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Exciting Ideas for Outdoor Corporate Games (That Your Employees Will Actually Enjoy)

Are you tired of planning corporate events that get mixed reviews? Banish boredom with outdoor games your employees actually want to play.

Corporate events for your employees offer an ideal opportunity for team-building. Fun games and activities encourage bonding and give your employees a break from the daily grind.

But it doesn’t do much for morale if you play the same tired games that no one enjoys.

The best games and activities are easy to set up but fun to play. Coworkers get to relax, play around, and get to know each other better.

While you’re at it, take the chance to customize the game equipment to support your brand. The printed items make effective favors after the event.

Check out these fun outdoor games and start planning your next corporate event.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a versatile option that you can do anywhere. Restrict the scavenger hunt to your company grounds, or send your employees out into the city to find the items.

Make a list of items to find or things to do. Examples of things to find might include a blue car, building more than 10 stories high, or wildlife. Examples of things to do include taking a selfie with a stranger or collecting a napkin from a local restaurant.

Let the employees create their own teams. Each team gets the exact same list. Teams find everything on the list, collecting items or taking photos of themselves doing actions as proof.

The first team to get back with a completed list wins. Or you can set a time limit and award the team with the most completed tasks if no one finishes before the buzzer.

Oversized Tumbling Tower Outdoor Games

Remember the tabletop tumbling tower game you played as a kid? It’s all grown up with a giant tumbling tower version perfect for outdoor events. Who wouldn’t want to play with a larger-than-life set of blocks?

For the best play, you’ll need a large, flat surface to keep the tower stable. Choose a place where lots of large blocks can fall without damaging anything. Don’t forget to warn people to watch their toes with the tower tumbles.

The rules for the giant version are the same as the tabletop game. This will be one of the most popular adult games at your event. Order multiple sets to let more people play at once.

Our customizable version comes with the option for a color logo on each block for branding. It also comes with a carrying case to keep all the pieces together when not in use. Don’t be surprised if you find your employees setting up the giant tumbling tower game in the breakroom.

Oversized Checkers

Just like the tumbling tower game, checkers also gets a makeover with an oversized version of checkers. This much larger version is perfect for outdoor events. It’ll catch attention from across the area, and there’s just something exciting about playing a larger version of a classic game.

Since this is only a two-person game, it’s a good idea to grab multiple sets. That way you can have multiple games of checkers going on at once. Giant checkers is a quiet, calm game to have for people who don’t want to run around all afternoon.

The smaller on-the-go checkers version is a perfect party favor for your outdoor corporate event. Send everyone home with a set, which comes in a bag with your logo on it.

Partner Minefield

If you’re looking for team-building outdoor games, partner minefield is a fun option. It focuses on working together with a teammate and using good communication.

The setup is easy. You’ll need a designated playing area, such as a large field or an empty parking lot that you can block off to keep traffic away.

Within that zone, set up lots of obstacles. Cones work well as do bottles or other small items. Don’t use anything too big or items that would hurt if someone ran into them.

All players need a partner. One person is blindfolded and the other is not.

Everyone starts at one end of the minefield with the goal of the blindfolded person crossing the area without stepping on or tripping over any of the items. The person who isn’t blindfolded guides the blindfolded person with only verbal commands. The person who’s blindfolded can’t talk or ask any questions.

Make it more challenging by requiring the seeing partners to stay outside the minefield area. This gets interesting if you have lots of pairs going at once because they have to listen closely to their partner.

Corn Hole

Corn hole is a classic game played in backyards everyone. You’ll be the cool corporate planner when you bring it to your next outdoor event. Corn hole is perfect because anyone can play it.

Sure, not everyone is a great aim. But you don’t have to be super athletic, a certain height, or have special skills to play. Anyone can jump in, and it’s also a great way to socialize while you’re playing.

It’s also very easy to set up. All you need are your cornhole boards and the bean bags. Have your company logo printed on a cornhole game to reinforce your branding.

You can set up several boards throughout your outdoor space to give more people a chance to play. For adults, the standard distance between boards is 27 feet. Leave several feet between each set of boards to allow for bad aim.

Make it more of a challenge by setting up an all-day corn hole tournament. Let your employees pick their teams, and set up bracket-style play. Or track points for wins and award prizes at the end for the team with the most points.

Football Toss

Test the aim of your employees with a football toss game. You can make a simple wooden stand with a small tire hanging from it. Or hang hula hoops from trees for simple targets.

