Celebrate With Custom Christmas Ornaments This Holiday Season! 

The most wonderful time of the year is just around the concern! Before you know it consumers will be changing their jack-o-lantern for Frosty the snowman. According to Statista Research Department, Christmas and Thanksgiving are the two most celebrated holidays in the US; with an estimated 85% of Americans celebrating Christmas in 2021. The National Retail Federation found that in 2021, consumers will spend an average of $997.73 on gifts and other holiday items. Perhaps one of the most important purchases consumers will make this season is a Christmas tree and with that ornaments to liven it up. Christmas ornaments are a small yet impactful way to get into the Christmas spirit and there’s one for every celebration. Celebrate with custom Christmas ornaments this snowy season! 

Christmas Countdown 2022


Why Custom Christmas Ornaments? 

Christmas ornaments were brought to the US by German immigrants in the 18th-19th century. By the 1890s Woolworth’s Department Store was selling $25 million in German-imported ornaments. From then on ornaments became a tradition in Christmas celebrating households. According to JumpStart, Customization of products such as Christmas ornaments has shown to: 

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Increase Customer Loyalty 
  • Drive Sales 
  • Increase word-of-mouth marketing 
  • Offer customer insight

With consumers’ commitment to celebrating Christmas both financially and spiritually- custom Christmas ornaments are a great way to increase brand awareness and sales. In an economical and fun way to spread the holiday spirit here are our top picks for custom Christmas ornaments that your business needs this season. 

Custom Christmas Ornaments For Office Parties 

Need a fun gift for your office this season? Or is it the annual ugly Christmas sweater party your office has been anticipating? Well, have we got the custom Christmas ornament for you. The Ugly Sweater Christmas Holiday Ornament is a great office party gift. The Ugly Sweater Christmas holiday ornament features a die-cast emblem with a polished nickel finish & a full-color imprint w/ Poly dome in a classic sweater shape. Add your logo to 5 stock sweater designs or create your own ugly sweater imprint. Includes silver metallic hanging cord and unique decorative gift envelope. A Deluxe velour gift pouch is also available. The Perfect custom Christmas ornament for a white elephant office gift or a small thank you token to all your employees. 

Custom Christmas Ornaments For Heroes Who Don’t Wear Capes 

Looking to give back to your local law enforcement, first responders, and healthcare workers? Here’s an idea. Custom Christmas ornaments for heroes who don’t wear capes. The general strategy of this marketing campaign is as follows: 

  1. Partner with local police stations, firehouses, and hospitals and come up with their own exclusive custom Christmas ornament 
  2. Contact Perfect Imprints to get these custom Christmas ornaments crafted 
  3. Sell custom Christmas ornaments as part of a fundraising event in partnership with local organizations mentioned in point 1. 
    1. A free with every purchased item 
    2. Add-on purchase to use as gift tags 
    3. Stand-alone product for exclusive sale during the holidays 

For your local law enforcement custom Christmas ornament the 5 Point Acrylic Sheriff’s Star is the perfect badge to promote and support your local Sheriff’s department. Your company logo is full-color printed on these 1/8″ thickness clear acrylic ornaments with a 1/16″ thick mirrored acrylic backing.

For your local fire station and hospital, the Custom Shape Laser Etched Bamboo Ornament is the perfect canvas to create a one-of-a-kind design. Made in the USA! These 1/4″ thick Bamboo Christmas ornaments are laser cut into the shape of your choice, then laser etched with your custom decoration – up to 6 square inches. Get creative with this custom Christmas ornament. 

Sponsor Your Local Fellowship For Christian Athletes 

Is your business looking to donate to Christian student-athletes in your community? Here’s another idea for using custom Christmas ornaments to sponsor your local FCA. Much like the former campaign mentioned fundraising with FCA has the same concept. 

  1. Collaborate with local FCA leaders and start a fundraiser using custom Christmas ornaments. Set a start date and deadline.
  2. Contact Perfect Imprints for quality custom Christmas ornaments inquiries 
  3. Get student-athletes involved by advertising FCA custom Christmas ornaments
    1. Great for small Christmas gifts 
    2. Highlight the cause of the fundraiser and where the collected funds will go to. 

A great way to mentor your local Christian student-athletes while fostering brand loyalty amongst teachers and other staff. Choose from our array of Acrylic Ornaments that features: 

  • Laser precision cut crystal clear acrylic with beveled edges
  • Each piece includes a sparkling silver ribbon for hanging
  • Packaged in a soft velveteen tray and placed in a shimmering silver box

There is sure to be a custom Christmas ornament that embodies both your business and your local FCA! 

Contact Us Today And Create Your Custom Christmas Ornaments 

Don’t delay! The Christmas season is right around the concern. Is your business ready to get into the Christmas spirit? Looking for a creative way to show your gratitude to your employees? Or is your brand looking to give back to the community this season? Custom Christmas ornaments are the best way to start! Economical, fun, and creative custom Christmas ornaments are sure to be a memorable part of this holiday season. Get yours today!

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