Discover Custom Coffee Mugs To Accentuate Your Brand Identity

Are your promotional products starting to feel a little stale? Sure, branded pens, stress balls, and note pads are great but are these what your employees or customers want?

Add some zest to your brand identity by creating and ordering custom coffee mugs. Custom mugs come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors. You can find everything from the classic C-handle mugs to odd-shaped mugs and travel mugs.

The best part about mugs is that they’re actually useful. Most people love hot coffee or tea in the morning or throughout their day. Custom mugs can also hold a lot more than just hot beverages — like pencils or flowers.

The best part is you can design a custom mug to accentuate your brand identity and give them away as promotional material or gifts. Your business can also invest in high-quality mugs and sell them to make a little extra profit.

Do you want to learn how coffee mugs can boost your brand awareness? Here’s everything you need to know about custom coffee mugs and how to use them to accentuate your brand identity.

What Are Custom Coffee Mugs?

A custom coffee mug is simply a mug customized with a business’s branding or design. If you go to a gift shop or some well-known coffee shops, you’ll often find them selling customized coffee mugs.

Custom mugs are friendly, inviting, and make a great incentive. Prospective customers and current customers are more likely to remember your brand if it’s on a gift they receive.

About 9 out of 10 people report having and using promotional or branded drinkware. That means almost 90% of the people you offer mugs to will put them to good use.

Why Should You Customize Coffee Mugs

While mugs are incredibly useful, there are many more great reasons why you should invest in custom coffee mugs. Anniversaries, holidays, and promoting new company products and services are all great reasons to customize and give away coffee mugs. Here are a few more reasons why you should invest in custom coffee mugs.

Mugs are Affordable & Thoughtful

Mugs are one of the few promotional items that are both thoughtful and meaningful. Coffee mugs also show that you put some effort into what you’re giving your recipient. They’re not overly-promotional, extravagant, or cheap-looking.

You can find custom mugs in a wide range of prices to fit your business’s budget. Most promotional item companies are more than willing to help you find the mug and design that fits within your budget.

Conversely, if you’re planning to gift or sell your custom mugs, you may want to invest in a higher-quality or uniquely styled mug. You can share your brand, message, or vision tastefully regardless of your budget.

Anyone Can Appreciate a Mug

Mugs are incredibly versatile. The most common uses include sipping hot drinks, heating liquids, or holding their soup. They’re useful at home, in the office, or when you’re on-the-go.

But their use goes beyond just food and beverage. They make wonderful holders for miscellaneous office supplies such as pens, markers, and scissors. You can also use them as a unique vase or pot for your favorite small plants.

If you can’t decide what to get employees or clients as a gift, try a custom mug. Your recipient is sure to appreciate it and use it.

You Can Easily Customize Mugs with Your Company Branding

It’s easy to add your logo, and business or school colors to just about any mug out there. This includes ceramic, metal, and to-go mugs.

Don’t want all your mugs to look exactly the same? Not a problem, you can change the colors, font styles, or images. However, there might be an additional charge for extra colors or words.

You can also order more than one design of mugs. You can order different designs for different marketing campaigns or events. Creating a set of 3 or 4 different mug designs can inspire people to collect them and market your brand.

If you’re customizing mugs for a marketing campaign, charity, or company event, you can add a slogan or additional icon to the mug. Adding a message or slogan will make your brand (and mug) more memorable.

Also, consider adding pictures or dedications to make the designs more interesting and meaningful. Your recipients will love the effort and thought you put into designing your mugs.

Finding Custom Coffee Mug Styles

Unlike other promotional products, mugs are available in an endless number of styles, limited only by your imagination. You can find square mugs, mugs with wavy sides, and mugs with uniquely styled handles. There’s no reason to limit yourself to one plain ceramic mug.

You can also find mugs in a variety of different materials. Ceramic is a classic choice, but have you considered metal, plastic, or wood? Or a combination of materials?

Make your brand stand out by checking out these creative mug ideas. They’re sure to impress you and your recipients.

Mug & Coaster

Hot beverages can damage furniture and tables even when they’re contained in a cup. Rather than order a set of coasters separately, order a mug with a built-in coaster.

It’s possible to get both classic and to-go mugs with a cork coaster built-in or have the cup float above the table. These designs look classy and are sure to make your recipient happy.

Handcrafted Mug Styles

Handcrafted style mugs are popular and timeless. While they sound expensive, you can find styles that appear hand-crafted at an affordable price. This may be an important factor for smaller businesses looking to invest in promotional items.

Oversized Mugs

Do you want to make a lasting impression? Or know an avid coffee-drinker? Oversized mugs make an awesome gift.

