From Bulk Rubber Ducks to DIY Cocktails: How to Throw a Photogenic House Party

Promotional Items for a House Party

Are you in the process of trying to put together the perfect house party?

Whether it’s a housewarming party, a holiday party, a company party at the CEO’s house, or a party for some other special occasion, you want to make sure people remember it. You also want to do everything in your power to make sure people post photos of your party on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites.

The best way to do this is by making your house party as photogenic as possible. There are lots of items, like bulk rubber ducks, and other props that you can scatter throughout your home in different areas to encourage people to take photos as they have the time of their life.

Continue reading to learn about a few of the ways you can throw a photogenic house party that will generate more than a few likes on social media.

Welcome People to the Party with Printed Balloons

When people pull up in front of your home for your house party, it shouldn’t be hard to tell that there’s a party going on. More often than not, there will be a crowd of people surrounding your home, music playing, and lots of other things going on.

But it’s still a good idea to clearly identify which house is yours for all your guests. And there’s no better way to do it than by welcoming people to your party with promotional balloons set up out front.

You can choose from a wide variety of different types of balloons including:

  • Crystal latex balloons
  • Fashion latex wrap balloons
  • Standard latex balloons
  • Heart foil balloons
  • And so much more!

Promotional balloons come in all different shapes and sizes. You can also write just about anything on your balloons to personalize them for your specific house party.

Before people even set foot in your home, they’ll already be snapping pictures of your balloons and posting them directly to social media. It’ll set the right tone for your get-together right from the beginning.

Set Up a DIY Cocktail Station for Everyone to Enjoy

“Do you want a drink?”

That’s probably one of the first questions that you’re going to ask your guests when they walk in your front door. Having a drink will allow your guests to get settled in while introducing themselves to the other people at your party.

Rather than waiting on your guests and getting drinks for them, you should strongly consider setting up a DIY cocktail station that everyone can enjoy. People can head over to the station when they show up at your party and mix up the drink they want to try.

While you can offer an assortment of options, you might want to think about suggesting a signature cocktail for your event. Print out instructions on how to make it and allow people to try their hand at bartending for themselves.

In addition to supplying people with the different types of liquor and mixers they’ll need to make drinks, you should also put our custom barware for your event. From cute martini glasses to shot glasses and everything in between, people will love the thought you put into your barware and take plenty of photos of them.

Just make sure everyone drinks responsibly at your house party. The last thing you want is for someone to have one too many throughout the course of the night.

Place Beer Buckets Next to Your Cocktail Station

Not everyone at your house party is going to want to make a cocktail for themselves. There are some people who will want to crack open a cold one after they arrive.

Instead of placing coolers on the ground and forcing people to bend over every time they want a fresh beer, place personalized beer buckets next to your cocktail station.

Write something clever on the buckets that will catch people’s attention and make them smile. They’ll be more likely to take a photo of the buckets when you customize them specifically for your party.

There are other personalized items you can provide for the beer drinkers at your party, too. Customized koozies will keep their hands warm while they’re enjoying an ice-cold beer and help people keep tabs on their beer at the party.

The koozies will also be a huge hit among those who are taking pictures of everything. Those people will think the koozies are amazing and will want to take photos of them for their social media feeds.

Put Out Props for People to Try On

If your house party is, in fact, a holiday-themed party, you should decorate your home accordingly. Put up a Christmas tree, hang a wreath on your front door, and throw stockings up over the fire. Opt for a real tree to add that Christmas tree smell to your house!

But don’t stop there! If you really want to get people into the spirit, put out different props for them to wear while they’re taking photos of one another. There are custom Santa hats that you can buy to enhance the photos that people take.

You don’t have to be throwing a holiday party to take this approach to make your house party more photogenic, either. You can also find other props that will work well for just about any kind of party.

Props will turn adults into kids again. It won’t be long before social media is flooded with photos of your guests making funny faces while using props.

Fill Your Bathroom With Bulk Rubber Ducks

Under normal circumstances, the bathroom in your home is just about the last place you want people to be taking photos. You yourself might snap selfies in the bathroom from time to time, but that’s a lot different than guests at a party doing it.

But there is one way to make the main bathroom in your home the focal point of it, and it involves bulk rubber ducks! They can really come in handy when you’re trying to throw the best house party ever.

