There’s nothing like noise to show that you have a lot of spirit, and there’s nothing that makes noise quite like a ThunderStick.

Everyone who has ever been to a sports game or big event has seen a ThunderStick. They’re loud, proud, and a bold expression of support for the team or side you’re rooting for.

If you haven’t heard of ThunderSticks before, then you may have heard of Bam-Bams. They’re the same thing, just with a different name. We’re pretty sure you’ve seen those big pairs of inflatable sticks around, even if you aren’t big into sporting events.

And even if you don’t know anything about a touchdown or a home run, you should still learn a thing or two about Thundersticks. It’s especially a good idea if you have a business or organization that you want to build. ThunderSticks are a great marketing tool– you just need to learn how to use them to build business.

But now you may be asking, how do I do that? Aren’t those cheering sticks just toys that people like to bang together at their favorite events? Well, that’s where we come in!

Here are eight tips that you as a marketing director, business owner, or school sports team can use ThunderSticks to market your organization the best you can.

1. Understand ThunderSticks Are Effective

We’re here to help you to grow your business by using a product that so many different people use at the events they love. We customize ThunderSticks by putting your logo, your words, and your ideas into writing. This puts the name of your organization on something that a lot of people are going to see.

Before you decide on what kind of ThunderSticks you want to buy, it’s important to know how many people you’re going to reach with these promotional items. Big organizations like major league basketball teams authorize ThunderStick events to hype up what they do.

People like ThunderSticks for a lot of reasons, but one of the greatest is that they create a sense of oneness with others surrounding them. At any event, people want to feel connected with others who love the same things as them, whether that’s a sport or a kind of new steel marketing technology.

That’s really important to understand. You aren’t just giving people some inflatable sticks, you’re giving them a way to make connections with other people.

That’s a good reason you can reach a lot of people with these items. They’re popular because of that, and of course, you want to use their popularity to help you. ThunderSticks aren’t only popular, though. They’re also extremely cheap.

You can buy standard pair of Bam-Bams in bulk for under 40 cents! Now that’s what we call a steal!

2. Choose Your ThunderSticks

There are other kinds of ThunderSticks, too, to give people a wider range of fun. Have you checked out mini Thundersticks, made for convenient transport and easier carrying?

Or what about the light-up Thundersticks that stay lit for 4-6 hours? People will love these for events and parties after dark!

You can also choose whether you want to buy one-use ThunderSticks or reusable ones. Single-use ThunderSticks are great if you only care about getting your name and logo out there at one event.

They’re cheaper, but they’ll definitely last for the entire length of the event and make the same noise as the reusable ones. You can also get the same amount of funk when you buy these as you could with the reusable ones since there are all kinds of single-use Bam-Bams!

The reusable ThunderSticks are another option if you want to reach even more people than you would on one night. An average of 67,405 people attend each major league football game. You’re right to think that’s some wide outreach, but why not double it?

In fact, why not triple it, or quadruple it, or even more than that? With that amount of people going to a sports game, if you play your cards right you could reach millions of people in one sports season.

3. Customize Your ThunderSticks

Now it’s time for the most fun part of the ThunderStick selection process. Our website offers really cool options for customization of your Bam-Bams and lets you put your name and logo any kind of ThunderStick you choose.

There are a few options for making the perfect custom ThunderStick. You can put the name of your company on them if you want to make it clear exactly where the people you’re targeting should be looking for their services. This might also make people interested enough in your company to whip out their smartphones and start Googling.

But maybe you want to give people a clearer taste of what you’re offering by putting a little information about your business on them. You can include this on the inflatable sticks in the form of a catchy phrase about your product.

If you want to be really clear about what you’re marketing, just say what it is. Just putting the words “encrypting software” or “cat food brand” might not sound especially catchy, but it’ll definitely get your point across!

Maybe you want to take a different path, though, and not put any words on your ThunderSticks at all. Have a cool company logo or team mascot? Great! Put that on your ThunderSticks.

If people are seeing what you have to offer, they’ll understand that you’re an option. Once they get that, especially if you have a cool item that will get you the hook you need to get them to look at your website. That’s where you can reel them in!

4. Evaluate Your Options

We know that there are a lot of options for advertising. It can get overwhelming. ThunderSticks are a great option because there are a lot of different ways to use them, but did you know you can combine them with other products?

