Go Long! Why a Personalized Football Makes a Great Promotional Item

Personalized Footballs

Are you interested in finding a sports-related promotional product to market your business?

There are so many options for you to choose from. From small golf balls to full-size basketballs and everything in between, you can attract attention to your business in so many different ways.

But if you want to get the most bang for your buck, creating personalized footballs for your company might just be your best bet. Football has transformed into the most popular sport in America in recent years, so it only makes sense for you to ride the wave of its success.

Football’s popularity isn’t the only thing that should intrigue you when you’re searching for the right sports-related promotional product, either. There are other things that also make a custom football the perfect promo product.

Here are 10 more reasons to use a personalized football as your preferred promotional item.

1. Fun to Play With

There are some promotional products that will get almost no use when you start handing them out to people. But a personalized football with your business name and logo on it will most definitely not be one of those items!

People love going out in the backyard (and just about anywhere else!) to throw the football around. It allows them to blow off some steam at the end of a long day as they perfect their spiral. Custom footballs are one of the most fun promo products around.

You won’t have to worry about people not using a custom football when you give it to them. From the moment a Mini Plastic Football hits their hands, they’ll tell whoever is closest to them to “go deep!” for a long touchdown pass.

2. Fun to Collect

Yes, people love to throw footballs around. It’s just about impossible not to get yourself involved in a catch when you find a football in your hands.

But people love to do more than just throw footballs. They also enjoy collecting them in their homes.

If you walk into the average American garage, there’s a good chance that you’ll find at least one bucket filled with a bunch of footballs. Once you give a person a football, they’re probably not going to get rid of it anytime soon since it’ll be a part of their collection.

This will bode well for your business because it’ll keep your company name and logo in front of people for a long time. Whether you choose to give away a Small Rubber Football as a promo product or a 10″ Foam Football, it’ll be a great addition to anyone’s football collection.

3. Make Great Display Pieces

There are more and more people all across the country who are putting together man caves in their homes. And many of these man caves are being used for–you guessed it!–watching football.

They’re also being used for putting different football-related items on display. Walk into just about any man cave and you will find the following items hanging on the wall:

  • Football jerseys
  • Football helmets
  • Football signs
  • Football stadium photos
  • Autographed footballs
  • And more!

And of course, you’ll also find at least one or two footballs on display as well. You really can’t have a man cave without having a couple footballs scattered around the room.

When you choose to use a personalized football like the Mid Size Leather Signature Football as a promo product, you could very well find your football proudly displayed in man caves all over the place before long.

This will be very beneficial for your business. It’ll expose both the person who put the football on display and all of their guests to your company name and logo every time they’re watching football.

It’ll build up your brand recognition in no time and make people associate your business with all the fun they have when they watch football.

4. Come in a Wide Range of Colors

One of the reasons some companies shy away from using custom footballs as promo products is because they’re under the impression that they need to use a boring brown football while doing it.

This just isn’t true. You do have the option of using a brown Mid Size Rubber Football to promote your business if you want. But you can also choose from a large selection of other colors as well.

For example, the 7″ Foam Football comes in green, blue, red, black, white, and more. Meanwhile, the Football Stress Ball comes in blue, gold, green, orange, and more.

And then, there’s the 7″ Two Tone Foam Football. You can order it in great color combinations like orange/blue, athletic gold/blue, and athletic gold/red.

You can pick from almost any color that you want when you’re customizing a personalized football. Whether you want something simple like brown or something that matches the colors of your business, you’ll have more color options than you can imagine.

This will help your custom footballs to stand out in the crowd. They’ll also help them to stand out in people’s houses once they bring them home.

5. Come in Different Sizes as Well

After you see how many different colors that custom footballs come in, you’re going to need to decide which colors suits your business best. And that won’t be the only decision that you need to make!

You’re also going to have to consider how big or small you want your custom football to be. Depending on when and where you’ll be handing the footballs out, you might want to go with a bigger or smaller option.

Something like the Mini Vinyl Football would be perfect for those companies who will be handing footballs out at events. They’ll be easy to bring to events and easy to hand out to people.

Something like the 8″ Spyro Football, on the other hand, might be better suited for those who plan to keep promo products in their business before handing them out. They’re on the bigger side and won’t be as easy to transport to and from events.

