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custom promotional calendars

“The pen is mightier than the keyboard”

Princeton Professor Pam Mueller and UCLA Professor Daniel Oppenheimer--Scholarly Article

Scholarly article

There have been numerous studies like Mueller and Oppenheimer. Most studies back the claim that writing things down with pen and paper is a more effective way of retaining information. Personally, I tend to remember things better when I jot them down on a post-it or a planner. Forgetting important appointments and events disrupts productivity and can make individuals feel disorganized and flustered. One way to keep things in order is to keep a calendar. Calendars have an array of benefits such as: 

  • Checking availability quickly
  • Track due dates
  • Plan for study time 
  • Track events and appointments 
  • Keeps family informed 
  • Ease anxiety 


As a business, it is crucial to stay organized! Your sanity depends on it. But as the new year rolls around, consider sharing this gift of organization with your clients using custom promotional calendars. Additionally, most people plan on buying this tool anyways, especially at the beginning of the year. Why not show your customer appreciation while promoting your business with custom promotional calendars by Perfect Imprints. 

The Quintessential Custom Promotional Calendar

The classic of calendars is none other than the wall calendar. The fun feature of wall calendars is their theme–themes are often favorite movies, cartoons, dogs, cats, or places like our Landscape of North America wall calendar. Wall calendars provide a fun way to organize and let’s not forget the satisfying feeling of taring away each month. Additionally, wall calendars are hung in places for people to see, which means your brand will be continuously advertised. Perfect for any business, classroom, or home, wall calendars are the ideal custom promotional calendars to advertise your business. 

Value Size Custom Promotional Calendar 

If you’re a large corporate business, consider this value size calendar. The Value Stick Calendar is a low-cost, self-adhering stick-on calendar that can go anywhere. 27 stock shapes in 10 vinyl colors or create your own custom shape and promote your brand to your customers 24/7. 

The Portable Custom Promotional Calendar

Planners are the most versatile out of all the calendars. Typically ranging from notebook to notepad size, planners are accessible and portable. Popular amongst corporate workers and students, planners are a must-have item giveaway. A planner that keeps track of months and weeks is ideal. Our classic Monthly and Weekly Planner include a neat date grid style. Each monthly date grid is followed by weekly grids for the corresponding month. Great for long and short-term planning, this tool features 144 pages of organized space. A piece of walking advertising, planners are a strong option for custom promotional calendars. 

A Custom Calendar For Seniors 

Keeping important information such as insurance and healthcare cards can be challenging for aging individuals. Our Med-tracker planner is just the thing to keep things in order. This 16-page planner is fully colored for visual ease, and the cover is laminated for durability. Make it easy for your senior clients to organize with the use of this custom promotional calendar.  

The Adulting Custom Promotional Calendar

To all the recent college graduates who now have an office or cubical-congratulations! You are now officially adulting. One item you’ll sure need is a proper desk calendar. What’s more proper than a vinyl desk pad by Perfect Imprints? This desk pad has a pocket header made of heavy Suedene vinyl. The advertiser’s message is hot-stamped on the top giving repeated ad exposure. A clear vinyl pocket footer provides a useful place to tuck cards or notes. Additionally, this desk pad features a dedicated note selection for any important scribbles. To get your desk pad started, here are a few tips: 

  • Write down everything you feel is important
  • Set aside a time to chart out a To-Do list 
  • Make a monthly task list 
  • Use different colors to prioritize tasks 
  • Highlight important events or meetings 

Ideal for new graduates or veteran office workers, desk calendars are office essentials. Promote your brand while helping these new grads transition neatly into the workforce with this custom promotional calendar.

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Organization is key to any successful day, and calendars are the perfect tools! With a wide selection, Perfect Imprints has the custom promotional calendars your business needs to show customers that you value their time. Don’t forget! Contact us today

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