Anyone who’s ever been to a sports game can tell you the cheering value of foam fingers. They can be used in addition to the ThunderSticks to create hype both for the event they’re being used at and for the company.

Or what about putting your custom logo or mascot on a beach ball, too? Having your information in multiple places is a great way to sell your business. This will get your company not only into the arena but also into people’s daily lives outside it.

But no matter what you decide to go with, the ThunderSticks are a great option if you want to get people in a lot of different venues to take you seriously.

Also, consider when choosing the type of ThunderSticks that you want what kinds of demographics will be getting them. ThunderSticks aren’t only for adults – they’re for the whole family. So when you’re using them as a marketing tool, all sorts of people will be using them as a tool for fun.

5. Decide Who To Target

There are lots of different places where you might want to get your name, but it’s always important to consider how many people will be where your advertisement is being shown. More than that, though, try to think of where there will people who will use your services.

Are you advertising for a sports drink? Then, yes, maybe a sporting event is the best place for you to hand out your custom ThunderSticks.

But what if you’re advertising a company that sells siding? A new software that can make doing your taxes easier? Then maybe you’ll want to hit up a housing expo or a job fair.

If you pick the right place to hand out your custom Thundersticks, you’re going to have a much easier time finding people who actually want to give you business. Even if there are more people at that football game, there might be more people who are into your services at a different kind of venue.

Once you’ve decided on who you’re targeting, it’s time to find the place where you can find the most of your audience at the same time!

6. Pick Where To Advertise

Like we touched on earlier, major league football games have lead ThunderSticks to fame, but smaller university basketball games have used them to pump up fans too.

There are a ton of different places that you can use ThunderSticks to advertise your company or service. From small to large venues, custom ThunderSticks can be given out in all kinds of situations.

Your gut reaction might be to try giving inflatable sticks out at sporting events or other places where they can actually be used. But what if that isn’t the best place for you to market?

Sure, you’ll reach a lot of people advertising at that big ball game no matter what your product is. But since ThunderSticks can be used in so many situations, why not advertise in other places too?

You can put them out on tables at college fairs or job fairs and people will have something cool to use later when they’re having a good time. You also can give them out to families with teenagers who can use them when going out to parties and events with their friends.

It’s also helpful to remember to advertise at multiple places to get a wider audience. Remember: there’s no limit to how many people you can reach!

When you’re thinking about where to advertise, too, remember not to think just of the venue. Think of where you want to set up the table or stand that people can take your ThunderSticks off of.

Where will the most traffic be at your venue? Is there a specific hot dog stand that you know people like more than all the other food carts? Then, set up your booth there and give people something to make their time fly by while they’re standing in line!

7. Get Good Feedback

One of the most important things in making your marketing as effective as it can be is to get feedback on your marketing tools. You know your ThunderSticks are awesome- great! Now, prove it to yourself and prove it to others.

One of the best ways to get feedback on how effective your product has been is to set up a survey. You can customize it to ask whatever questions you want. This will let you have the answers to the questions you’re most wondering about.

Another way to get feedback is to assess your goods. How many people took your ThunderSticks? How many people seemed interested in them, or wanted to take them from your table or stand?

All these are questions you can ask yourself to see how effective your marketing gig has been. If you gave out multiple different types of ThunderSticks, also count how many of each kind you started with and how many you ended up with.

This can help you measure which kind of Thundersticks you should buy more of next time. Understanding what people want is really the key to an effective marketing campaign. Your organization will do great if you take the time to look this over!

But even though these are two things you can do to see how well your advertising did, the best thing you can do is just talk to people. Casually start conversations with event-goers about the ThunderSticks. An example conversation starter would be, “there are cool, huh?”

This will get the excitement going! Encourage fun!

8. Appreciate Your Efforts

Marketing your organization isn’t easy work, and you deserve to be rewarded for your efforts. Look out at your cool logo in the hands of all those people and know that because you made the first effort, they’re doing a lot of the work for you now.

Once you’ve decided what ThunderSticks to buy and feel secure in your advertising accomplishments, you might want to check out the other products on our webpage. You can put your name or logo on all kinds of things to go with your ThunderSticks, so check it out!

Now that you’re an expert at pumping up inflatable sticks, it’s time to get out there and pump up those fans!