Easy Tips On Giving Your Content More Personality

Are you looking for easy tips on giving your content more personality? Don’t worry, a lot of content creators struggle with trying to give their content more life. 

To appeal to your audience, creating content alone is not enough. In order to bring engagement, win confidence, and turn visitors into users, what you write must have a personality. Content with personality allows you to assert your online space and differentiate from other content creators. This allows you to create a relationship with your audience and show them your expertise while giving your content more personality.

Giving your content more personality is important. The point is to reel your audience in and make sure they’re not bored with the content that you put out. The goal is to make sure your readers stay engaged, are entertained, while being informed at the same time.

It may seem hard or like a daunting task, but trust me, it becomes easier to create your content knowing your basically having a conversation with your readers.

These easy tips on giving your content more personality should be able to guide you in the right direction.

Write Like You’re Talking

Again, you want to make your content engaging to keep your audience captivated about what you have to say.

You’re not writing an essay for your English professor, so you don’t have to worry about being graded. Writing with an extensive vocabulary and lengthy phrases isn’t going to engage your readers – writing like you’re having a discussion is. This does not mean to write informally, but imagining you’re having a face-to-face conversation with the reader can help communication flow more freely, and you will easily apply personality to your writing.

Have an Opinion

When writing high-personality material, make sure you put your views as well. Doing so makes it even more enticing with much more personality for conversational content. 

It means having an opinion on something when we’re talking about having a specific viewpoint. Regardless of the subject, just don’t be afraid to politely express your views and support them with actual studies or anecdotes and experiences. This works in a way that helps readers to learn or appreciate a certain thing that they’ve never thought about before.

Tell A Story

People love to hear or read about a story. Inject a relevant anecdote every time the piece you’re working on feels bland or gets lost in nitty-gritty facts and information.

Stories that evoke emotional reactions are talked about more widely than those that do not. If you’re curious how emotional whether it be joyful, sad, or angry, look at it from the viewpoint of a reader. Try using terms that are emotionally-charged.

The key is to come up with a story that has both entertainment value and a message that suits your content’s intent. If you can do this, you’re likely to retain the reader’s attention and keep them around for a little longer.

Humor Is Your Friend

When creating content, make sure you add this point as your top priority in your content writing plan. When reading, readers enjoy the feeling of laughter. In comparison, it seems more like a copy and paste content to show the content in an easy and familiar way. With the dull writing style, it is important to understand, you will never be able to produce content of high personality.

Ask Rhetorical Questions

You shouldn’t forget to ask your readers rhetorical questions in order to build a perfect content flow for engagement. Instead of simply gathering information, rhetorical questions make readers feel relevant, relatable, and themselves. It isn’t a walk in the park to write content full of character, but adding rhetorical questions makes it even easier.

Formatting Is Key

A complete waste without decent formatting is your content writing strategy. Some significant factors affecting the formatting and content flow for interaction are paragraph spacing, font style, font size, bold type, italicized fonts, and numbered and bulleted lists. Add a table of contents so your readers can sift through and find exactly what they were looking for easily.

It is essential to keep the paragraphs short and precise in order to create a conversational material of high personality. You want to be able to hold the readers’ attention. You don’t want their first impression of your content to look like a novel with long paragraphs. Another thing that can be done, is italics to highlight keywords and add emphasis.

Show Interest In Your Topic

Your content can reflect how you feel about it and it can definitely show. Do you think that when you have written it without any interest, the readers will find your content engaging and attractive? That probably won’t be the case. Therefore, having an interest in the subject on which you are looking to write conversational content about is very important. If you think a specific subject is boring, do some research to find the component that makes it interesting.

Overall, Be Positive

No matter what the topic is, try and show some positivity in your content. 

2020 has given a variety of surprises, and the pandemic hasn’t made things easy. Remember, eliciting emotional responses can keep your readers engaged, and positivity can definitely go a long way. Be enthusiastic about your writing. Your audience will want to associate your content especially when you give it some life.