Your coffee-loving customers and employees will love having a mug that holds enough coffee to last throughout the day. Oversized custom mugs also make a great ironic or funny gift as well.

The styles don’t end there. You can find mugs varying in height, with or without handles, and with different colored finishes. You’ll find shopping for the right mug style to be fun and exciting.

Freebies People Will Want

Take a moment to think about the promotional freebies you received from other businesses and companies. Of those freebies, which ones did you like? Which ones do you still have?

Our guess is you probably still have usable and quality items, such as nice mugs, a blanket, or a shirt. Mugs are an attractive canvas to place your message, logo, or branding. Since they are so useful and versatile, people are likelier to use and hold onto them.

Want to make this year’s promotional freebies more effective? Try incorporating a mug give-away with a social media marketing campaign. The more attractive your custom mugs are, the likelier people will be to engage with the call to action and share your brand.

Tips for Branding Custom Coffee Mugs

Now that you know about the many benefits of custom coffee mugs, how do you go about customizing a mug? Follow these tips to ensure your custom mugs are the best promotional items yet.

Choose Quality Material

If you want people to hold on to your custom mug for longer than a few months, selecting a quality material is important for longer shelf life. The longer the shelf life, the likelier your recipients are to use your branded mug and show it to others.

If you don’t love the material, you recipients probably won’t like it either. Using poor quality materials for any of your promotional products can cause people to form a negative opinion of your brand.

It may require spending a little extra but higher quality materials from a reputable supplier will result in a better mug. A better quality mug will show you value your customers, whether they’re current or prospective.

In addition to choosing a good material, take the time to make the mug look attractive. This means selecting colors that work well and match your branding. When proofing your logo or any words, check that they are clear and legible.

Paying attention to these small details will make your custom mugs long-lasting and stand out from the rest.

Appeal to Your Audience

When you plan a marketing campaign, you make it in a way that resonates with your target audience. If you want to get the most brand exposure then you need to give your custom mugs to the right people.

The 3 main groups of people you should share your custom mugs with are people with high visibility, those with strong brand loyalty, and those with influence. Your employees are an excellent choice. They already know your business well and have relationships with others in the community.

Long-standing customers, vendors, and partners can be great brand ambassadors as your growing business can also benefit them. Trade shows are another great place to share your custom mugs and other branded promotional items.

Gifting Your Custom Coffee Mugs

Custom mugs make excellent gifts for any occasion. They’re perfect to gift during the holidays, company anniversaries, or to honor your loyal customers.

When gifting custom mugs you may want to consider adding a personal touch. This can be adding a date for a company anniversary or the year a loyal employee started working at your business. These items can be ordered in bulk quantities and kept on hand to use all year long.

During the holidays adding a “happy holidays” saying or wintery icons show you value your recipients. They’ll know they’re receiving an intentionally designed mug and not a leftover promotional item. Adding these small details will make a positive long-lasting impression on your recipients.

Keep Your Custom Mug Design Interesting

How you design your custom coffee mugs will ultimately depend on your industry and your target audience. However, all designs should be clear, legible, and aesthetically pleasing.

For some industries, a simple and conservative design will work best. This can be as simple as placing your logo on a solid colored mug.

If your business is in the creative industry or being funny and witty is part of your brand, try making your design bold and unique. Besides adding your logo, try fun colors, quirky sayings, or other fun imagery. Interesting designs are eye-catching and memorable.

Most promotional companies will allow you to print both sides of your mugs. Some may even allow you to customize the bottom or the interior. Take advantage of this by adding a witty saying or stunning images that will make people want to show off your custom coffee mugs.

The one thing to be careful about is to not get too crazy with your mug designs. Designs that are too busy, loud, or obnoxious may cause people to shy away from your branded mugs.

Consider a Call To Action

Adding a call to action (CTA) isn’t always necessary, and depending on your custom mug design, you may want to avoid it. But, a CTA on your promotional custom mugs gives people a way to learn more about your brand and company. You wouldn’t want to miss out on prospective customers, would you?

A CTA only needs to share with people what they can do after receiving the mug. This can be as simple as adding your website URL, Facebook name, or a hashtag somewhere visible on the mug.  CTA’s are a valuable detail when you’re offering custom mugs as part of your marketing campaign.

Order Your Custom Mugs Today

Do you feel your promotional items and custom gifts are feeling a little over-used? Then it’s time to spice up your gifts with something you, your employees, and customers would like.

Custom coffee mugs are the perfect gifts and promotional items. Not only will your recipients appreciate the mugs, but they’ll use them. The more your recipients use and share them, the more they’re sharing your business’s brand.

Are you ready to give custom coffee mugs a try? Let’s get in touch and start designing your new custom coffee mugs today!

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