Exercises To Do With Your Yoga Promotional Mats

Yoga can be relaxing, provide flexibility, and even help lift your moods. Anyone with yoga promotional mat can practice yoga even if they’ve never done a pose in their life. In fact, just by getting up and stretching in the morning, you perform a yoga pose. It’s a wonderful way to unwind after a long day or get yourself ready for a long day ahead.

If you’re looking for a great giveaway for your company that helps create good feelings, flexibility, and good overall health, consider our yoga promotional mats. We offer a large selection of mats that are easy to carry and come in a variety of colors.

Match your yoga promotional mat to your company’s colors and personalize it with your company name for easy marketing. Our yoga promotional mats are durable, comfortable, and affordable.

Whether you give away yoga mats as a free gift with signup or for referring clients to your studio, they make great gifts for a wide audience. With the yoga mat, provide your recipients with some fun yoga poses to try at home whether beginner or experienced – they are bound to have a lot of fun.

Simple Yoga Poses for Your Yoga Promotional Mats

These simple yoga poses are great for beginners and experts alike. Yoga helps the body unwind, get in touch with your spiritual self, and feel more flexible. It’s great for people of all ages and all abilities and can be done on any yoga mat.

Here are a few of our favorite beginner yoga poses.

Mountain Pose

It seems simple, but the mountain pose is more powerful than even some of the most difficult poses. In the mountain pose, you stand with your heels firmly on the ground, shoulders stacked over the hips, head held high, and shoulder blades relaxed.

You have to consciously keep the position, staying aware of your body, its position, and how it feels. Keeping your gaze on one spot can help you stay focused and stable in the mountain pose.

Downward Dog

The downward dog is the most commonly known yoga pose. It provides a deep stretch for the entire body and is great for people of all abilities.

You can get into downward dog by starting on all fours on your yoga promotional mat. Make sure your wrists are underneath your shoulders. Slowly lift your hips up and put your weight in your heels, rather than the front of your feet. Slightly bend your knees for comfort and walk your hands as far forward as you can while keeping your back straight. Engage your core and enjoy the full-body stretch.

Forward Bend

The forward bend helps alleviate stress in the head and neck. Standing in mountain pose, slowly fold your upper body over your lower body. Bring your head as close to your knees as you can. If you feel discomfort in your lower back, slightly bend your knees. Your hands can grab your ankles or lay flat on the floor.

Plank Pose

The plank pose stretches your body while engaging and strengthening your core. Put your body in a push up position, making sure your wrists are directly beneath your shoulders and your elbows are straight. Also, make sure your body is in alignment from your head to your heels. If you feel discomfort in your wrists, you can lower onto your elbows in a forearm plank. No matter the position, keep your core engaged the entire time.

Child’s Pose

Everyone knows and loves the child’s pose. In class, it signifies the end of class and a time to honor the body. It’s a pose anyone can do and that most welcome.

To get into child’s pose, kneel with your knees together and keep your back straight. Slowly lower the top half of your body to your knees. You can rest your hands behind you, keeping them straight or stretch them out in front of your head for an even deeper stretch. Stay in the position as long as you need to feel the stretch.

Seated Forward Bend

Sitting with your legs in front of you, heels together, take a deep breath, and bend your upper body forward. As you breathe out, try pushing your body forward more. Only go as far as your body is willing to go. If you feel a pull in your hamstrings, ease up. Focus on keeping your back straight and your spine lengthened.

Advanced Yoga Poses for Your Yoga Promotional Mats

Once you master the basic yoga poses, you can move onto something a bit more advanced that will engage your mind and body as you try to stay balanced. Make sure you always have a good quality yoga promotional mat beneath you to protect your joints.


The triangle pose is a wonderful side stretch that also opens up your lungs and gives your legs a good stretch.

Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Stretch your arms out to each side, straight out at shoulder height. Engaging your core, bend your body toward your front leg. The arm by your front leg should slide as far down your leg as possible (to the ankle if you can). The other arm should reach to the ceiling. Turn your focus to the hand pointing toward the ceiling and hold the pose as long as you can.


The tree pose is made for balance and focus. Don’t worry if you can’t stand on one leg yet, just keep trying, even if you only make it for a second or two.

With your feet together on your yoga promotional mat in mountain pose, slowly raise your right foot to your left inner thigh. Place your hands together in front of your heart space and choose a focal point. Keep your gaze on the focal point, holding the tree pose as long as you can. Keep your core engaged the entire time to keep your balance.

Warrior 1

The warrior 1 pose helps you build strength in your back. It stretches your hips, quads, and core.

Standing with your feet together in mountain pose, take your right foot and step back. You’ll be in a lunge position. Turn your back foot out. Take your palms up to the ceiling, positioning your chest and gaze up as well. Hold the position as long as you can.

Warrior 2

Warrior 2 is also great for opening up your hips and helps you get ready for even more advanced poses, such as the half-moon.

Standing with your feet together on your yoga promotional mats, take a giant step back with your left leg. Turn your back toes out to a 90-degree angle. Your front toes should remain facing forward. Bend your front knee until it is just over your ankle and put both arms out to the front and back, at shoulder height. Hold your gaze over your front arm.

Bridge Pose

If your back needs a good stretch, try the bridge pose. It lengthens the spine and gives a good stretch throughout your core.

Lie on your back with your feet hip-width apart. Putting the weight in your feet, lift your lower back and hips off the ground as high as you can while keeping your body in alignment. Place your hands underneath your back and push back to make your chest stand out even more.

Safety with Yoga Promotional Mats

Each of these yoga poses should only be done with a yoga mat unless you are outdoors. Many of the poses require stability. Slipping hands and feet can lead to injuries or ineffective yoga poses. Yoga promotional mats help keep you safe while also providing comfort, especially in the sitting and lying down poses. While you could use a blanket or towel, yoga promotional mats are more comfortable and are made of natural materials.

Another reason yogis love their yoga mats is that it gives them their own space. It’s like your car or your bedroom – it’s your space. That’s your dedicated area to give time to your yoga practice, enhancing your mind, body, and soul.

We offer a large selection of yoga promotional mats for all price points, colors, and needs. Whether you want a yoga mat with a carrying case or a mat with a carrying strap, we’ve got you covered. Personalize the mat with your company’s information and you have a great piece of marketing material.

Since yoga mats are easily transported, people take them with them everywhere. Whether they are going to yoga in the park, to a local yoga class, or practicing yoga with a friend, it’s a great way to get your information out there in an affordable and meaningful way.

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