Get Basketball Spirit Items Early

Basketball Spirit ItemsCollege basketball is underway for 2014. Lots of early and eventually erroneous predictions are already being made. The beginning of NCAA basketball is always overshadowed by the exciting season end to NCAA football. With all of this excitement with college football, its easy to overlook the planning and ordering of your basketball spirit items.

Your fans need these school spirit items to get more excited and ultimately cheer louder and more often. Additionally, these spirit items can help generate a lot of profit for your team, booster club, or school organization.

When deciding what spirit items to get for your basketball season, it is important to get a mix of both for sale items as well as giveaways for the fans. Below are some ideas for both.

Basketball Game Day Giveaways

It is very easy to get corporate sponsors to donate the money for purchasing giveaways in exchange for their company logo printed on the items. Just making a few calls to supporters of your team can result in several opportunities to gift spirit items to your fans. This will help keep your fans excited about coming back to future games and get them more in the cheering mood. These items should be low cost and fun items that fans love to receive. It also gives them some memorabilia to take home from their experience. Below are some common giveaways at basketball games.

  1. Mini Basketballs – These vinyl balls are soft and printed with the school mascot and possibly a corporate sponsor as well. These are fun to throw around and for kids (and big kids) to pretend they are the ones playing the big game.
  2. Megaphones – Magnify your fans voices with these inexpensive, plastic megaphones.
  3. Pom Poms – There is something about shaking a pom pom as a fan that makes that fan become less shy and want to yell at the top of their lungs. That’s why these are great giveaways. Promote loud yelling and more cheering!
  4. Basketball Stress Relievers – If you want a small and simple basketball-related giveaway, these basketball shaped stress balls are great.
  5. Basketball Schedule Magnets – You certainly want to promote your fans to come back to another game. What better way than by giving them a schedule magnet that can be plastered on their refrigerator — a place they visit multiple times per day?

Basketball Spirit Items For Sale

For the more premium basketball spirit items, they can be sold at the games. These items are often purchased by the biggest fans who want to proudly display merchandise with their team on it. Also, these items are purchased by fans as gifts for their friends and family. Here are few popular items that sell well at Basketball games.

  1. T-Shirts – The better design…the better they will sell. Our graphic designers can help you create a great design.
  2. Full Size Basketballs – Whether you get balls for playing basketball or autograph balls for display, or both, these are always a great option.
  3. Stadium Cushions – Depending on your basketball arena, you may need to stock cushions in your school merch store. If the seats are hard, then cushions will sell. However, if your arena seats are padded, then these aren’t a necessary item.
  4. Thundersticks – These inflatable noisemakers are great for cheering on any sports team, especially basketball. They have a huge imprint area to print your school mascot and logo.
  5. Foam Fingers – You can’t go to any sports game without someone holding up over-sized #1 fingers promoting their team. Foams hands and fingers come in so many different shapes and sizes. They are very popular at basketball games and are big sellers.

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