If you have more than one target, position them at different distances from the throwing line. Assign different points to each target based on how difficult it is to hit.

If you don’t want to mess with targets, set up a simple game of flag football. It’s the perfect way to blow off some steam and create a little friendly competition between your employees. Set some ground rules to make sure no one gets too rough.

Even easier, set out the footballs and let people toss them around. Sometimes you don’t need structured outdoor party games. Just tossing a ball around is entertainment enough.

Imprint your logo on full-size footballs to help brand the event. Or go with the smaller mini football version for a safer game. The little footballs are a good item to send home with participants.

Sand or Regular Volleyball

Get your staff active by playing volleyball together. If you have access to a sand volleyball court, use that to make the game more interesting. If not, you can set up volleyball nets in a large field to create your own court.

standard volleyball court is about 30 feet by 60 feet. You can measure it exactly or make a rough estimate and set up flags to mark the corners.

Play for fun, or keep score and take it seriously. If you have some competitive employees and some who just want to have fun, consider setting up two different courts so everyone can enjoy the experience.

Customized volleyballs make the event more fun. They can also double as prizes at the end of the event. Or keep them around the office for impromptu games in the future.

Human Knot

You can’t get any easier than the human knot team-building game. You don’t need any special equipment. All you need is a large group of people.

Playing the human knot game outside works well because you have a large open space. It gives you more space to play. The basics of the game start with turning yourselves into a human knot followed by undoing it.

Start by standing in a large circle standing as close to one another as you can. Everyone reaches out and grabs the hand of two different people who aren’t standing next to them. You’ve just created the human knot.

Now, you have to untangle yourselves and get back into a circle. The trick is no one can release their hands.

It can get tricky to maneuver everyone to “untie” the knot. It becomes a problem-solving and communications game. If your employees work together, they’ll get untangled faster.

Dunk Tank

Are you planning an outdoor summer event for your employees? Help them cool off by renting a dunk tank. Give your employees a turn to sit in the tank or just take aim at the target.

Check with local party rental stores to find a dunk tank for the occasion. Keep in mind you may need to haul the dunk tank yourself, so make sure you have access to a truck that works.

Find a flat spot for the dunk tank with access to a hose for easy filling. Also, consider how long it takes to fill a tank that’s several hundred gallons in size. It could take an hour or more to fill it up completely, so time it before the event starts.

One way to boost morale around the office with the dunk tank is to get the big wigs in the tank. Who wouldn’t love the chance to dunk the boss?

Try to convince the CEO of the company to take a seat. Then, look to your department heads, managers, and supervisors to see who’s willing to take a turn in the hot seat… er, the wet seat.

Goat Yoga

No, not goats doing yoga. Goats frolicking around your guests while they do yoga. That’s what we’re talking about.

Goat yoga is a growing trend. At goat farms across the country, people are turning up for group yoga with baby goats wandering around them.

Yoga benefits include lower stress, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. It may help improve sleep, quality of life, and overall health. Helping your staff improve their physical and mental health is a bonus for you.

Adding baby goats to the mix makes the whole experience more fun and stress-relieving.

This event is better as a stand-alone where you have everyone meet on-location. That way you don’t have to worry about wrangling goats outside your office building. It can work as a team-building activity for your employees or as a PR event to reach new clients.

Roll out customized yoga mats for your goat yoga adventure. If you plan to host more goat yoga in the future, hold onto the mats for those events. If it’s a one-time thing, send the mats how with participants to spread the marketing wherever they do a downward dog or warrior pose.

Mini Golf

Build up to the corporate event by turning it into a team-building challenge. Have each department or small groups of employees design and build a hole for a mini-golf course. You can pick a general theme or let each team come up with their own theme.

On event day, set up the mini golf holes in the selected golf course area. Let the employees move through the course, keeping score as they go.

You can also have a judging component to the event. Give out awards for the best holes. You can give out several awards for things like most creative, most difficult, or best overall hole.

Grab some golf balls with your logo and send them home with participants afterward. With any luck, they’ll take your imprinted golf balls to the course the next time they play and spread your company’s name.

Win Your Corporate Events

What outdoor games will you choose to entertain your employees? Having a solid entertainment lineup makes your corporate event a success. With the right activities, you’ll have your employees talking about the event long after the last giant tower tumbles.

Check out our customizable outdoor games for more ideas for your next event.

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