Using Fall Festival Bags To Optimize Brand Exposure

When you think of fall what major holiday comes to mind? Thanksgiving and Halloween. That’s really about it. As a business, especially a small business, it would be impractical to center your entire fall marketing strategy around these two holidays. Additionally, there are groups who don’t celebrate one of these holidays or both! In fact, 21% of Americans try to avoid Halloween completely. So, instead of specifically marketing around these two holidays consider marketing ‘Fall’. When you market around a season you widen: 

  1. Your audience demographic 
  2. The length of your marketing campaign 
  3. The shelf life of a product

Further, when you think of the fall season rather than Thanksgiving or Halloween you broaden your idea spectrum. An economic yet efficient way to do this is through carrier bags. Here’s how to use fall festival bags to optimize brand exposure. 

Fall Festival Bags For Small Businesses

Small businesses we know the importance of an economic, effective, and efficient product. So, having a universal product with a longer shelf life is essential.  When shopping in small businesses carrier bags are a salient part of the process. Customers want that authentic, local, and unique experience that small businesses provide– reflect this on your carriage bags. Consider using a customizable fall festival bag such as the Autumn Harvest Bags for your carrier bagging needs. Your logo and/or custom text are printed in white on the orange Autumn design. Further, these bags are composed of reusable low-density film making them durable and waterproof. These fall festival bags are a great way to transition into the fall ambiance. 

Fall Festival Bags For Schools

Our fall festival bags are the ideal carriers for any school fall event. Consider using the Fall Festival Bags for your next school event. A great carrier for any classroom party or a treat bag for staff members; this fall festival bag capsules the vivid orange, red, and earthy colors of fall. This design is brought to you exclusively by Perfect Imprints! Your logo is featured in full color and printed below our stock design. Choose the design with or without the “Fall Festival” text. This fall festival bag is a great alternative for students and staff. 

Fall Festival Bags For Religious Institutions

Halloween is not in everyone’s religion-it’s just another day. Many religious institutions opt out of celebrations and any traditions associated with Halloween. Opt out in style with the Autumn Event Bags. These Fall festival bags shows a scene with colorful Autumn leaves and Fall-inspired banner flags across the top! Your logo is featured in full color and printed in the center of the bags! Promote your church’s Autumn event with these customizable Fall festival bags. 

Fall Festival Bags For Offices 

Much like schools offices are a hub for diverse staff members. It is important to be mindful of people’s cultural and religious differences. Consider, the Give Thanks Fall Bags for your next office event. Show your appreciation for this beautiful design and choose either the version that includes the “Give Thanks” text or the version without and includes your own full-color custom design. This Fall festival bag is brought to you exclusively by Perfect Imprints! Your logo is featured in full color and printed in the center of our design. A perfect carrier for that Q3 bonus this Fall festival bag is the perfect ‘thank you for all your employees. 

Contact Us Today For Your Fall Festival Bags!

Need an eye-catching carrier bag for your small business, school, church, or office that’s not holiday specific? Your search ends here. Our Fall festival bags are the high-quality carriers you’ve been looking for. Our non-holiday-specific bags are the perfect infinite opportunity exposure. Economical, efficient, and effective let us help your institution celebrate the season change with our Fall festival bags. Contact us today and ask about our express shipping! 

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