best options for your giveaways. Think about what products they likely use on a daily basis. Don’t skimp on quality, because cheap, low-quality items don’t tend to stick around very long. However, functional, high-quality items will be used frequently, and help strengthen their loyalty to your company.

With proper planning and a little forethought, you’ll soon be reaching your clients on not only Christmas but also every other day of the year.

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