Custom Reusable Drinking Straws

10 years ago drinking straws were a commonplace item. Almost every household had them at all times and most restaurants would give them to you whether or not you even wanted them. Now, the world has become more cognisant of the ecological impacts, and it’s even trendy to use eco-friendly promo items. Americans use an average of  500 million drinking straws every day. While each of these individual items seems small, this is enough straws to fill up 46,400 school buses each year. 

As a company, you have likely found yourself in the same debate as most Americans this year- you want to have drinking straws at your next event, but you don’t want the negative effects to your environment. Maybe you know you used to have drinking straws in your office kitchen, and now that you know their negative effects, you can’t bring yourself to order any more. 

Instead, use that budget to buy your employees reusable drinking straws. These straws are sure to make your employees happy, as they are considerate to the environment. They also will make your budget happy with options for reusable straws for less than 25¢ a piece. Reusable drinking straws have been a top, trending product since 2019, and we expect for them to only grow in popularity this year. Be sure to join this ecofriendly movement!

Another way to utilize reusable drinking straws is to give them out at your next event. If you usually have refreshments at your event, you likely have had plastic drinking straws in past years. This year, be eco-friendly and give away branded reusable straws. Giving away these custom reusable straws at your next event makes sure that your customers think of you every day when they get something to drink. 

There are many different types of reusable straws, and each has it’s own unique benefits.

Silicon Straws

These custom silicon straws are durable, reusable and long-lasting. They are dishwasher safe and maintain a room temperature to ensure enjoyable sipping of whatever you are drinking. These flexible straws can easily be cut to a certain size, squished in silverware drawers, or stored in a cooler for a picnic. 

Silicon Straw in Round Case

Tie-Dye Cool Straw with Clipster

Silicon Straw with Case

Stainless Steel Straws

Stainless steel straws are durable and practically impossible to break. They are dishwasher-safe and have an elegant look to them. Since these straws last so long, they are sure to increase your brand exposure. Every customer will use them when inviting over friends- and soon everyone will know your logo is the environmentally conscious company that cares about its customers. 

Drinking Straw Kit

Metal Straw in Pouch

Stainless Steel Straw

Natural Straws

Bamboo straws are a great, natural option for reusable drinking straws. While they may not last as long as glass or metal, they are safe to discard. Unlike one-use plastic straws, these bamboo straws are biodegradable, making them completely safe to discard. And of course, they last much longer than just one use! They can be easily cleaned and reused again and again! 

Wheat straws are also a great option, since wheat is one of the most sustainable resources. These straws are easy to store and keep with you. Wheat products are taking over the market right now- they’re trendy, eco friendly, and practical! Check out more of our wheat products here!  

Reusable Straw Keychains

No matter the material you choose, think about portable straws that your customers and employees can easily take with them when they go out to eat. This portability ensures that they aren’t using plastic straws while out to eat, but it also ensures that the straws you have custom printed get seen by their friends and family they dine with. 

Collapsible Stainless Steel Straw Kit

Reusable Silicon Drinking Straw in Case

Little Sipper Silicon Drinking Straw

Custom drinking straws can be a great way to show your customer and emplyees your dedication to protecting the environment. No matter the shape or size drinking straw, your logo will be publicized in front of friends and families of all your customers. This way you build brand awareness while saving the planet!

If you’re looking for more eco-friendly promotional items, check out our blog post on renewable resource-based promo items.

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