Custom Golf BallsThere’s nothing worse than playing golf with dirty balls. Avid golfers like to play golf with clean golf balls. Dirty golf balls can affect spin as well as the distance of a golf ball. Ensuring your golf ball is clean will make sure that a good contact can be made with the club and thus help you achieve a better shot. The same goes for the club. Chunks of dirt can affect the way the club makes contact with the ball. Sometimes golf balls are beyond being cleaned and you just have to toss them and buy new ones.

Knowing that clean golf balls are a must, you can help your golf-loving clients by gifting them promotional golf balls print with your logo for those times when the balls are beyond cleaning. The promotional golf industry has grown tremendously over the past decade. You can get practically any desired golf ball brand printed with your logo. No longer do you have to print your logo on generic golf balls. Now you can choose from Nike, Titleist, Wilson, Precept, Pinnacle, Callaway, Noodle, and many other popular brands.

A Dozen Ideas for Custom Golf Ball Giveaways

  1. Give them away for every participant in your upcoming golf tournament.
  2. Sell them at your pro shop.
  3. If your store sells golf balls, give away a dozen with the purchase of a golf club set.
  4. Give away a doze balls with an in-store or online purchase over a certain dollar amount.
  5. Give them out on National Golf Day in May.
  6. Donate your custom printed golf balls for someone else’s charity golf tournament.
  7. Put funny sayings on the balls and give out to your golf-loving clients.
  8. Leave a dozen behind after a sales call for a hot prospect.
  9. Work out an arrangement with your local driving range for them to use your branded golf balls to get exposure for your company.
  10. Include a personalized golf ball in a direct mail piece to increase your customer response rate.
  11. Print a coupon redemption code on the ball and give out to potential clients to redeem for a free gift or an amount off their next purchase.
  12. Give out at a golfing tradeshow or event.

Shop all of our custom golf balls and promote your business using golf balls.

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