10 Gift Ideas: Custom Ornaments for Christmas


Christmas is a time for giving, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to show your loved ones how much you care. 

If you’re looking for a unique gift for someone special in your life, consider getting them one of our amazing custom ornaments for Christmas. These unique pieces are sure to make their holiday season memorable!

If you’re looking for different ornaments gift ideas, give this article a read!

’Tis the Christmas Season: Grab Your Custom Ornaments! 

1. Engraved Christmas Ornament

Custom Ornaments for Christmas

Consider an engraved first Christmas ornament when looking for a unique gift idea. You can customize this beautiful piece with your loved one’s name and date of birth or even write your message. 

You could also include photos from multiple years! Or choose one of our other designs and have it inscribed with something special from your family’s life together: maybe both sides?

Suppose you want to make sure it keeps its value over time and don’t want to risk having someone else gift wrap it for you (you know how annoying that can be). In that case, we recommend engraving on the back as well—so no matter what direction they’re facing when they open up their new ornament, everyone will see its personality shine through at once.

2. Personalized Glass Christmas Ball

You’ll love the look of a personalized glass Christmas ball, but there are other ways to customize your ornament. You can even get one made out of a different material or color than you see in different stores!

Custom Ornaments for Christmas

Here are some glass ornament ideas you can go with:

  • Personalized glass Christmas ball
  • Custom glass Christmas ball
  • Custom glass ornament

3. Family of 4 Personalized Ornaments

Custom Ornaments for Christmas

Have you got a family of four? Do they love to decorate their home and keep it fresh and colorful, or do they prefer a more minimalistic approach? Either way, this is the perfect gift for them! 

You can choose from several different styles of personalized ornaments that will suit your recipient’s tastes perfectly.

For example, suppose your friend loves nature but wants to add style to her home decorating scheme by putting up some framed art pieces around the house (like paintings). In that case, she’ll love one of these gorgeous wooden birdhouses with interchangeable charms so she can customize each one herself. 

Or maybe she has been looking at different styles lately because she wants something new but hasn’t found anything that suits her needs just right—well, now there’s no need for searching anymore because, luckily, you can come up with this solution: personalized ornament sets!

4. Custom Initial Ornament

An initial is a symbol of your personality. It’s not just for the first letter of your name but also for the words or phrases that make up who you are.

Custom Ornaments for Christmas

This is why personalized ornaments are so great: they tell people exactly what they mean to you! You can use them as a family tree, showing off all of your relationships to one another in one place—or they could even be displayed on top of each other. 

Hence, everyone knows precisely how many people are in their group (or family).

Custom Ornaments for Christmas

5. Personalized Name and Date Ornament

This is an excellent gift for couples celebrating their anniversary or wedding. You can personalize the ornament with the names of your loved ones or even include it in their wedding or baby’s birth announcement.

6. Custom Family Photo Ornament

Help your family remember the best custom ornaments for Christmas.

We have several options for you to choose from, including:

  • A photo of your entire family on Santa’s lap. This is great if you want to capture all those funny moments that go along with being together in one photo! If it’s not too difficult for everyone else, ask them to smile and pose for us!
  • A picture of your favorite holiday destination (Disneyland or Disney World). This will surely brighten any room in which it hangs because who doesn’t love going on adventures?
Custom Ornaments for Christmas
Custom Ornaments for Christmas

7. Wedding Couple Ornament

A wedding couple ornament is a perfect way to celebrate your recent nuptials. This hanging ornament will look great on the tree year after year, and it’s also an excellent gift for any newlyweds!

You can customize this ornament with names and dates of your choice—or you can even engrave it with vows or other personalizing details like “lovebirds” or “best friends.”

8. Custom Wood Ornament

Custom wooden ornaments are timeless gifts you can get personalized with your photos and stand out against the crowd. They’re also a great way to save memories, whether catching up with an old friend at Christmas or remembering your first date.

Wooden ornaments are available in several materials: metal, plastic, and glass! Metal is durable but also heavy; however, if you want something custom-made from scratch—and don’t mind spending some time on it—plastic may be the way to go. 

Custom Ornaments for Christmas

Plastic is easy to work with and won’t break if accidentally dropped onto concrete from 10 feet high (although we don’t recommend doing this). 

Custom Ornaments for Christmas

Glass is for beautiful keepsakes but is more expensive than other options depending on your chosen shape.

9. The Personalized Meaning Behind the Name Ornament

The meaning behind a name ornament is significant. Choosing an ornament that will last a lifetime and be cherished by your family is worth considering.

10. Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

Baby’s first Christmas ornament is a unique keepsake that one can cherish for years. You can customize it with your child’s name and date of birth, making it perfect for their first Christmas in the family.

Custom Ornaments for Christmas

You can choose ornaments of wood, glass, decorations, and even designer pendants if you are looking for something more unique than just a regular ornament. Perfect Imprints will engrave it with your child’s name, making them even more special!

Choose a Custom Ornament for Christmas That Suits Your Recipient.

When you’re choosing an ornament, keep in mind the recipient’s interests and hobbies. If you’re buying for a couple, consider their relationship and how they interact with each other. 

If you are buying for a family member or friend, think about their names and ages—the right ornament style can help make this holiday season truly memorable!

Wrap Up!

As you can see, there are many options for custom ornaments for Christmas so go for the one that appeals most to your recipient and customize each ornament with its name or initials. 

This will make them feel extra special on Christmas morning!

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