From Custom Mini Basketballs to Personalized Custom Sports Jerseys

From Custom Mini Basketballs to Custom Sports Jerseys – How to Use Sports to Market Your Brand

With the Winter season, another season of basketball viewing is already in progress. Basketball is a hot sport in America right now. Did you know that last year, 17.7 million people watched the NBA finals?

Other than perhaps football, there is no better sport to promote your brand than basketball to encourage new customers. Would they like custom mini basketballs which are branded with their favorite team logo or mascot?

The truth is, using sports to market your brand is a good investment. Lots of people love sports, and most viewers have an emotional attachment to either their team or the sport as a whole. As a business owner, you can leverage this to generate income and grow a loyal customer base.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how you can use sports to market your brand and some of the specific reasons that it’s a good idea for your business. Let’s dive in!

How Could You Use Sports?

There are plenty of ways you can leverage sports to market your brand, but here are some ideas that will come up in the rest of the article.

You might use customized sports jerseys or gear for your employees at a local event. This way, your people stand out in a sea of others.

You might give away little sports gear to winners of events or to employees. To make the pot even sweeter, you might consider customizing some of that gear.

And last, you might use sports gear to unify your team or to encourage high performance or happiness. Let’s look at some specific ways sports gear can help you achieve all these goals.

1. Easy To Personalize

Humans like things that are personalized to them. The psychology of personalization is an interesting topic. Basically, it boils down to the fact that we enjoy feeling a sense of control and not having to think too much about all the other entities that exist.

When something is personalized to us or our favorite things, it helps to cut out information overload and also give us a sense of control. This is why personalization is a powerful tool for businesses because without realizing it, people crave it.

Sports jerseys are one of the best– and easiest to plug in without too much work– options available for personalization of your business. With sports jerseys, you can easily have them customized with the name, number, or other variable data preference of your employees or people you will be giving them out to.


For example, you could have everyone’s favorite number on a jersey or get the last names printed on the winning prize you’re offering to whoever buys the most product from you. This may not seem like a lot, but for a competitive sports lover, they may just feel the drive to come in first to win the personalization on their prize.

Imagine if sports branding could actually turn your employees into high performers. That outcome is definitely achievable with sports due to the fact that you can personalize the gear you give away.

2. Encourages Unity

Sports help create unity

Consider any outdoor event you go to, and you’re sure to remember that the staff working there is always wearing the same setup. Promotional teams, sporting or not, wear the same gear so they can easily find each other, get in touch, and be recognized by non-employees so that they can be served more easily.

And even if your goal is to give away your sports promotional items, you are effectively creating a walking marketing option in the real world by handing off gear tailored to your business to local customers.

Combining the same colors, logos, and words on your shirts can lead to the unity that allows teams to work more productively and feel happier.


Is your business trendy? Is it traditional? Whatever the culture of your business is, you can pick gear that is aligned with the mission and values of your company.

Referring back to customization, you can also cultivate a sense of unity around the culture of your business. Perhaps you can even do some type of in-house competition that rewards the employee that comes up with the best message about your company’s culture to be displayed on the customized gear that you order.

Whether you’re shooting for a casual, popular, or “retro” look for your company, you can achieve that using sports gear for your business.

3. Recognition

Just like a team on the court is recognizable because of their colors and uniformity, using a sports approach to market your brand is a good way to stand out and be remembered. For example, if you did a community outreach event with your employees, you could all wear the same company jersey or jacket to show who you are representing.

Perhaps the first time won’t be a “splash”, but using these jackets over and over again at local events will give people a reason to remember who you are and what you do. You may just find people coming up to you pointing out how much they appreciate you taking such an interest in local events.

3.1 Conversation Starter

Sports are a conversation starter

Sports gear or personalized equipment is a great conversation starter. Especially if you pick a sport or local entity to rally around, people will surely find ways to talk to you to either compliment or pick your brain on your set up.

Whether it’s a small business owner that also wants to do something similar for his business or die-hard local fans asking how you got a hold of your gear, these are all networking possibilities that can open the doors to further business. Unlike other traditional promotions, sports have the ability to say a lot to onlookers without any words being exchanged.

4. Emotional Attachment

The truth is, people who love sports have a true emotional attachment to their teams. Even a small item like mini foam basketballs with a logo or a symbol can give people a sense of happiness that’s probably unrivaled at similar price points.

You’d think a custom mini basketball wouldn’t matter to a lot of people, but you’ll be surprised how hard people will compete to win prizes when their favorite sports team is involved

For whatever reason people fall in love with sports, whether it’s a nostalgic feeling driven by childhood memories, a passion for playing a sport, or something else, you can leverage this with your business.

5. Kids Love Sports

Kids love sports

The last– and possibly more important– reason to consider using sports to market your brand is for the simple fact that kids love sports. Where kids are, parents typically follow (we hope). Often times, they’re following around with their wallets.

Why do kids play sports? They are a vehicle that helps kids learn important life lessons, make friends, stay healthy, and develop skills they will carry with them into adulthood. Parents are very likely to encourage their kids to play sports, so there isn’t a whole lot of educating or persuasion necessary on your end, either.

Generally speaking, it’s a win-win for both your business and a family with kids that love sports if you’re out in the local communities giving away or rewarding people with sports gear. The kids love it, the parents stay happy (giving you an opportunity to network or promote your business), and you get to encourage a healthy activity that keeps kids happy and helps them grow.

This might be a rare case where the situation could be called a win-win-win.

Custom Mini Basketballs, Personalized Gear: Wrap-Up

When it comes to marketing your brand, sports are a great opportunity to leverage a well-known local or universal entity for starting conversations, networking, and standing out. There are many incredible advantages to using customized sports gear to market your brand.

Some of the benefits to using sports promotional items like custom mini basketballs are brand recognition, emotional attachment, the unity of your team, and the easy ability to customize gear for either winner of awards or your team of employees.

And don’t forget the powerful love many kids have for sports. The truth is, where kids are, parents usually follow. Often times, they follow with their wallets. You could easily do a promotional event for kids that leverages sports gear no matter what product or service you sell.

Check out our basketballs spirit items here to find the right items to use sports to work for your business.

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