Enjoy Your Favorite Game With Custom Stadium Seat Cushions!

Enjoy Your Favorite Game With Custom Stadium Seat Cushions!

It’s summertime again, and what better way to spend your weekends than watching your favorite sports team in a comfortable seat? Don’t you hate those plain, uncomfortable seats in the stadiums? The bleachers make the experience of watching the game a lot less fun, especially when you already have back problems. Wouldn’t it be great if these seats were more comfortable? 

This is where Perfect Imprints comes into play. Our customized stadium seat cushions are extremely comfortable and take away all the bad experiences with stadium seats! We can even customize your stadium seat cushions so that the name and logo of your favorite sports team, or even your company, is imprinted in your stadium seat cushions. This way, everyone knows what team you’re cheering for, and you will have tons of eyes on your brand as you and your colleagues carry around or sit on your foldable, customized stadium seat cushions. 

Why Choose Our Custom Stadium Seat Cushions?

Our customized stadium seat cushions have several different benefits to them. They are customizable in color, logo, style, and size. 

It is useful to know that certain colors bring up specific emotions in people. The color white, for example, brings up the feeling of cleanliness. So, if your company offers cleaning services, white could be a great color for your stadium seat cushions. 

Another great benefit of our customized stadium seat cushions is that you can imprint the logo of your favorite team or your company. This is great because many people that could be potential customers will lay their eyes on your brand. They might decide to come for a chat or look you up afterward. 

Make Your Custom Stadium Seat Cushion The Perfect Style and Size

We offer different styles of customized stadium seat cushions. Some styles you can chose from include square, round, rectangular, foldable, 2″ thick, and 7/8″ thick. Pick the style that you think would work best and we’ll worry about the rest!

Besides style, we also offer different size cushions. 13.5-inch widths are standard cushions for a good price, but 14-inch widths or more are the most popular on the market right now. They are a little more expensive but are definitely worth it in the long run. If you’re looking to do a stadium seat cushions giveaway, we also offer our seat cushions in 12-inch widths or even smaller. These cushions won’t make you break the bank and are great for kids. 

Another great benefit to these customized stadium seat cushions is that you can use them for more than just stadium seats! If you aren’t comfortable in a seat, you can take out your seat cushion and use it for a more comfortable experience. Just like the way you sit, what you sit on is very important regarding back problems. 

Let’s Talk Materials

When customizing your stadium seat cushions, it’s very important that you use the right material for you. Some materials are a better fit for you than other materials. We offer polyester, vinyl, and non-woven polypropylene for the outer material of the seat cushions. Polyester is a synthetic material that resembles plastic and is great for even the roughest of outdoor sporting events. Vinyl, also known as PVC, is another great choice. Vinyl is made of plastic polymers and can last through anything. Non-woven polypropylene is the least expensive option for covering material but isn’t a great idea when you want to use the seat cushions for outdoor events since the yarns tend to hold onto moisture. 

Besides the outdoor material, the filling material of the seat cushions is also very important, for you want the most comfortable experience with your cushioned seats. There are two options you can choose from–being open-celled foam and closed-cell foam. Open-celled foam is the same material used for foam fingers. It’s very porous with large visible holes, making this material less flexible to imprint in. Closed-cell foam is denser and more comfortable for longer periods of sitting. However, it’s more expensive than open-celled foam. 

Now that you know about all the decisions to make when it comes to customized stadium seat cushions, it’s time for you to decide on what you want in your custom seat cushions and order them here. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us!

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