Decals and stickers promote products and raise spirits

Promotional Decals and Stickers with your custom logo imprint

Promotional products and spirit items may be useful tools to raise awareness, but promotional decals and spirit stickers can turn almost any item into a promotional product. Here are three types that can be attached to a variety of objects.

This type of decal can be stuck onto most surfaces, including windows, mirrors and many types of plastic. It adheres without the use of sticky materials and can be easily removed. However, when printed in the shape or with the image of a sports mascot or logo, customers won’t ever feel the need to take it off.

Promotional magnets are certainly useful for a refrigerator, but they can also be found on the bodies of cars. A removable alternative to bumper stickers, fans can show their support without worrying that a sticker will harm the resale value of their automobiles.

A foil sticker will be useful to add to other products. They are especially good for announcing the age or pedigree of a product and reminds customers and fans that a certain group or company has been around for quite some time.


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