Foam bricks are an unusual but effective promotional product

Fake Foam BricksDie-hard sports fans have three enemies – the opposing team, the referees and the opposing fans. In the heat of the moment, whether at home in front of the TV or at the stadium, acts of horrible violence are easy to imagine happening to those three groups of people. Of course, we live in a civilized society that rejects the use of violence to resolve conflicts. Try telling that to a sports enthusiast.

You can’t cause injury and harm to befall to your rivals, but you can use some funny spirit items and promotional products to relieve some of the stress. Promotional foam bricks are excellent for getting some anger and aggression off of your chest when the ref makes a bad call or if the other team is showboating their victory a little too enthusiastically.

Foam bricks are lightweight and provide a hilarious outlet for tension. Give it a toss at your friend who won’t stop grinning about the fact that your team is losing and you’ll certainly feel better. You won’t hurt him, but he’ll have learned his place. Major sporting events at stadiums or parks are even better places to use foam bricks – just make sure not to confuse the real thing for a spirit item.

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