Exercise Promos That Are Hard to Resist

Nothing is easier or quicker for toning that a few reps with an exercise resistance band. Nothing could be easier than having your business name and logo on those exercise promos.

Resistance bands can be found at the gym, at the pool, at your physiotherapists’ office and for sale at sporting goods stores. Ideal for promotion whether you own a gym or a bakery.

Hard to Resist a Resistance Band

Resistance bands are easy to use, compact and can be used anywhere. People use them at their desks at work, strengthening their legs or arms while they work. People use them everywhere and anywhere. 

Why not get your name and logo on them? They are easy to store as they take up no space at all and are easy to give out, as well. People can pop it in their purse or briefcase and then they have it with them. 

People often consider getting fit but don’t seem to find the time. You can take the gym to them. Once they have your resistance band, they can just hook it up at home and thank you when those pants finally fit. 

Perfect Giveaways

The cost to you is well worth the return on your investment. Resistance bands are something will keep, use or pass on to someone else. Either way, your name, and business are getting noticed.

If you are in the business of sports and sporting goods, what better way to say, hello, welcome and thank you than an item people will use. For many people, it will be their gateway drug to more fitness. 

Compact and easy to carry around, resistance bands will be appreciated and used. Unlike some items, people will enjoy using these bands or happily pass them on to someone who will. 

By Design

You can have your business name and logo on the band, plus you can use your company colors, as well. These are actually an ideal item for promotion and advertising for any type of business

Hand them out at your bakery or restaurant when you encourage people to treat themselves to something sweet and indulgent. It’s fun and people will see the humor. Have a slogan or fun saying on the band. 

People enjoy something out of the ordinary and you can make your exercise promos as authentic as you need. Colors, slogans and your contact or name will definitely be remembered. 

As Gifts

Donating resistance bands for promotional purposes can really increase your image. Give them to gyms or fitness centers, the local physio center or for someone who is a personal trainer. 

They are a handy item to give your office for annual gifts or the office potluck dinner or staff BBQ. They can be a nice bonus for people at the bank who open a new account, new membership at the gym or the pool and gift with purchase at your shop. 

Support Your Community

You can use them in your community, like at your local pub who sponsors a baseball team or football team. Hand them out to team members as a way of support. This is great for regardless of what your business is. 

Perhaps you want to consider giving some to the senior center in your community. Resistance bands are great for people who have limited mobility. What a perfect way to support the local residents and market your product or service. 

You can use them to hand out during a street fair in your neighborhood, a community BBQ or local festival. If you have a business on that block, then let people take home a souvenir from the festival they will remember and enjoy.

Get Clever

If you play in a band, what better way to promote your band than with a resistance band. Hand them out at your gigs, with CDs, or with a ticket purchase. Resistance bands for the band that is impossible to resist.

Exercise promos are great for discount stores and outlets. Stretching the dollar or monthly budget is hard for most of us. A free gift and a pun and play on words make anyone happy. It’s easy to be creative when you try. 

Pick Your Size

You may want to consider getting several different types of bands. People may want a choice, some like more resistance, some may just want a gentle stretch. A variety is always welcome.

It’s a great way to get people to come back, as well. Their friends will want to know where they got their new toy and they will want one, too. You can get latex or latex-free, for those who may have allergies. 

There are plenty of choices when it comes to custom resistance bands, so don’t be shy. Different colors, lengths, widths and resistances can all be made to suit your business needs. Contact us today for more information.

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