Euro Totes: Product of the Week

Custom euro totes can be a versatile item to use in any business. Whether you are packing to-go orders or putting together the online orders your customers place, a euro tote is the perfect investment.

Ideal for the times of COVID-19, euro totes can be used by virtually any business for curbside pickup, or the limited socially distant shopping going on. There may not be a lot of direct contact, but that makes the packaging of your product that much more important.

Without face to face contact, customers have limited information to derive an opinion from. Packaging for your products becomes one of the primary impressions of your brand. It is critical that your brand is well-represented so people continue to shop with you.

People’s attention span now averages around 8 seconds. You only have 8 seconds to make the first impression of your business. This makes having nice packaging the only real way to create a valuable first impression during COVID-19. A custom euro tote is sure to create the impression that your brand is dedicated to quality and service.

Nice euro totes can also become a way for new customers to learn about your business. Investing in nicer bags can aid in building your brand awareness. If your customer uses this bag again at a later date, this doubles the exposure of your brand. While it may seem like a small step, it’s also a cheap way to increase brand awareness.

While the bag your customers carry will get thrown away if its cheap, a nice euro tote may be something they hold on to. This will increase the likelihood it gets reused, making it more likely more people see it.

Euro totes come in a variety of sizes, and can be imprinted in virtually every color. Any brand can be imprinted on the tote.

To help keep customers coming back, put your website or phone number on the bags so people remember how to place another order.

Contact us today if you need help finding the right custom euro totes for your business!

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