Custom Cooling Towels

Custom Cooling Towels: The Hottest New Products Will Keep Your Clients Cool

It’s time for another seasonal change in your business and you definitely want to stay up-to-date with your promotional products. Well, here’s the perfect product to make your clients think you’re cooler by keeping them cool.

Cooling towels are one of the hottest new trends for advertising your business.

The great part is, they may seem like they’re only for warmer weather, but that’s not true! Your clients can use these convenient items during sporting events or any other occasion may get a little stuffy indoors and outdoors.

Check out these custom cooling towels and ideas to add to your next promo line-up.

Why Are Custom Cooling Towels a Good Choice?

If you haven’t guessed by now, these convenient accessories are great for your company’s marketing. Read more to find out why.

1. They’re Actually Useful Products

Again, these handy accessories are versatile and necessary for a variety of occasions. Custom cooling towels can basically take the place of old rags or ice packs in attempts to bring down body temperature when you get overheated. And these towels have become so popular because, well, they’ve been working.

So how exactly do you use these towels? It’s actually very simple. You basically wet the cooling towel, wring out the excess water, ‘snap it’, and then it’s ready for use. The towel is able to keep a cooling effect for up to several hours.

The towels are made with specific fabrics that are designed to activate when wet and absorb moisture for longtime usage. You can easily re-wet the cooling tools for reuse whenever needed.

2. They’re Good for Long-term Brand Promotion

Your goal is to get your brand seen by people – a large number of people. These customized cooling towels could do just that because they are convenient and useful enough for a wide variety of different types of people to want to use them.

Products like these are great for brand awareness and promotion because they are long-term, reusable items. This means that people won’t just be taking them from you and throwing them away (often done with business cards and some other promotional items).

This will give your business the chance to be seen over and over again. Advertisers have figured out that most ads need to be viewed at least seven times – and sometimes viewed up to ten times – before customers actually buy or even take the steps toward buying.

3. They’re Versatile

The way to keep tons of eyes on your business is to offer something that tons of people would be interested in. The customized cooling towels are just right for this because, well, everybody gets hot and sweats!

You don’t have to be athletic just to use these, but it will be a great gift for the thousands of people who are athletic. These could also be great client gifts for when someone takes a vacation after working hard.

And speaking of working hard, there are a lot of lines of work that would benefit greatly from cooling towels. Construction workers, farmers, general labor workers, and plenty of others would sport these little saviors on a humid day without a second thought.

Places Cooling Towels Would Work

As previously mentioned, there are lots of events and occasions that customized cooling towels would be the hit of the party. Here are some ideas for where to use them for promotion.

Athletic Events & Competitions

These may be the low-hanging fruit of them all but it will work. The most important things that an athlete is worried about while playing a sport is staying cool and hydrated. You can at least help with one of those things.

And the cooling towels aren’t only for the people in the game. There are also many fans in the stands who need cooling from being hot, crowded, and yelling for their favorite teams for hours straight. These are especially useful if the particular sporting games are outdoors (but they will work just as well indoors).

Don’t forget about the staff that will need to stay cool while tending to the players and fans throughout the entire time. For example, during marathons, there is supporter staff for the runners who try to avoid overheating, too.

Outdoor Events

These don’t just work for outdoor sporting events. They also work for promoting outdoor events in general because that’s where the sun and humidity is.

Consider how much ground your custom cooling towels could cover if you targeted large (or even small) outdoor events. This includes festivals, concerts, carnivals, beaches, company barbecues, flea markets, and much more.

Most of those people will be looking for cooling relief at least once during those events if it’s a really warm day. That makes for a lot of times your logo could be shared!

Active Engagements

Besides marketing at sporting events, you could also target occasions that are active but not actually athletic. It may be a good idea to use these promotional customized cooling towels during classes, such as yoga, dance, or rock climbing.

They can also come in handy for people who enjoy long nature walks or who just tend to prefer moving around outdoors a lot.

Some people will be able to use them in their daily work if they have mild to highly active jobs and need moments to take a breath (think waiters and mailmen).

Customizing Cooling Towels Just Right

All customized cooling towels are not created equally. You can choose the overall style that you prefer for your company promotion. And this could change based on your audience or targeted events.

Here are the areas of customization for the towels:

  • Color
  • Size
  • Material
  • Special features
  • Printing Methods

This might seem like a lot, but you will want to make sure you have the best representation for your company. Check out these details below for some extra help with making a final decision.

Customized Towel Colors

Check out which colors are available for your custom cooling towels order.

Solid colors

There are a wide variety of solid colored cooling towels that you can choose from. They range from brighter colors to more deep, dark colors.

