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Custom Coozies For Your Golf Event

Custom Coozies For Your Golf Event

Golf is a sport that is enjoyed year-round–depending on the area you’re in, of course! Here in Florida, though, we like to test the course during all four seasons. Well, two seasons, really–a wet season and a dry season. We prefer to play in the dry.
Just as we prefer the dry season, we also prefer dry cans to sip on as we cruise the course–which brings us to the point of this article; custom coozies for your golf event. No one likes soda or beer cans covered in condensation. No one likes cans that have been pulled straight out of an ice chest, either! They’re too cold! For your next golf event, here are the reasons you need to provide custom coozies!

Create a Memory

Above all, you want your golf event to create a memory for the players. Whether the event is for a fundraiser, non-profit, awareness, or a corporate outing, creating retention is how you get players to come back to your course! How do you creatively increase retention rates? Glad you asked! Try custom coozies!

Keep Drinks Cold

We don’t know much about the science behind it, but somehow-someway, custom coozies keep your drink nice and cold all day. It insulates your can or bottle and acts as a cooler sleeve! It comes in handy when you want to pace yourself for the day ahead. It doesn’t have much of an effect on the chuggers, so keep your audience in mind!

Prevent Unwanted Condensation

I told you, here in Florida, we don’t like to play golf in wet conditions. Keep the condensation out of the game with custom coozies. The coozies also protect your hands from the slip grip. Imagine going up to tee only to send your club flying! Now, again, know your audience. Some people need the excuse to play like… well, you get the point.

Prevent Cold Hands

Please protect yourself, others, and wildlife by keeping your hands warm while swinging. We can’t have another flying club bonk anything else! Custom coozies for your event will prevent any liabilities. Well, maybe. But it is always better to be overly prepared!

Avoid Rings on Furniture

We know how it goes. Getting home from a long day of golf does not always settle well with the wife. For the regulars, make sure to give them all the coozies they need. Giving the guys coozies to take home will put them on their wives’ good side! Why? Because it gives the ladies one less thing to complain to their husbands about. Spending the day at the golf course is enough–they shouldn’t have to get on to them about the can rings on the furniture, too! 

Ready to Order Your Custom Coozies?

If you are hosting a golf event or tournament and are ready to order your custom coozies, contact us now. We can get a quote to you within a few business days!

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