Fire It Up: 13 Custom Matchbook Designs to Spark an Interest in Your Brand

Custom matchbooks

One of the best ways to remain relevant in business is to give away relevant promotional items. Not only should you be giving away quality promotional items, but you should also be offering people a product that will be convenient and practical to them.

The chance of people remembering your business increases every time you hand out useful promotional products. In that case, you want to make sure you are using items that are convenient, practical, and won’t get thrown away easily.

Here at Perfect Imprint’s, we suggest using custom matchbooks to place your company’s logo- and other information- on for giveaway purposes. These little gifts can help to put the fire back in your marketing.

Most people won’t turn down a free gift, let alone, one they can actually use. Keep reading to find out how you can use custom matchbooks to advertise your brand and heat up your customer list.

Why Choose Custom Matchbooks For Your Next Promotional Item?

There are plenty of promotional items that you may use for your business. However, some of them restrict you to particular seasons or types of customers. The benefit of using a custom matchbook as a giveaway is that they are generally a universal object that you can find in most people’s homes- whether they are smokers or not.

Customized matchbooks and matchboxes are very convenient promo items due to their compactness. They easily fit into someone’s hand or pocket, which makes it easier to convince someone to take one. Most people may even take multiple matchbooks.

They come in a variety of styles and colors that help to highlight and promote your business in a relevant way. Custom matches are also an affordable way to provide a large number of giveaway items to customers.

These little promo gifts could make a huge impact on your business. They are often around the same sizes as business cards. However, people are more inclined to keep them rather than throw them in the trash or in a drawer with other unused business cards.

Most of the personalized matchbooks allow you to print on the front, back, flap, and, sometimes, sides. If you choose to market with the matchboxes, they are sturdier and will last longer in someone’s pocket. Even if you choose matchbooks, the cardboard component is still a good way for your business’ advertisement to stick around for a while and be put to good use.

How To Use Your Custom Matchbooks

You may be wondering when and where you could be using these customized matchbooks to help promote your business. Well, here’s the thing- they work almost anywhere!

These custom matches work exceptionally well for restaurants, bars, and lounges. Feel free to place them at reception desks, bars stands, and lounge tables. When people see a gift within reach they typically will take advantage, which is great for your business if they take a few and share with friends.

You can also give these away at events, such as tradeshows. It’s especially helpful to take these firey promotional items at events with themes that pertain to fires, such as camping or cigar (or smoking) enthusiasts. They would also be a smash hit to giveaway at company barbecues or other summertime parties where a grill will be involved.

Even if the event doesn’t have a theme that seems related to matchbooks, they are still a practical giveaway for most. Don’t hesitate to get a few printed and try them out.

The Customized Matchboxes

These matchboxes are cute little items that give your promotions a vintage look. They have easily slidable compartments, sturdy cardboard and provide you with lots of space around the box to place extra information about your company besides your logo.

Keep reading to check out the options for advertising your business on a custom matchbox.

1. The Lipstick Box

If you’re looking for something chic or dapper to match your brand, consider giving away the lipstick box. The lipstick box is a custom matchbook that is no bigger than the size of a tube of lipstick and resembles the makeup item packaging.

It has a sleek, thin box that easily slides open for storage and access. There are approximately 18 natural wood matches with white-heads in the box. You can choose to place your logo across these dainty boxes with a selection of up to 4 colors.

2. The Little Box

If you’re looking for more of a small and compact custom matchbook, consider choosing the little box for promotional use. This box only features about 9 natural wood matches with white-heads. The name alone lets you know that it is pocket-sized enough for anyone’s convenience.

The boxes are, in fact, large enough to place a visible logo on. The little box could certainly be a big hit as a giveaway for your business!

3. The Standard Box

Here’s a choice if you want to stick to a simple aesthetic for your custom matchbook giveaways. The standard box comes with around 18 matches that are natural wood. You can choose between a white or red match head for these little fire starters.

The physical box is featured as a flat rectangle and is perfect for printing a logo. You can choose to imprint up to 4 colors on the standard box choice.

4. Low Quantity Quickship Matchbox

Sometimes you need a small number of your promotional items and in a hurry. Well, this selection combines a solution for both of those issues. These custom matchboxes arrive quickly and have very low minimums for you to complete an order.

You can receive the low quantity matchboxes at quantities as low as 250 and have your package within a week. The design is a simple hot-stamped logo on, either, a black or white board that is printed on one side. They come with approximately 18 light wooden with white top matches inside.

