FREE Setup on these Custom Koozies

Custom Koozies with FREE SetupWe’ve posted before about how custom koozies are overdone; however, they do have their rightful place to strengthen your brand. You have to be creative with your approach when using koozies.

As an example of what NOT to do, giving away koozies as your main company giveaway is one of them. Giving away koozies with your logo to people as a “thank you” gift for their business is actually an insult, since people understand the value or cost of a simple koozie.

However, for parties and functions in which canned drinks, such as soda or beer, are served, a koozie is a great touch. They are especially effective when you opt for special shaped koozies.

Not only do the koozies help keep the drinks cold, but they keep people’s hands dry. There’s nothing worse than shaking someone’s hand at a party and their hand is moist. Even if the moistness is from the cold can, one’s imagination starts to run wild. Is it sweat? Did the person just come from the bathroom? You see how the thoughts get worse and worse.

Below, are many koozie options that all have FREE setups for a 1 color imprint. This option for free setup allows you to stay within your budget and get more koozies for your budget.

Custom Koozies with FREE Setup

See all of the custom koozies with FREE setup on our Pinterest Board here with these custom koozies with FREE setup.

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