Easy Marketing Mailers: Books for Your Customers

In these tough times, it can be hard to keep your marketing efforts alive. Offices are currently empty and without people, there is no easy way to get anything done, much less send marketing mailers.

So how do you utilize marketing mailers when you’re working remotely? Well, drop-shipping promotional products. This means that when you place your order, we will get a spreadsheet of your employees’ or customers’ mailing addresses, package the items, and ship your marketing mailers for you.

And why not purchase books for all those people who are currently working from home or not working? People are using this time to brush up on their knowledge, and we can ship any published book with or without a custom message! Check out the options below and let’s chat if you have questions! 

Auto Books

Education Books

Finance Books

Healthcare Books

Hopsitality Books

Gift and Appreciation Books

Insurance Books

Real Estate Books

Travel Books

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Bailey Toole
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Bailey Toole is the Marketing Manager at Perfect Imprints. Bailey is specialized in digital marketing and social media content development. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family at the beach and tailgating for Auburn football games.