Why Your Brand Needs To Switch To Custom Euro Totes

Have you ever shopped in a store that gave you one of those fancy merchandise bags? The ones are made from thick durable material but look classy. Regardless of how much you spent at that store, you walk out feeling bougie because of this merchandise bag; and you could have multiple bags already by you put this one bag in front of the rest so everyone can that you shopped at THAT one store? Yes? Good same. These bags are custom euro totes and here’s why your brand needs to upgrade to these totes. 

Custom Euro Totes Elevates Brands

Stores such as Gucci, Prada, Versace, etc. pride their brands on luxury, exclusivity, and quality. When clients purchase their products these values are present throughout the shopping experience. When clients leave a high-end store their purchased items are meticulously wrapped and placed in the brand’s custom euro tote. But why custom euro totes? Euro totes are shopping bags that contain reinforced bottoms and rope handles. Additionally, these bags are crafted with heavy-weight paper for durability and multiple-purpose use. Due to this quality manufacturing, custom euro totes are the all-star pick for all high-end stores. And your brand can replica this quality at a competitive price. 

Types Of Custom Euro Totes 

 For a smooth shopping experience, we have narrowed our selection to two custom euro tote sizes. 

Compact Custom Euro Tote 

The Matte Laminated Euro Tote Bag with Macrame Rope Handles (8″x4″x10″) – Foil Stamp is one of our bestselling compact custom euro totes. Reinvent your brand with new trendy-colored Matte Laminated Euro Totes. Add a touch of flair and sophistication to your company branding. These Matte Laminated Euro Totes measure 8″ x 4″ gusset x 10″ features: 

  • Color-matching macramé cord handles 
  • Reinforced, fold-over top and cardboard bottom insert
  • Heavyweight paper material 
  • Foil Stamping (up to 2 layered colors) 

As a result, they are highly sustainable, eco-friendly shopping bags. As an extra precaution, we always like to make clients aware that dark-colored euro totes tend to show scratches and fold marks more readily than lighter-colored ones. A must-have compact custom euro tote for small to medium size products that’ll leave a big impression. 

Foil Printing Process 

Many of our custom euro totes feature a printing process called foil printing. This process uses heat, pressure, and foil to add a shiny or matte effect to your brand logo or design. Foil printing is often done to uplift designs giving them that classy and sophisticated layer. For any questions regarding foil printing contact us here

Full-Size Custom Euro Totes 

Stand out from the competition with the Matte Laminated Euro Tote Bag w/Macrame Rope Handles (16″x6″x12″) – Foil Stamp. This custom euro tote measures 16″ x 6″ x 12″ and comes available with a 1 or 2 color foil stamp imprint. Additionally, features include:  

  • Matching, soft macramé cords used as handles 
  • A fold-over top 
  • A cardboard bottom insert 

Please acknowledge before ordering: Dark-colored euro totes tend to reveal scratches and fold marks more readily than lighter-colored euro totes. This large custom euro tote allows for brand creative freedom. Create a one-of-a-kind exclusive design or collaborate with celebrities or influencers to boost popularity. Available in vivid and dark tones. These full-size custom euro totes bags is sure to amplify your brand. 

Custom Euro Totes: Matte vs. Glossy 

So now that your company has decided on a size for your custom euro totes it’s time to choose the finishings. Two choices are available to you. Matte or Glossy.

The table below gives an overview of material profiles and the pros and cons of each. 

Matte Glossy
-Regular based -Covered with inkjet coating -Absorbs light/ No light reflection 
Pros: -Versatile when printing -Compatible with inlet and laster printing -Quick dry / Fingerprint resistant 
Cons: -More prone to creasing and bending 
-Natural shine finish -Reflects light 
Pros-Ultra-smooth finished look -Enhances colors 
Cons-Creates glare -Hard to write on 

For further questions and inquiries contact us here

Ready For An Upgrade? Contact Us Now! 

Is your brand growing? Is your company looking for an eco-friendly yet sophisticated way to advertise? Sustainable and luxurious in the same category? Impossible. Not with custom euro totes. Elegant and eco-friendly custom euro totes can elevate your brand’s reputation. Choose our foil printing method for an even more slick and classy look! Choose from glossy or matte materials as well as a variety of colors. Take your brand to the next level with custom euro tote bags! Contact Us today and ask about our express shipping

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