Christmas Gifts that are not CommercializedChristmas has certainly become commercialized over the last several decades. Retails stores begin stocking Christmas items as early as August to get a jump on their competitors. Before items for the Fall season are stocked on the shelves, the Christmas creep shows face.

You can easily get bogged down in the busyness of Christmas shopping, holiday parties, Christmas plays and performances, and multiple family visits OR you can actually enjoy the season by relaxing and spending time with friends and family.

In the classic Christmas movie, A Charlie Brown Christmas, Charlie Brown says, “…I won’t let all this commercialism ruin my Christmas.”

Following the same Christmas spirit that Charlie Brown had, I’d like to highlight a few Christmas gifts that not only can be personalized with your company logo, but also promote the spirit of Christmas and family time.

Corporate Christmas Gifts That Promote Family Time

Promotional Blankets for Christmas GiftsBlankets

Blankets are very useful to have during the winter season. As school lets out and more free time is available, my family loves to snuggle up together underneath blankets and watch Christmas movies. Your promotional blankets will be used not only during the holiday season, but throughout the entire winter season.

Custom Ceramic Mugs for Coffee or Hot ChocolateCeramic Mugs

During the cold winter and holiday season, warm beverages such as hot chocolate and coffee are the go-to drinks to stay warm. There’s nothing better than kicking your feet up on the couch with a rich cup of hot chocolate in front of a toasty, warm fireplace. Custom mugs have staying power, so they will be used for years and continue to show your logo to your clients.

Custom Hot Chocolate PacketsHot Cocoa

If you give away ceramic mugs, why not stuff them with an individual packet of hot cocoa with your customized decal. Most people drink their hot chocolate with other people, so this is another great gift that promotes togetherness! You will warm up the hearts of your customers with a hot cup of cocoa!

Kitchen Promotional ProductsKitchen Promos

You can just about guarantee that once you start cooking in your kitchen and creating delightful smells from baking cookies, cakes, pies, or casseroles, the kitchen area becomes a magnet for your family. Nothing gets people together like great food! Whether you choose to give away measuring cups, knife sets, wooden spoons, or any other number of kitchen-related promos, these are great choice to gather family together.

Custom Board GamesBoard Games

Games are a great way to get several people together for hours. Most people enjoy a little friendly competition and what better way to promote that competition than with board games? While these games will have your logo advertised on the games, they will help bond relationships through spending more time together. Whether you choose a traditional board game such as checkers, or you opt for an outdoor style game such as a bean bag throw game (corn hole), you just can’t go wrong. Don’t forget about the virtually unlimited amount of games you can play using just a standard deck of playing cards!

Logo Bluetooth SpeakersBluetooth Speakers

It’s true that many people listen to music alone. However, play some great tunes and you’ll attract a crowd. Promotional Bluetooth speakers can be printed with your logo and given out to your employees and top clients. Help them gather crowds to celebrate the Christmas holidays.

You can give away your commercialized Christmas gifts without promoting the commercialism of Christmas. Your recipients will love these branded gifts and they will especially love that it helps bring their family members closer together during the Christmas holidays.

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