At the end of the day, though, you’ll love the fact that you can choose from so many different sizes. You can even mix and match sizes by ordering different size custom footballs.

6. Last for a Long Time

If you’re going to invest in promo products for your business, you want to know that they’re going to last for a long time. You don’t want to buy products that are going to break on people or fall apart as soon as you hand them out.

Durability won’t be an issue at all with custom footballs. Regardless of whether you go with a 6″ Foam Football or a Small Glow Rubber Football, your personalized football is going to last for a long time.

High-quality footballs won’t get ruined if they’re left out in the rain. They also won’t show any signs of wear and tear after they’re played with for a long time. They can even stand up to whatever people’s pets might throw at them.

And this will all be great for your business. People will continue to see your business name and logo over and over again for as long as your footballs last.

7. Great for People of All Ages

There are many promotional products that are, unfortunately, not suitable for all ages.

For instance, beer buckets are great promo items for all the 20-somethings out there. But they’re not good at all for kids and teenagers.

Likewise, coloring books are fantastic for kids and maybe even some teenagers. But you’re going to get laughed at if you attempt to hand your branded coloring book to a 20-something, a middle-aged person, or someone who is even older than that.

Footballs, though, fall into a completely different category. It doesn’t matter if a person is 8, 18, 38, or, heck, even 88! They will love when you throw a Fun-Flinger Football in their direction and struggle to put it down once it hits their hands.

Custom footballs are one of the few promo products that truly work for all ages. You’ll get a great response from people when you hand them a personalized football.

8. Won’t Get Lost Easily

A common mistake that some companies make when creating promotional products is picking out products that are too small. These items end up getting lost before people really even get to enjoy them.

This won’t ever be a problem when you create custom footballs with your business name and logo on them.

As we already mentioned, custom footballs come in a wide range of sizes. From footballs like the Football Pillow Ball that will fit in the palm of your hand to the larger Football Rocket, you can choose the right size for your specific purposes.

But no matter which size you end up going with, people aren’t going to lose sight of the footballs you give to them. They probably won’t even leave their hands once they receive them, which will be a great thing for your business.

9. More Affordable Than You Might Think

Are you worried about how much it’s going to cost to design a personalized football to hand out to people?

This is a valid concern. Under normal circumstances, it’s not out of the ordinary for people to pay upwards of $75 for footballs licensed by the NFL.

You won’t have to worry about paying those kinds of prices for your custom footballs, though. In fact, the prices won’t even come remotely close to that, which should put a smile on your face.

The key is to buy custom printed footballs in bulk to get the best possible deal. You can save a ridiculous amount of money when you choose to go in that direction.

Let’s use the Mid Size Leather Signature Football–which is made by NFL game ball provider Wilson by the way–as an example. You might normally pay more than $50 for a ball like that. But when purchased in bulk, you can get it for right around $20.

That’s one of the more expensive options, too. There are also plenty of custom footballs that you can stick your business name and logo on for under $1 if you want. It all depends on which option you feel would be best for your company.

10. Make People Remember Your Company’s Name

Your No. 1 goal whenever you create a promotional product should be to use it to get people to remember your name. As long as they remember your name, the investment that you make into a product will be well worth it.

There are a lot of products that won’t deliver on their promise to promote your business name and logo. But custom footballs most definitely will.

Every time people look at the personalized football you designed, they’ll remember how they felt the first time you handed it to them. They’ll also remember the good times they’ve had with the football over the years.

Those feelings will last for a long time, too, since the football will hang around in their garage, their man cave, or some other area of their home. It’ll make you glad you took the time to order custom footballs in the first place.

Put Your Business Logo on a Personalized Football Today

There are so many kinds of businesses that could benefit from putting their logos onto the side of a personalized football.

Car dealerships, doctors’ offices, restaurants, schools, and so many others could reap the rewards of investing in custom footballs. Their logos will look great when they’re plastered across the side of them.

If your business has been looking for the perfect promo product for a long time and coming up empty, a personalized football could be exactly what you’ve been searching for. You can get more exposure for your business and give people something they actually want when you order them.

Would you like to hear more about how you can use custom printed footballs to your advantage? Contact us today to hear about some of the best custom football options for your company.

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