Custom exercise bands such as Therabands are very popular promotional items to help stretch and strengthen your muscles.

These exercise promotional items are great for yoga studios, physical therapists, fitness centers, and other health-related businesses.

They are also great for dance teams. Check out this Boomerang from Metropolitan Dance Theatre of New Orleans. They are happy with their Therabands to use for their dance team! We’d like to extend a BIG thanks to the MDTNO Team for sharing! Be sure to give them a follow on Instagram: @mdtdance

Our therabands are in!

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Custom resistance bands come in either latex or latex-free options, however, we recommend the latex version because ink adheres to the latex much better than it does to the non-latex exercise bands. You don’t want your logo wearing off the bands after a few uses.

There are several resistance strengths to choose from. Each resistance level corresponds with a specific color. Additionally, you can choose from the brand name, Theraband, or to save money, you can opt for an equally high-quality band without the Theraband logo on it!

Resistance bands allow you the “flexibility” to do exercises almost anywhere. Since they are very portable, you can bring a band while you travel to do your stretches and exercises in your hotel room or at your office.

Here is a link to a few good exercises to do with your therapy bands.

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