EMS Week Gifts

EMS Week GiftsOur Emergency Medical Services (EMS) workers are an extremely important part of our medical system. They are the first line of medical care for medical illnesses and trauma. The EMS system is made up of EMT’s, Paramedics, Emergency Dispatchers, and First Responders. They tirelessly work long shifts to be there if you or a family member need them. They rarely get a “Thank You” or so much as a “good job” or pat on the back. However, May 19-25, 2013 is National EMS Week and it is a time that we should all reflect on the hard work and the security of knowing that our EMS service is just a three digit phone call away. Nothing says, “Thank You,” like EMS Week Gifts.

So what are some ways that we can show appreciation to our hard working EMS workers? Below are some ideas for both businesses and individuals to show your appreciation. To fully get a grasp on good gifts for EMT’s and paramedics, you have to understand a few basic things about a typical shift and life in EMS.

  1. Oftentimes in EMS, you leave the station early in the morning on a call and you don’t return until late into the night because of multiple, back-to-back calls.
  2. Rarely do you get to finish an entire meal without getting an emergency call.
  3. You get very little privacy since you are typically sharing a station with multiple people.
  4. Pay is generally low for risks, amount of hours worked, and vast amounts of training required.
  5. Hours per day are spent in a cramped ambulance.


  • Custom Coolers – Since EMS workers spend most of their time on the road, a nice lunch cooler is very useful. They can pack healthier food or drinks for their day and avoid unhealthy fast food. Besides, sometimes they don’t even have time to stop for fast food. For your business,  you can customize the lunch coolers with your business logo.
  • Personalized Water Bottles – A nice water bottle personalized with your business logo and contact information is a great way to promote your business and makes a very useful and great EMS Week appreciation gift. I suggest getting water bottles that have some kind of flip cap that covers the spout that you put your mouth to since EMS crews are exposed to all kinds of germs and biohazards. The cap will keep the mouth piece clean. I also suggest that you stick with a decent size bottles, such as 24 oz. or more. A bottle too small is not very useful when you can’t easily refill the bottle.
  • Nice Custom Pens – As in any medical profession, EMS crews have to do a lot of writing and documentation. In a sue-happy world, proper and thorough documentation is a must. Therefore, a good quality pen is a great asset for a paramedic. Most paramedics carry two pens: a good pen for themselves and a “patient” pen. That would be a cheap pen that can be tossed away if necessary if a patient’s dirty or bloody hand had to use it to sign their paperwork. An experienced medic doesn’t let a grubby hand use their “good pen.”
  • Custom Duffle Bags – Since EMT’s and paramedics are constantly on the go, nice compact and sturdy duffel bag is extremely help to keep their personal items on the ambulance. Additionally, another option is a larger duffel bag since shift workers have to typically pack for a 24-hour shift.
  • Offer gift cards from your business – Gift cards to your business are great EMS Week gifts.


  • Bake cookies or brownies for entire office for EMS Week.
  • Provide lunch or supper for your local EMS office.
  • Send them cards or letters of encouragement/thanks, particularly if you have been a past patient of theirs.
  • Give each of the EMS crews a $5 Starbucks card or other coffee gift card from your local area.
  • Have your kids draw some pictures for them and deliver them during EMS Week.

For any of the branded items above, it offers a show of appreciation to the EMS workers and help the business gain a deeper sense of loyalty toward the community. By printing your custom logo on the item, it offers you marketing exposure. So, this May, let’s show our EMS crews in our own individual communities that we care and appreciate them.

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