Give the Gift of Aromatherapy with Essential Oils

How many of your employees are feeling stressed right now? If you ask around, you’ll probably find that a majority of the county is in this state of ‘unknown.’ We are all worried about our finances, health, and the wellbeing of those around us, but guess what? Worrying only breeds more problems and reduces employees’ productivity. We all have to do our part to find ways to unwind, relax, and be productive as we work from our new office at home.

If you want a way to help your employees feel relaxed during these uncertain times, consider sending customized essential oil products. We offer a large variety of products all made with oils made directly from plants that have exponential effects on a person’s ability to feel less stressed and more productive.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are extracts from plants right from the earth. Essential oil companies use parts of the plant, including the flowers, fruit, leaves, and sometimes even the bark to create the oils. Even though the oil bottle, candle, or spray may look small, there could be hundreds of plants that made that one oil.

Essential oils are best used as a form of aromatherapy. According to Harpreet Gujral from Sibley Memorial Hospital, essential oils can help boost a person’s mood, which in today’s conditions, we could all use. According to Gujral, aromatherapy or using essential oils as therapy has been used for hundreds of years. When you inhale the therapeutic scents, the molecules travel from your nose to your brain, and most importantly, directly to the amygdala, which controls your emotions.

How to Use Essential Oils

There are a variety of ways you can encourage your employees to use essential oils to improve their mood, focus, and productivity.

Most people just need to breathe the oils in to feel better. Whether you choose a single oil for its uplifting properties or try one of our signature blends for things like focus, better moods, clearer breathing, energy, or peace and calm, aromatherapy is all your employees need. How can they breathe in the oils? Here are a few simple ways:

  • Use a diffuser – A few drops of essential oil in a diffuser with some water will fill the room with an incredible aroma that may help everyone in the room. The aroma of each of our essential oils is uplifting and pleasant and has the added benefit of affecting the brain and emotions.
  • Wear aromatherapy jewelry – You can find aromatherapy bracelets, necklaces, and other accessories that you can wear all day long. Just a couple of drops of essential oil goes a long way with these accessories, keeping your employees rejuvenated and uplifted while they work.
  • Light an aromatherapy candle – We offer a variety of aromatherapy essential oil-infused candles. What better way to lift your employees up than sending them candles that provide uplifting scents that affect their brains and emotions labeled with your company’s name? It’s a constant reminder of how much you care about your employees’ wellbeing.
  • Spray essential oil room spray – Give the gift of essential oil room sprays. With a few sprays around their home, employees and their families will feel more relaxed and better able to handle the days ahead as we navigate this time in our lives.

Choosing the Right Essential Oils

How do you choose the right essential oils for your employees working remotely or even as a promotional item for your clients? Think about what you want for them. Is it mood elevation, productivity, immune-boosting, or something else?

We offer a variety of single oils as well as combinations that promote anything from calming to energy or overall wellness. A few of the most common single oils include:

  • Lavender – You probably know lavender for its calming properties. It helps you relax, stabilizes your moods, and possibly even have an easier time falling asleep.
  • Peppermint – This oil helps enhance a person’s memory as well as mental alertness. This can be a great choice to send to employees right now as they figure out their new ‘normal’ and try to stay productive in an unpredictable environment, especially if they have kids at home.
  • Lemon – This oil naturally reduces stress. Lemon oil helps your body produce more dopamine, which is the feel-good hormone or ‘happy hormone.’

Other Ways to Use Essential Oils

Your employees can get many benefits out of all of our essential oil products easily, such as the essential oil candles and room sprays. If you choose to purchase the single or combination oil bottles, there are a variety of ways your employees can use them aside from using a diffuser (if they don’t have one). A few simple ways include:

  • Dry evaporation – All you need is a simple cotton ball or tissue for this method. Place two to three drops (a little goes a long way) on the cotton ball or tissue and let it evaporate into the air. If you want, you can also take a few quick whiffs of the cotton or tissue for deeper inhalation of the oil, while still allowing it to evaporate into the air.
  • Steam – Placing one or two drops of oil (the less the better for sure), into a bowl of steaming water can help you inhale the oils deeper. It’s important that you keep your eyes closed during this method and placing a towel over your head helps the steam get directed right into your nasal passages, which then travels to your brain and nervous system.
  • Spray – Using a glass spray bottle (the oils may cause the plastic to break down), you can mix water with a few drops of your favorite oil. You can then spray the solution around the room. This is great for employees that need help focusing or calming down, as they try to work.
  • Candles- Essential oil infused candles allow the scent to be released slowly over a long period of time. This method can be used around the house, while employees who work remote may need to relieve stress or wake up in the morning.

Reasons to Gift Essential Oils

Essential oils are an affordable gift that everyone can use from your employees to clients and potential clients. They make a great gift for your employees during these trying times as everyone tries to figure out a way to work from home while navigating other areas of their lives, but they are also great giveaways.

Whether you are having a promotional event or you want a nice gift to give your clients that sign up for new programs or to thank them for their loyalty, our large selection of essential oil products gives you many options at the most affordable prices.

Our large selection of products including essential oil-infused bath salts, candles, room sprays, and oils make great giveaways that are unique and are sure to be used by everyone! Stop giving the giveaways that end up in a drawer or throw in the garbage the minute your clients get home. Instead, give the gift of oils that are becoming more and more popular today, as more people try to find ways to naturally manage their lives without the use of harmful chemicals and substances.

Help Your Employees Feel Calm

In a time of so much uncertainty, it’s important for employers to do what they can to keep employees calm. Essential oils are a great way to make this happen. During a time when you may feel useless to your employees as they try to figure things out, you can enlist a sense of calm and happiness throughout their homes, helping them feel more connected and more productive.

Essential oil gifts are affordable and amazingly effective. If you’re looking for a way to get your employees to be more productive or to feel more relaxed in their new environments, check out our large selection of products. If you’re unsure about how the products work or you have any questions, we’d be happy to help!

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