Gearing up For The Cold Front With Promotional Long Sleeve T-shirts

Gearing up For The Cold Front With Promotional Long Sleeve T-shirts

It’s late November, and for anyone who lives in the Midwest/Northern states, we’ve all felt the frigid, icy winter gusts of wind that blows us away every time. Yes, winter is here. It’s time to let go of our warm summer memories, store them with our shorts, and bust out the long sleeve shirts. Many of us are preparing to adapt to the temperature drops. If you’re a business, this is an opportunity to capitalize on the apparel change. It’s no coincidence that the 4th quarter is the busiest and most profitable. According to IT, retail sales jumped 1.7% last month, the largest gain since March, and is forecast to continue increasing.

If you are a retail company or clothing brand, one way to maximize sales during the 4th quarter is to provide essential winter apparel such as long sleeve t-shirts. Now, brisk up with your custom brand design or your company’s limited-edition winter series. Let us, Perfect Imprints, provide you with the canvas to heat this 4th quarter cold front. 

Streetwear Casual 

The day-to-day long sleeve wear. This long sleeve needs to be comfortable, thick for warmth, and stylish. The heavyweight ringspun long sleeve pocket t-shirt by Perfect Imprints is just that. Available in 8 colors, this long sleeve t-shirt provides warmth and its pocket design gives it the hint of simple style. With 7 printable areas, it is the perfect canvas for your business/ brand to showcase the design or logo. 

Logo Printing Tip: Communicate your brand/business message. A good logo should embody your brand/business identity. A logo doesn’t have to be clean, aesthetic, or innovative to be good. Its purpose is to represent you. Reflect on your brand/business values and the consumer you are marketing to. 

Youth Styles 

Perfect Imprints is not only providing stylish, customizable long sleeve tees to adults, but we feature an array of youth and toddler sizes. Youth apparel is another great way to promote your business/brand. Typically, youth apparel requires fewer supplies to produce, which means an inexpensive option for not only you but your consumers. Whether it’s casual streetwear apparel such as our Classic Youth Long-sleeve Tee or suiting up for a game with the help of our Youth Hyperform Long-sleeve compression shirt, Perfect Imprints has you covered. 

Athleisure Wear


Athleisure wear is commonplace in today’s fashion sense. It’s wearing athletic clothes to non-athletic settings. The appeal of this trend is the comfort that athletic fabric provides. A classic athleisure piece is a ¾ sleeve baseball tee. Perfect Imprint features an exclusive style, our Dugout ¾ sleeve vintage tee. With 6 colors to choose from, this vintage look is perfect to complete anyone’s athleisure wear look. 

Perfect Imprints offers another great athleisure wear piece; The Unisex long sleeve jersey hooded tee. Crafted with polyester and cotton, this hooded tee is practical and stylish. Perfect for on-the-run errands or an actual run, it is a must-have athleisure wear product.  

Logo Printing Tip: Less is more. A good logo is a natural extension of your brand’s personality. It needs to be catchy but without all the complicated glitter. 


Realtree Outfit 

Where there is a forest, there is a deer. Where there is a deer, there is a hunter. Hunting season has commenced. The hunting enthusiast market is a very niche group of consumers. Here at Perfect Imprints, we have Realtree apparel that can get your business/brand to tap into this market. With most of the Realtree apparels uniformed, quality is the prime. Perfect Imprints recognizes the Russell Outdoors Realtree long sleeve explorer as top-tier gear. Made from 100% cotton jersey, shoulder to shoulder taping, cover-seamed neck, side seam, left pocket rib-knit collar, and a cuff double-needle hem, this Realtree long sleeve provides comfort and durability. 

Logo Printing Tip: Screenprintembroidery, or heat transfer. It is important to know which method of printing your apparel will need. 


Gear up Now With Perfect Imprints

Whether it’s streetwear or Realtree apparel, Perfect Imprints can help your brand/business gear up for the 4th quarter blizzard. Contact Us

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