The Custom Matchbooks

These matchbooks are the most common packaging for matches. They are delivered in hard cardboard and come in plenty of colors and sizes to fit your brand’s needs.

Check out the following selections for a custom matchbook that will set your marketing on fire.

5. 20 Stem Matchbook Custom Color Matchbook

The whole purpose of the giveaway items is to be able to successfully promote your company. The last thing you want is for your brand colors to not be printed correctly or for a stock color to be the wrong shade for you.

In that case, the custom color matchbook is a perfect selection for you. You choose each of the PMS colors and then they are specifically printed for you. This option allows you to print up to full color.

6. 20 Stem Matchbook Black Logo on Neon Assortment

If you want to make an eye-catching impression, then the 20 stem neon assortment custom matchbook option may be the best for you. These bright, fun colors are a great giveaway whether you are at your store location or participating in a conference or event.

They come red, orange, green, and yellow and have 20 matches inside of each book. Your logo is imprinted on each book in black. Choose these personalized matchbooks if you want your brand to be the center of attention.

7. 20 or 30 Stem Matchbook Black Logo on Gold Foil

Talk about fancy, this custom matchbook is sure to a statement about your company. These elegant boxes can include 20 or 30 matches in them. You may print your logo in black on the gold foil finish.

These matchbooks may look like they are out of budget but are actually very affordable for any type of business. Give your brand the perfect polished look by handing out these custom matches.

8. 30 Stem Matchbook Red and Blue Logo on White

Want to show some patriotism with your promotional items? Well, grab a few of these All-American-themed custom matchbooks as your next giveaway items.

These matchbooks are made in America and feature your logo in red and blue ink on a white background board. They are perfect for showing a little country pride and appreciation. And, you can order these patriotic gifts at 1000 matchbooks per case with just a one case minimum to complete the order!

9. 20 Stem Matchbook Red Logo on Yellow

Yellow is a color that encourages happiness, optimism, and positivity. If you would like your brand to reflect the meaning of this color, then why not choose a promotional item that does just that?

You can get 20 matches inside a yellow board matchbox with your logo imprinted in red on the front. This color combination has been by many companies in the past, including the infamous McDonald’s, and can help your brand to stand out to be loud and bold. Alternatively, you can choose this same color option in reverse– red background with a yellow logo imprinted.

10. 20 or 30 Stem Matchbook Solid Color Stock with White Logo

This custom matchbook option is great for any company that wants a clean and simple color background. The color stock choices include red, green, blue, and purple (only available for 20 stem matchbooks). The personalized matchbooks have a matte aesthetic and are printed with a white logo.

You can print your words and images on the front, back, flap or saddle. There is also an option to print on the inside at an extra cost.

11. 20 Stem Matchbook Silver Foil Logo on Black Background

Choose this custom matchbook option if you want to impress your audience with a classy, stylish look to your promotional items. This matchbook features a shiny silver logo on an all-black background with 20 matches at 2500 matchbooks per case.

Whether you’re looking for sophistication or a little glamour, these matchbooks will do the job. Get this elegant look for an affordable price today!

12. 40 Stem Matchbook Custom Color Matchbook

This custom color option not only gives you the choice of your own specific colors, but it also provides the advantage of wider printing space. These expanded boxes make your logo more visible by scaling up the size and contain twice as many matches inside -more bang for your buck!

You can choose to print on the front, back or edges of the box. There is also an inside printing option as well. The matches featured in this order are black stemmed with white heads.

13. 20 Stem Matchbook Black Logo on White

Sometimes you just want to keep it plain and get straight to the point. This black and white custom matchbook option is the epitome of simple. It’s the perfect selection for you if you have a minimalist business or if your company doesn’t like to use many colors for advertising.

The clean design of these customized matchbooks automatically creates a professional look. Besides your logo, you can also print your company’s phone number and address on the flap to boost your marketing efforts.

Market Your Brand With A Custom Matchbook Today

There’s no doubt that a custom matchbook is one of the most perfect promotional items for any business to use. If you have a physical location, you can easily leave them out for customers to take home. Hopefully, people are encouraged to take a handful and the word about your business spreads like wildfire!

These custom matches are also a great pick because they are an effective marketing tool at a low cost. Most of the matchbook orders allow you to purchase with just one case minimum.

If you’re ready to start marketing your business with these smart giveaways, feel free to contact us today to learn more about placing an order.

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