FREE Promotional Items

Free Promotional Items

Would you like FREE promotional items with your company logo printed on them? Of course, who wouldn’t. Custom printed promotional products are some of the best marketing tools for your business. Many of you reading this have been sitting on the opportunity for free promos for years. So how do you get free promotional items?

Well, it’s really simple and not a new concept. Many businesses that are distributors or dealers of brand name products are eligible through their major vendors. These vendors often have marketing programs in which they will pay all or sometimes a portion of the cost for promotional items with their logo printed on the products. However, most do allow you to also print your logo and contact information on the opposite side. An example would be a small engine repair shop that sells Stihl brand power equipment. Well, Stihl may pay for the promos allowing them to market not only the Stihl brand, but also your shop. This is a win-win situation for the vendor because through the distributor giving out promotional items, additional branding penetrates that local market much more cost-effectively than traditional marketing vessels such as television and print ads.

Now there are guidelines for most of these programs which will, of course, vary from vendor to vendor. Your business will likely have to meet a certain sales threshold before you are eligible. After all, why would a vendor spend money on you if you are not producing for them? Most of these co-op programs do have maximum yearly dollar amounts that are offered, and these dollar amounts may be on a sliding scale directly related to your sales volume. You will also have to submit a proof of the promotional products to the vendor for approval so they can make sure the layout and color scheme meet their branding guidelines. Some of the programs may not pay 100% of the order amount, but may pay 50% or more. Again, the percentage is often dependent on your sales volume for their products.

So call your major suppliers right away and ask if they have a co-op program in which they will pay for promotional items with their logo and your contact information printed on the items so your can push their product and increase your sales. If you need help in the process, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our customer service specialists who can provide a proof for approval by your vendor.

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