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How To Use Customized Tokens For Your Business

Are you a bar, restaurant, or cafe in a college town looking for a fun way to engage with the student population? Is your business looking for a customized token of appreciation to give to employees or other special recipients? Or is your company simply looking for a new, creative way to advertise? Well, look no further than and try something new with customized tokens! 

Customized tokens? You read that right. Customized tokens are an affordable, creative and engaging way to advertise your brand or business. Here’s how your business can use customized tokens to reach new consumers! 

The Power Of Customization 

Customization is becoming the new norm in product manufacturing. According to Indeed, “Customization of a product is the manufacturing ability to offer a variety of designs or details for one product, made specifically to a buyer’s liking…”. Further customers can select details such as color, design, functionalities, add-ons, or other options to make the product unique to their needs. Customization has shown to have positive benefits such as but not limited to: 

  • Match customer demand
  • Increase sales and competitive edge
  • Engage customers
  • Build brand loyalty
  • Gain market research

Customization of products could be the next step your business needs to elevate sales and expand brand awareness. Now for the deal maker or breaker. Price. When people hear of the word customization they think of an expensive and time-consuming process. But at Perfect Imprints, we do all the hard work so your business can focus on what matters most: your customers. If this is your first time customizing a product or you are simply looking for something fresh and new customized tokens are your business’s next best marketing tool. 


Plastic Customized Tokens As Discount Vouchers 

Is your restaurant, bar, cafe, or any other food service advertising a new product? Are you discounting said product for a limited time so customers can try it and need some kind of voucher? Well, our plastic customized token is the perfect discount voucher for your business needs. Pick from a variety of sizes and colors and print your business logo or design on these fun customized tokens.  The 1 1/2″ Plastic Tokens is one of our bestselling customized tokens. These tokens measure 1.5″ in diameter and 0.15″ in thickness. What we call our “average size” customized token this product gives the perfect size canvas for your business discount voucher design. Further, these customized tokens are versatile and can be used in other businesses such as: 

  • Bookstores 
  • Local specialty shops
  • Car wash 
  • Gyms/Personal Training 
  • Mobile App Launch 
  • Vacation Rentals
  • Academic Courses 
  • And more!  

Available in 14 colors and two glow-in-the-dark materials this customized token is sure to spark interest in your business’s next product release. 

Kids Discount Vouchers Customized Token Vouchers 

Children-related promotions such as kid’s meals are a great way to get parents to consider your business on their next outing. It gives the impression that your business is kid-friendly and family oriented. So, consider including a kids discount voucher in your next advertisement in the form of Plastic Nickels. The fun and engaging way to use a customized token voucher. 

Wooden Tokens As Business Cards

Is your company in the process of remarking your business cards? Looking for something innovative, experimental, and memorable. Try using wooden customized tokens for your next business card! Consider wooden customized tokens are: 

  • Durable 
  • Wear and tear-resistant 
  • Quick dry/ water resistant 
  • Creative 

Yes, your company could go with the traditional business cards but why not try the LM Etched Wooden Nickels. Make an impression with your brand logo on one side and your company info on the other. Further, your logo and all other info are etched into the token for a long-lasting secure stamp. A sturdy 1.5 diameter this wooden customized token is sure to make your company memorable. 

Metal Customized Tokens To Celebrate Achievements 

Did your company reach or surpass your sales target this quarter? Did someone in your establishment hit 10 years of employment? Or is your brand recognizing someone for their charity work or other selfless act of service? Well. here’s the perfect customized token to recognize and inscribe their achievements. The 2″ Die Cast Challenge Coins are a traditional symbol of teamwork and achievement. Chose from gold-tone, bright nickel, bright copper, black nickel, antique brass, or antique copper finish. A creative alternative to a ribbon, trophy, or certificate these tokens are sure to make someone’s top shelf. Show your employees your token of gratitude or recognized a loyal employee with the help of these customized tokens. 

Your Custom Tokens Are One Click Away! Contact Us Today! 

Get creative with the help of customized tokens. Choose from a variety of token materials as well as imprint processes. There’s a customized token from every event your business. Considering using our economical tokens as a discount voucher for your next product release. Or get creative with your next company business card with our wooden customize token. Honor a stand-out employee with our quality-made mental customized tokens. Customized tokens are the new economical, memorable and engaging way to market your brand or business and the first step starts hereContact Us Today! 

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