Gearing Up For The Winter Olympics With 5 Custom Beanies

Winter olympic custom beanies

In less than 100 days, the biggest international winter sports event will commence. The 2022 Winter Olympics Games will be hosted in Beijing from February 4th to February 20. It’s the pinnacle for any winter sports fan; 21 days of nail-biting, anxiety-inducing excitement as the best athletes in the world compete for that gold bling. Champion to only its sister event, the Summer Olympics, the Winter Olympics has gathered a large following. The 2014 Sochi Olympics reached a peak of 2.1 billion viewers during its 21-day span, while the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics showed a slight dip of 1.92 billion viewers. Overall, the Winter Olympics has shown promise of a strong audience, and with more sports being considered into games, the future of the industry is optimistic. 

It’s important to remember that the Olympic games began 3,000 years ago and have been sustained to the present. It will never go away. As Jay Rosenstein, former VP of programming at CBS sport puts it, “The Olympics are the Olympics”. A classic event that has never failed to pull a strong audience and even stronger revenue. The 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics garnered a total of $79 million in licensing revenue while the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics only pulled a total of $15.5 million. These numbers show a market of growing sports fans. Further, the Olympics groups its fans by countries rather than cities. This means a larger group of people unified under one team; the pinnacle of Patriotism. The more loyal a fan is to a team, the more they will engage to consume. Highly loyal fans, patriots, view their expenditures as a way of supporting their team. It becomes an emotional consumption rather than simple money in exchange for goods. As a business, this is your opportunity to increase revenue. 

What is an inexpensive, versatile, stylish, and Winter Olympic appropriate way to do this? Custom beanies by Perfect Imprints. Beanies are what we call impulse buys. Much like that candy bar you grabbed on your way out of the store, beanies provide an easy profit. Embroider your company’s logo along with your nation’s flag and watch as your sales heat up. Here are 5 custom beanies your Olympic fans won’t be able to resist adding to their cart.

Premium Cuffed Knit 

Knit beanies are the basic necessities. A versatile style for anyone, the premium cuff knit by Perfect Imprints is the one beanie you need to have in stock. Its minimalist design can complete any outfit making it the impulse buy of all beanies. Coming in 10 colors, this beanie has ultra-soft ribbing throughout. 

Slouch Beanies 

Another classic, the slouch beanie is a promotional product to have in stock. Typically popular amongst skaters and punk rock fanatics, this beanie appeals to those who want a product that is not basic but also not something eye-catching. Its simple yet modern design creates that effect. Perfect Imprints provides a selection of slouch beanies such as the Otto Knit. Fully customizable and comes in 3 colors, the otto knit will provide what your customers are looking for. 

The Sporty Pom Pom Beanie 

This beanie is not subtle. Resembling the look and feel of wool fibers, pom pom beanies are thick and weighty. These are for the super fans. The vocal and enthusiastic fans that every team needs. Perfect Imprints offers a selection of beanies such as Sport-Tek pom pom team beanies. This chunky-knit beanie will be sure to keep any super fan warm in the stands. Coming in 7 customizable patterns, it is the perfect team spirit accessory. 

Fleece Custom Beanies 

The practical beanie. 100% poly microfleece, this beanie is designed for the stands or the streets. Fleece is one of the best materials when it comes to warmth and sweat repellent. The fleece beanie is designed for individuals who spend long periods in the cold such as runners or hunters. The fleece beanie is the perfect promotional product for athletic fans. Perfect Imprints provides an array of fleece such as the Champion fleece beanie or the Port Authority camouflage fleece beanie.

Custom Beanies For Team USA 

Hailing from the land of the brave and home of the free, Perfect Imprints offers an exclusive custom line of USA beanies. Show your company’s pledge of allegiance with the custom Stars and Stripes knit cap or the Patriotic knit cap. These promotional products cater to Team USA fans, patriots, and military personnel. With a large market, Perfect Imprints exclusive USA beanies are products to have for the red, white, and blue fans.  


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With less than 100 days until the lightning of the torch, the time to act is now. Let us, Perfect Imprints, help your company gear up! Our quality and exclusive promotional beanies are sure to place your company in gold. Contact us now!

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