Find Your Perfect Match

Find Your Perfect Match

Find your perfect match. Oh, yeah, but we mean matches… You know, as in matchbooks and matchboxes? So… If you came here looking for something else, you need to visit Hey, but if that works out and you end up sparking a flame, come back here–we create awesome custom wedding matchbooks, too!
Nevertheless, we are here to pair you with your perfect match set. Here at Perfect Imprints, we offer a variety of options to choose from, but we compiled our hottest picks for you to choose from below (we really need to cool it down with the match puns)!

Adventurous: Custom Camping Matches

Love the outdoors? So do we, but our corporate office is located in Florida, so no matter how much we love the outdoors, our weather is always unpredictable–especially when it comes to rain! That is why we weather any storm with our Custom Camping Matches. Our camping matches are stormproof, windproof, and waterproof! Perfect for any adventure lover and scout camps.

These camping matches have a burn time of over 15 seconds and can withstand heavy winds, snow, and water–they will reignite after being fully submerged in water! Always stay prepared on your rugged adventures.

Custom Camping Matches
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Classy: Jar Matches

Quite the opposite of our previously listed camping matches, these glass jar matches give elegance. They are perfect for home decor, hotel bars, cigar lounge branding, restaurants, and so much more. Choose from different styles and shapes. Completely customize the jar with your individual style–you can even change the color of the match tips!

Custom Jar of Matches
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High Maintenance: Lipstick Matchboxes

These Lipstick Box Matches get their name because they are about the size of a tube of lipstick. These matchboxes stand out since they are different than the “standard” boxes that most consumers are used to seeing. The shape gives it a unique and classic feel and allows you to imprint it in 3 different areas. I don’t know what it is, but there is something about holding lipstick box matches that makes you feel important, timeless, and extravagant.

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Clingy: Flint Match Keychain

Camping match, flint match, or fire starter–no matter what you prefer to call them, once you hook them in on your keychain, they will follow you wherever you go. They are lightweight, small, and waterproof, making them ideal for camping, hiking, climbing, and other extreme activities. Because these flint matches are compact-sized fire tools, this makes them essential for emergencies and survival situations. Our flint match keychains are also refillable.

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Versatile: Matchbooks

As for our matchbooks, they are pretty well universal and liked by everyone. We offer multi-stem packaging–our matchbooks hold anywhere from 20 to 40 stems. On the outside, you see an imprint area with crisp, precise, and beautiful designs. On the inside, you will see sturdy matches that stand tall and that are lined in rows.

Your brand deserves to tell its story. Do so with vibrant colors, foil packaging, or even black and white for a timeless effect. 

Custom Matchboxes
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Whichever match personality best suits your business or event, we have them all. From energetic and rugged to classy and timeless. For more information on imprint options, quantity minimums, or original designs, feel free to contact us!

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