Custom Printed Stuffed Animals For EMS

Custom Printed Stuffed Animals For EMS

Perfect Imprints has built its foundation on helping others. We were founded by a man, Patrick Black, who previously worked in EMS and has never lost his drive to help others. Now, whether it be helping with marketing endeavors, sponsorships, or donations to the community, Perfect Imprints has always given back when it could.
Because we solely believe in the power of what we do, we have decided to combine not only helping others but helping others in the form of creative marketing. Today, we had the honor of presenting our local Okaloosa County EMS department with custom printed stuffed animals.

EMS custom stuffed animals

The Creative Process

It’s true what they say—giving is more powerful than receiving.

When we came across the information that EMS departments keep stuffed animals in the backs of their vehicles for children in traumatic situations, we immediately got to brewing ideas.

We are marketing professionals and this creative process required all our team’s effort—from sales, graphics, marketing, and others! The idea process wasn’t what held us back, but we put so much time and effort into the design. We even got as detailed as color therapy and the psychological effect colors can have on children in a traumatic situation. Then, we thought of ways in which we were going to distribute the plush toys. 

Creating our custom printed stuffed animals was a process that was worth the input in every way! Moving forward, we will be known as comfort to those who have to ride in the back of an ambulance, etc. Read more about how you can include custom plush toys in your marketing!

Why do Custom Printed Stuffed Animals Work?

Our custom printed stuffed animals work for many reasons. Not only do they come in bulk and at a low cost, but they do their job of making people feel better. In turn, you will be creating a feeling associated with your business. When looking at business returns in the future, you can find that custom printed stuffed animals have a large ROI.

Custom printed stuffed animals come in a variety of different styles which makes them extremely versatile!

Stuffed toys are a thoughtful gesture that a recipient will never forget. With that being said, it is also true that the brand on the plushie won’t be forgotten, either!

For more ways you can use custom printed stuffed animals to promote your brand, read the related article; Learn How To Promote Your Brand With The Use Of Custom Stuffed Animals.

How to Incorporate Custom Printed Stuffed Animals in Your Marketing?

There are many ways in which you can incorporate custom printed stuffed animals in your marketing today. Below, we have listed a few industries that can better their marketing with these adorable plush toys!

Floral shops—allow consumers to (optionally) add custom printed stuffed plushies. These animals pair perfectly with flowers.

Non-profits—make a child’s day by donating custom printed stuffed animals to your local charity. Whether you chose to brand them with your logo or the charities’, you will be responsible for the smiles they bring.

Fundraiser/Sponsorships—custom plushies are more likely to go well with fundraisers or sponsorships through schools, athletics, women’s shelters, and the list goes on. Again, associating your business with a fundraiser, for example, gives your business a feeling. Consumers want to work with a company that will benefit their community.

Tradeshows–stand out amongst the crowd during trade shows! Most trade shows are packed full of custom pens and stress balls, which is fine, but not unique when you are trying to stand out amongst all other vendors. Giving clients something they can hang on to or pass along to children in their close circles gives a much longer-lasting impression.

Hospitals–we are one of the very few companies who offer custom printed stuffed animals safe enough for newborns. We have CPSIA-certified bears and other animals in case you were wanting to either donate to hospitals or if you are in the health care industry looking for a safe way to create a memory for new parents or those who have experienced a loss.

Jewelry stores—a guy‘s best friend is a dog, while a girl‘s best friend will always be a diamond with a customary plush toy to tag along with it. This comes especially helpful when finding ways to market during a holiday such as Valentine’s.

Souvenir/Gift shops—gift shops are an excellent way you can incorporate custom printed stuffed animals. Leave your consumers with a memorable experience and a way they can summarize their trips. The custom plush toy will give them a memory they can carry on forever.

For more information and inspiration, check out the video below!

How to Get Started?

Get your marketing adventure started with Perfect Imprints. We not only offer custom printed stuffed animals, but we offer any promotional item that you can possibly think of. Our experienced staff will help guide you in the marketing direction that best suits your small business, company, organization, school—the list goes on, but you get the point. For more ideas or information, contact us today!

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