Cool Down With Custom Printed Beach Towels

 Is your business settled near a beautiful beach? Are you a local hotel/resort or have a chain of Airbnb to rent out this summer? Or is your business located on the pier where thousands of tourists pass by daily? Need a budget-friendly product to add to your inventory. Look no further! Cooldown the summer sun with custom printed beach towels! 

3 Reasons Why You Need Beach Towels 

Beach Towels are essentials 

Consider this. You are a family of four going on vacation or planning a weekend trip with your friends. Chances are luggage space is limited. The last thing you’re packing is a big bulky towel that takes up ⅓ of bag space. Chances are you’re buying a custom-printed beach towel from the hotel gift shop or a local vendor on the pier. Essential. 


Custom printed beach towel is inexpensive, especially in bulk. A Value Beach Towel starts at $15.11 for a minimum order of 36 pieces. The large the bulk item you buy the cheaper the price gets. Further, you aren’t just paying for a genetic product your getting a custom printed beach towel! Choosing from our 3 methods: 

  • Screenprinted 
  • Embroidery 
  • Sublimation 

Walking Advertisement 

Think about where these custom printed beach towels are going to be used. Sprawled by the pool or on the beach, hanging around a person’s neck as they sightsee, as a picnic blanket the possibilities are endless. And with more than 400 million beach visitors don’t miss out on this advertisement tool. Custom printed beach towels are the perfect canvas for your brand to be showcased in person and on social media. 

Buying Guide to Custom Printed Beach Towels 


Yes, size does matter with custom printed beach towels! And in this case, King and Standard 

King Size Custom Printed Beach Towels 

These towels are made to be shared! Whether that’s with other people or your beach stuff this custom printed beach towel has the square footage. The Kingsize Plush Velour Beach Towel has you covered! This custom-printed beach towel measures out to a large  35”x65” of 100% reversible cotton. Need something bigger? Upgrade to the Presidental Subli-Plush Beach Towel. A whopping 35”x70” L this presidential custom printed beach towel is designed to cover the whole beach( not literally of course). A massive canvas for your brand to print on! 

Standard Size Custom Printed Beach Towels 

Everyone needs their own personal custom printed beach towel. If you’re vacationing solo or simply don’t want to carry around a king towel then the standard size is the solution. The Polka Dot Velour Beach Towel and the Cabana Stripe Velour Beach Towel are our favorites. Crafted with 

  • 100% cotton velour for comfort
  • Hemmed Edges for sand proof action 
  • 10.5 lb for lightweight travel 

These custom printed beach towels make for a perfect personal size. The striped and polka dot design pays tribute to the classic 1950s-style beach towels. A great size for the individual this custom printed beach towel is a great addition to any gift shop or storefront.

A towel’s primary use is to dry people or things off quickly. Well, the quality of a custom printed beach towel is a key factor. Microfiber is the most popular material to use in towels as it is reliable and cost-effective. The Sublimation Cooling Quick Dry Beach Towel is made with 250gsm of microfiber material. Soft and light this custom printed beach towel enables a quick-dry pad down.  Reliable and cost-effective this custom printed beach towel is a quality choice.


Lastly, design! You’ve figured out the size, you’ve got the material now all that’s left is the fun part! Designing your custom printed beach towel. The classic rectangle shape is always a safe choice. But if you’re looking for that ‘limited edition’ customization then here it is. The awesome Jersey Shaped Beach Towel. This custom-printed beach towel allows you to utilize graphics that replicate actual team jersey designs for any sport. Sublimation printing allows for crisp all-over print and the use of unlimited colors and gradations; Made of 100% polyester. A great ‘limited edition’ product this custom printed beach towel is sure to be an all-star hit. 

Ready To Create? Contact Us Today! 

Are you sold on a new set of custom printed beach towels? Excited to be the talk of the pier because of your eye-catching design? Pick and choose your custom printed beach towel and we’ll handle the rest. Need it in bulk? No problem we are the queen and kings of bulk orders. Looking for quality print methods that’s our domain! Contact Us Today! And get started with your custom printed beach towel order! Call Now!

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