From classic rubber duck toys to glow-in-the-dark rubber ducks, you can make any bathroom space look and feel a lot more fun than it is with rubber ducks. You can line them up on a vanity, strategically place them through the room, or even fill an entire bathtub up with them.

Regardless of what route you choose to take, those rubber ducks will be social media sensations by the end of the night. People won’t be able to stop taking photos in your bathroom because of them.

Provide Boards Games for People to Play

You aren’t necessarily going to need to provide much entertainment for people at your party. Once the drinks start flowing and dinner is served, people will begin talking to one another and having a good old time.

But if you want to put your party over the top, you can break out some board games and set them up in different parts of your home. It’ll give people a chance to chat as they compete on board games that have been customized for your party.

Chances are, many of the adults at your house party probably haven’t played board games in quite some time. You’ll give them the opportunity to enjoy themselves and provide them with a good reason to take out their smartphones and snap photos of themselves playing games.

Serve Delicious Custom Chocolates After Dinner

Once dinner has been served and everyone has eaten, there are going to be some people who need something to satisfy their sweet tooth. Be prepared to provide them with cookies, cakes, and more.

Additionally, it’s never a bad idea to put out a big plate of delicious chocolates for everyone to enjoy. And you can go above and beyond by serving custom chocolate made specifically for your house party.

You can choose from:

  • Chocolate bars
  • Chocolate buttons
  • Chocolate almonds
  • Chocolate kisses
  • And so much more

No matter which direction you decide to go in, people will think the custom chocolates you serve are so adorable. They won’t be able to resist taking photos of them right before digging into the tasty treats.

Allow Guests to Show Team Spirit with Foam Fingers

Is the purpose of your house party to gather around the TV to watch a big sporting event? From the Super Bowl to the NBA Finals, people who love sports will often celebrate in a big way during monumental events.

Before you welcome people into your home to watch whatever game is going to be on TV, make sure you have everything you’ll need to allow your guests to show off their team spirit.

You can find lots of sports-related decorations that you can hang both inside and outside of your house. You can also put out lots of snacks for everyone to eat as they watch the game.

But custom foam fingers will really set your sports party off right. It’ll get everyone in the mood to sit down and cheer their heads off over the course of a few hours.

And if the team that everyone wants to win does end up winning? People will capture the moment by turning your house party into a photo shoot. You’ll get exactly what you want out of the night.

Send People Home With Custom Water Bottles

If everything goes according to plan, people are going to be extremely thirsty when they start getting ready to leave your house party. Between all the talking they’ll do with other people and the cocktails they made for themselves, thirst is inevitably going to set in.

Why not help them manage it by passing out custom bottled water to people as they make the way out the front door? They’ll be able to quench their thirst before they even leave your street.

You can find custom water bottles in just about any size you want. From tiny 8-ounce bottles to larger 16.9-ounce water bottles, you can set people up with as much water as you want.

You can also put a special message on the side of your bottle so that people know it came from your house party. It’ll give them one more chance to take a photo of something from your party before they go.

Create Customized Matchbooks for the Occasion

Do you want to part ways with your guests by giving them something other than water bottles? You certainly have lots of other options available to you.

For example, there are custom matchbooks that you can hand out to your guests as they make their way out the door. Matchbooks might not be as popular as they used to be as a result of the smoking rate throughout the country going down, but they still make great giveaway gifts.

Just like with the custom water bottles, you can put anything you want on the front of your matchbooks. They’ll allow your guests to remember what a fantastic time they had at your house party and give them one more thing to add to their social media highlight reel.

Make Your Next House Party a Total Success

As you can see, there are tons of different ways for you to make your next house party a lot more photogenic than you ever imagined it could be.

From stockpiling bulk rubber ducks in your bathroom to creating a gorgeous DIY cocktail station, you can increase the chances of people taking tons of photos in your home. You’ll love looking back at all the photos once the party is over to see what a great time everyone had.

The key is coming up with some kind of consistent theme or messaging that you can include on all of the personalized and customized items you buy. It’ll tie all the photogenic elements of your house party together and give people something to use when they create a hashtag to go along with the photos they share.

Contact us to get your hands on all the things that’ll allow you to throw a photogenic house party. We can help you customize them the right way so that people absolutely love them.

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