Flash Your Customized Fanny Packs

Fanny pack

A flash of nostalgia. A blast from the past. The 90s are back and better than ever! The “old” fashion-crazed fanny packs have circled back around in the fashion industry and are trending, once again! Who knew we were going to see that day again? I just hope mullets stop trending! 

From top-of-the-line fashion to travel-packed adventures, these fanny packs have made their way back from a very defining decade. If you need justification for business marketing expenses other than the fact that they are “da bomb,” keep scrolling.

Who is Interested in Your Customized Fanny Pack?

Despite the negative connotations that came with these hip packs in the 90s, keep in mind that the new age has reinvented this product. Are you now wondering who to consider when handing out your promotional fanny packs? We have got you covered!

  • Medical professionals
  • Travelers and explorers
  • Event staff
  • Festival attendees
  • Fans of ’90s fashion
  • Parents (pet parents, too)
  • Cyclists 
  • Sufferers of back and shoulder pain

Motives for Investing in Fanny Packs

Most people have seen fanny packs as a convenient way to go hands-free. Whether their use is for a more suitable way of getting around or purely for fashion, they are now known for their versatility. With modern flair and creative designs to choose from, anyone can incorporate fanny packs into their everyday lives. No, a fanny pack does not contain the space a backpack or purse would, but it often holds all the necessities needed on a day-to-day basis. This is a safer alternative to a purse, backpack, or pocket–where things can get misplaced, lost, stolen, or even fall out. It is the perfect downsized compartment that has enough room to hold a phone, money, sunglasses, ID, etc. Still not convinced? Here is a list of added uses for the trendy waist bags:

  • Fanny packs do not get in the way and they are not inconvenient to hold. Most people find these to be completely comfortable.
  • Reusable and don’t have restrictions on how you can wear them–hip, across the body, etc.
  • They have the perfect amount of room to carry the necessities of the day.
  • High in the world of fashion. Fannies dual as functionalable fashion. Luxury brands are introducing these packs as a form of art and creativity. 
  • Functionality also means being hands-free. Enjoy loud cities or all of nature’s beauty when you don’t have to worry about carrying a cell phone in your hand–it is still easily accessible when needed, though. The functionality of it all becomes especially useful for those who, for example, have to use crutches to get around. This would be great for medical offices!
  • They are great for any type of travel.
  • Ideal for festivals or nightlife.
  • Fanny packs stay close to your side at all times. It is easy to cover up when necessary. Fanny packs still make useful promotional items, though, because they are typically well noticed.

The Best Time to Incorporate Customized Fanny Packs for Your Business

Since the use of fanny packs are so broad, there is no wrong time to incorporate these into your marketing scheme. With this being said, there is a trend that shows the peak time to deliver these would be during the months of highlighted vacation times, especially spring and summer.

Get Promoting

These fanny packs have taken on a nice surge of popularity. The ascending growth has just begun. The waist packs are well visible, making them a key fashion and promotional statement. Here at Perfect Imprints, we are experts in marketing and design. We take pride in representing your company and make aesthetically pleasing designs/logos that can be placed on your fanny packs. We have a variety of different selections when it comes to style and color, as well. Stay ahead of the curve and market your business with promotional fanny packs today!

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