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Burning Earth. A large black rectangular banner hung at the base of Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square. It was a mildly cold autumn evening but the Square was animated with a fervor of over 3,000 protestors. The protestors gathered in Westminster to support the Extinction Rebellion(XR)- a global environmental, nonviolent movement that aims to persuade governments to act justly on the climate and ecological emergency. XR is but one of the thousands of protests that occurred in 2019-2020. Dubbed as the year of protests, 2019 saw a surge of movements–and in every corner of the globe, traction continued in 2020. Many of these protestors are gen z; an era of consumers who are anchored to ethics, social justice, and sustainability. In order for brands, businesses, etc., to stay relevant to gen z consumers, an explicit stand on various social and environmental issues must be transparent. Take a stand with foam protest hands. 

Purpose of Protest 

ADL defines protests as an event or action where people gather with others publicly to express their opinions about societal or governmental events. Protests have a variety of goals such as: 

  • Influence public opinion 
  • Draw attention to/share information about perceived injustice 
  • Connect with others who are passionate about the issue 
  • Provide inspiration 
  • Demand change 

Further, protests are done in various ways such as: 

  • Boycotts 
  • Speeches 
  • Assemble near symbols and places of significance 
  • Holding signs and banners 

The most common form of protest is an assembly equipped with signs and banners. Take a fresh and unique approach with Perfect Imprints’ customizable foam protest hands. 

Send A Message With Foam Protest Hands

The global protest did not occur overnight. A series of small, modest demands such as the cutback funding for school textbooks in Brazil or the taxation on WhatsApp usage in Lebanon were the catalysts of the 2019 global protest. However, by June of that year, these modest demands became sweeping movements and gained population size traction–such as the 2 million protestors in Hong Kong. As Instagram and other social media platforms capture the image of these protestors, many consumers, especially Gen Z consumers, are taking a stand to fight for or against these social changes. Further, Gen Z consumers’ demand for companies’ transparency on social issues has only heightened. Gone are the days that large businesses stay quiet during an era of change. 

Show some spark with Perfect Imprints 18” Protest Hand. With a stock outline design and flame-resistant polyurethane foam and phthalate-free inks for safety measures, the protesting hand is the stand out for the next protest, rally or demonstration. Available in 10 colors and an option between silkscreen or full-color heat transfer print, this foam protest hand is must-have signage to send a flipping message about your company’s stance on social issues. 

Pride and Power With Foam Protest Hands 

Marches and rallies are loud and proud. One of the largest rallies in the United States occurred on June 6 when half a million people turned out in nearly 550 places to protest. This type of protest is not only a gathering but a site of information for onlookers who are not educated on the protestors’ cause. Convey a message of pride and power with the Large Fist Mitt. This 14’ foam fist cheering mitt has hand slits so it can be worn like a glove. Available in a variety of bright, eye-catching colors, this foam hand protest is perfect to attract bystanders to your cause. Show pride and power with this foam protest hand. 

The powerful Gen Z 

Don’t take this generation for granted. The largest groupage during the June 6th rallies were people under 35. Gen Zers. Arguably, one of the most proactive and ethically-driven generations, this era of consumers values more than just affordability and high-quality products. Gen Z consumers are engaging with brands that are: 

  • Environmentally conscious
  • Transparent 
  • Pursuing a higher social purpose 


A majority of Gen Zers will not purchase from a brand that is involved in scandals. Further, transparency in the brand values is an important aspect to Gen Z consumers. A brand that takes no stance on issues will be unsuccessful in capturing this consumer group. Take a firm stand with the Numer One Foam Hand Keychain. Consider this foam protest hand as a free with every purchased product. An inexpensive incentive to show Gen Z consumers the stance of your brand or business.  

Innovate With Foam Protest Hands 

During the XR protest, signs, banners, and posters of an hourglass outline were scattered amongst the sea of protestors. This hourglass not only signifies the XR movement, but it gives an eerily message of the limited time our society has to counter the global climate emergency. A powerful symbol such as that needs replications to be perfect. At Perfect Imprints, our business is a quality product, and we offer Custom Shape Foam Hands. We can create nearly any shape into your own unique foam fingers or foam hands. Info needed for a custom quote: 

  • Quantity (minimum of 100 pieces)
  • Approximate height and width
  • Foam color
  • Print color(s)
  • Date needed
  • Emailed sketch of your design


No shape is too difficult, so get creative and dare to be bold. Send your message with our custom foam hand protest. 

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Take a stance with Perfect Imprints foam protest hands! Gain generation Z’s trust with bright and eye-catching foam protest hands, while promoting your brand amongst the millions of proud protestors! Contact Us Today!

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