You may want to keep it simple and use your current company colors when deciding on what combinations are best. You could also consider trying out a set of bold color combinations that both catch the eye of your audience and work well with your current logo.

Pattern Designs

Here is another route to take that can work out well if you’re looking to really stand out. There are a number of patterns that you could choose for your customized cooling towels.

Some patterns, such as army camouflage or something with sparkles, could actually highlight your branding even more. There is also an option to print full-color photos onto the towels, as well.

Don’t be afraid to be a little daring in order to be different.

Promotional Cooling Towel Sizes

There is a wide variety of sizes that you can get these customized towels in. The determining factor will be whether you’re looking for something smaller or larger for your client gifts.

You may also want to determine the size by your current budget or the style (ex. headband versus bandana) you prefer.

Cooling Towel Materials

Custom cooling towels are made in a variety of materials. However, you will run into the same materials frequently, as the material is important for the cooling effect to work.

These are materials that you will typically see:

You may want to choose the material based on the final look that you would like the towel to have.

Special Features

The cool part to customized cooling towels is that some of them have extra features that make the gift even more special.

Consider ordering towels that include carrying cases, which often come in the forms of tubes, mesh bags, or plastic pouches. They’re made conveniently, usually featuring a drawstring or detachable metal ring clips.

Some of the towels also come in very cool kits. They may feature items for specific sports, such as golf. Or they may be more general and include something such as a nice backpack.

Printing Methods

Last, but not least, you are able to choose the type of printing method that you prefer for your custom cooling towels.

The method of how the towel is imprinted will usually affect it aesthetically and texturally. It can also determine how long the actual printed design lasts.

Currently, the towels are printed via screen print, pad print, and sublimation printing. It is also possible for you to have full-color options for some of these methods.

Cooling Towel Styles

Here are some examples of a variety of styles that you can choose from when it comes to custom cooling towels. You will see that you can choose from a wide range of towels that include towels made as headbands to ones that double as workout towels.

Athletic Cool Down Towel

Are you trying to figure out the best way to keep teams cool while still promoting your business or brand? Investing in some athletic customized cooling towels will be the perfect way to do just that.

They are great for absorbing perspiration, which is bound to happen during most types of active engagements. Whether it’s for someone running 10 miles, slam dunking a ball, or rowing a boat across the ocean, these cooling towels will surely help them to remember, and be thankful for, your business.

Athletic Cool Down Headband

Just like the custom cooling towels, athletic cooling headbands could be the saving grace for some of your customers. That’s why they would double as great client gifts and promotional items for your business.

These lightweight headbands are super absorbent and reusable. They’re perfect for hands-free cooling since they are made in traditional headband style. The athletic cool down headband is also great for sun protection for your forehead area.

Athletic Cool Down Collar

There are definitely particular areas of your body that seem to get overheated much quicker than others. And sometimes these parts are neglected, thus resulting in perspiration overload.

These scarf-like athletic collars are the perfect customized cooling towels for targeting the neck/collarbone area when you’re really feeling the heat. They’re lightweight and quick-drying and also work well for your head and wrist areas.

Keep It Cool Bandana

Bandanas have been used as fashion and unification statements for multiple years. However, now they have a new function and it could serve as a successful way for you to advertise your business to clients and potential customers.

The Keep It Cool Bandana is one of the simple designs with a dynamic effect amongst the customized cooling towels. The trendy headwear is able to retain water and works for dropping body temperatures up to 4 hours, but also feels dry when touched.

Athletic Cool Down Wristband

Keeping your wrists cool can help keep your entire body cooler since you have a major artery running through your wrist (radial artery). These cooling wristbands are lightweight and super absorbing!

Eclipse Cooper-Infused Cooling Towel

Yes, you read that correctly. This cooling towel features cooper in the formula for some wonderful effects.

Not only does it have the cooling power that you need to withstand a hot day, but it also handles odor elimination and control so you can stay dry and fresh.

Cold Front Cooling Towel

This powerful towel features cooling technology that causes immediate evaporation of water that absorbs the heat and offers instant relief for your skin.

The Cold Front Cooling Towel is reusable microfiber fabric and available for ColorFusion™ process, which allows for you to imprint from edge-to-edge in unlimited color.

Show Your Brand’s Coolness By Keeping People Cool

If you’re still thinking twice about using custom cooling towels to promote your business then you may miss out on a great opportunity for your brand to be seen by many.

These promo items are proved their versatility and reach potential for customers. One of the best parts for your company is that they’re great for warmer seasons, but you also don’t have to wait until it’s hot to use them.

You can start filling an order on some cooling towel with a minimum of only 24 units. Check out our entire inventory of styles today!

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