Exercise Promos for Hosting an Employee Health Contest

With the last year being done virtually, it has become increasingly easy to grow roots in our couches and become relatively inactive. Even cooking a healthy meal can seem too difficult for many at this point.

In addition to all that, the holiday season and its fun festivities lead to one thing – weight gain – and not the good kind. All that hot chocolate and marshmallows can add up quickly, making you feel sluggish and tired, therefore making you unproductive.

Your physical health is always important, and especially so after binge eating cookies and other holiday treats. By hosting an employee health contest, you can actually help your employees with this!

Often, knowing you aren’t alone in something can keep you motivated and working consistently. Hosting an employee health contest will remind employees that you are all part of a team, and working towards a common goal. Employees will also love seeing that you care about their health.

If you are considering hosting an employee health contest for your company’s employees, here are some exercise promotional items that can help encourage everyone, and promote your business while doing it!

Matching Workout Fits

A great way to employ that team mentality in this contest is by giving out matching, company-branded workout items. Specifically, apparel items are great for this because employees can wear them to their local gym when they workout.

It also is very helpful for those who may not already have many workout clothes, and at the end of the day, these are reusable and extremely useful promotional items for anyone. Even after the contest is over, they will most likely continue wearing these, especially if they win the contest.

Giving them nice workout clothes will also keep them motivated and excited about the contest. A friendly competition like this is great for the work environment and relationships. One employee may wear their company fitness shirt to the gym, and notice someone else wearing the same one, even though they’ve never met them before!

This will also be a great way to notice their personal progress in the contest. It’s easy to see a number on the scale change, but feeling a physical difference is very important in keeping people motivated. If they wear your fitness shirt whenever they workout, they’ll definitely start to notice when the shirt starts feeling bigger on them because they’ve lost a few pounds.

Branded Workout Equipment

Some great exercise promos for your contest are branded workout equipment. This can be anything from jump ropes, resistance bands, yoga mats, and more!

These items, like the apparel, are beneficial to your employees because they can be reused over and over, and they most likely will be. These are also perfect because items like these will help employees in the health contest, can be used at the gym, or can be used in the comfort of their own home if they don’t have a gym membership.

Not everyone enjoys going to a public gym and using the treadmill or dumbbells. Some prefer simple yoga at home or light jump roping, making these items perfect for making sure everyone feels involved and included.

If you want to go a step further, you can even give them branded duffel bags to use as gym bags, or simply a place to store their workout equipment. For those who do prefer going to the gym, but want to bring some of their own equipment to use, a duffel bag will make the process much easier.

These bags have plenty of space to store any items they need to bring, and will also help them keep their things organized, allowing them to keep things like their wallet and phone separate from their sweaty workout gear.

Carrying around a duffel bag also makes it much easier to keep your things all together, avoid misplacing items, and even reduces the chances of having any of your things stolen at the gym! This is also perfect for those who don’t enjoy using the public, often germy lockers at the gym for storing their items.

An Award For The Winner!

At the end of the competition, it is very important that you have some sort of award for the winner, or winners, depending on the rules of your competition.

Your employees’ hard work needs to be rewarded, and it will encourage all employees to participate in any future competitions you may hold amongst them.

One option can be something simple like a basket full of chocolate or popcorn to reward their commitment to eating healthy and working out over the course of the competition.

However, if you don’t want to “spoil” all that hard work so-to-speak, you can give them a basket full of other promotional items instead.

Some good choices for this would be hats, other exercise promotional items, gift cards, or a winner’s t-shirt!

There is no wrong way to go about awarding the winner, as long as you do award them. This is vital to the success of the employee heath contest because employees need to feel that they are working towards something.

Even though they will improve their health through this, most employees will, which means they need an external reward additionally (from you).

If it is an intense and tight competition, you can even go so far as to give a 1st place trophy to the winner of the competition. While this is a more traditional award for winning a competition, this makes it feel like a real competition was won.

They need to know that their hard-work was worth something. Giving a large award like a trophy will also increase the level of competition among your employees, and will likely set you up to hold future competitions annually or semi-annually.

You could even get the winner’s name engraved on the trophy, keep it in the office, and add another name each time a new competition takes place with a new winner! This will create a tradition and grow your office team atmosphere as well.

So what are you waiting for? Hold an employee health contest and give out some cool exercise promos, your employees will thank you!

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