Custom Foam Fingers For a Unique Promotion

Go Team! How to Use Custom Foam Fingers as a Unique Promotion

Do you want to encourage the students, teachers, and other staff at your school to show support for one of your sports teams?

One of the best (and easiest!) ways to do it is by creating custom foam fingers that’ll allow students to put their school spirit on full display. Whether you go with large 12″ #1 Foam Hands or smaller 6.5″ Mini Foam Fingers, those of all ages will enjoy using them to demonstrate their support.

But before you start passing out foam fingers to help promote a team, there are some steps you should take to make them as effective as possible. There are all kinds of fun ways to use foam fingers as promotional products.

Here is a quick how-to guide on how to use custom foam fingers as part of a unique promotion.

Pick Out the Right Custom Foam Fingers

The first thing you want to do after deciding that you’re going to use custom foam fingers to drum up interest in a sports team is pick out the right foam fingers for your school. There are so many different options available at the moment.

If you want to order foam fingers that are relatively simple and straightforward, you can’t go wrong with the 14″ #1 Foam Hand. If you want something that’s extra large and impossible to miss, there is also a 33″ #1 Foam Hand.

There are also lots of foam fingers that feature hand signals other than just the #1 sign. For example, you might decide that you want to order:

Additionally, you can select almost any color foam fingers that you want. Most schools opt to make their foam fingers their school colors, but you can also pick out a color that will stand out in the crowd when your fans are waving them.

Your options are virtually unlimited. Choose the one that you think will work best for your school or team.

Figure Out What You Want to Put on Them

Once you’ve picked out the custom foam fingers that you want, it’ll be time for you to actually customize them. You can, again, do almost anything you want when making your foam fingers unique to your school.

You can put your school’s name and your logo on a 17″ #1 Foam Finger. You can also squeeze your school’s name, your logo, and a slogan for your team on a 22″ #1 Foam Hand.

Think long and hard about what you want people to see when they look at the foam fingers you’re creating. You want them to take pride in whatever you put on the foam fingers that you eventually pass out to students, teachers, and more.

Seek Sponsors for Your Foam Fingers

One of the coolest parts about using foam fingers as part of a promotion is that you can usually get someone else to foot at least part of the bill for them. There are many companies that will jump on board when schools order foam fingers and agree to sponsor them.

If you’re considering ordering custom foam fingers for your school or team, ask around in your community and see if there are any sponsors that would like their business name and logo to appear on your foam fingers. It’s very easy to work a sponsor onto a 16″ #1 Foam Finger or any of the other foam fingers available to you.

To all the businesses out there: You also might want to consider approaching schools and sports teams in your areas to see if they would be interested in passing out foam fingers that you create for them. Putting your business name and logo on a foam finger is an excellent way to generate interest in your business while supporting a local athletic team and its fan base.

Make Sure You Order Enough of Them

At this point, your custom foam fingers should be just about ready to go! The only thing left to do will be to decide how many of them you want to order for your school or team.

The good news is that foam fingers aren’t going to cost you a fortune. You can order something like a 12″ #1 Foam Finger for just $1.18 each when you buy them in bulk.

But you definitely want to make sure that you order more than enough foam fingers for all of your fans. You should count up the number of students that attend a school and take that into consideration. But you should also hand foam fingers out to:

  • Parents and grandparents
  • Alumni (more on them later!)
  • Students from other schools
  • Other casual sports fans
  • And more

The last thing you want to do is order a bunch of foam fingers and manage to run out of them before everyone gets one. So order way more than you actually need during your initial order.

Trust us, you’re not going to have to worry about unloading them over time. You can even make them a part of a regular giveaway to promote your school or team at more than just one game.

Pass Them Out at a Pep Rally Before a Big Game

Some people are under the impression that you can only hand out foam fingers at big sporting events. But that couldn’t be further from the truth!

If you’re going to be ordering a bunch of foam fingers for your school or team, you should also find a way to incorporate them into pep rallies prior to games. You can pass them out to students when they gather in the gym for a game and inject some energy into an event that’s designed to get everyone fired up.

You probably aren’t going to want to give a foam finger out to every single person who attends a pep rally. But you can either hand them out sporadically or come up with fun ways to give them out to those who deserve them most.

For instance, you can hold contests during a pep rally and give foam fingers out to the contest winners. You can also give them out to the students who show the most school spirit during a pep rally.

Regardless of which approach you choose to take, you shouldn’t hold off on giving out custom foam fingers until a big game. You should use the foam fingers to get people excited about the game and give them out so that they’re motivated to attend it.

Give Them Away at Games to Get Fans Excited

There is nothing (nothing!) that people enjoy more than getting free stuff when they walk through the front gate at a sporting event. It’s why so many professional sports teams make an effort to give them out at various points throughout their respective seasons.

With that in mind, you should consider using custom foam fingers like the 17″ Foam Hand with Handle to entice people to show up for games at your school. In the days leading up to a big game, you can let people know that you’ll be giving away foam fingers by:

  • Hanging up signs in your school
  • Making announcements about it over the loudspeaker
  • Posting about it on your school’s social media accounts
  • Putting an ad about it in your school newspaper
  • Asking student ambassadors to spread the word

No matter which method you use, your goal should be to increase attendance at a game and promote your school and team through your foam finger giveaway. You should be able to encourage lots of people who weren’t going to attend the game otherwise to show up.

Just make sure that you deliver on your promise at the game and have enough foam fingers for everyone. You don’t want to send people home upset because of a diminished foam finger supply.

Set up a Spirit Store and Sell Them There Too

When you’re not giving away your foam fingers to promote your school or team, you can also sell them as a means of fundraising.

You should start by setting up a spirit store right in your school so that you can rake in some sales from students. But you should also take your efforts outside of school and sell your foam fingers in your community.

Let people know that you took the time to design your own foam finger and ask if they would be willing to donate a few dollars to support you. You shouldn’t have any trouble unloading a bunch of foam fingers to those interested in supporting a local sports team.

You might even want to consider using other promotional products during your fundraising efforts. Some of the other great school spirit accessories include:

  • Cowbells
  • Full-size sports balls
  • Megaphones
  • Pennants
  • Pom Poms
  • Stadium noisemakers
  • Thundersticks
  • And so, so much more!

Your spirit store should be stocked with as many items as possible. You’ll see a real change in your school’s school spirit when you make more of an effort to provide students, teachers, parents, and more with them.

Consider Mailing Foam Fingers to Alumni

There are some schools that have absolutely no problem getting alumni to come out to their former school to support a sports team. Schools with great sports teams, in particular, usually have plenty of alumni who come out to games.

But if your school hasn’t had much luck as far as attracting alumni to games, custom foam fingers might be able to do the trick. When you start passing them out at games, alumni might start to show up to take part in your promotion.

If you want to take things a step further, you can even consider mailing foam fingers directly to some of the alumni that you want to see out at a game. Alumni will appreciate that you take the time to contact them directly and, more importantly, they’ll appreciate the free gift you sent them.

It won’t be long before you start seeing more and more alumni pop up in the stands during home games. And it’ll be due in large part to your foam finger promotion.

Find Ways to Get People to Bring Them to Future Games

Although custom foam fingers aren’t terribly expensive, you’re likely not going to want to pass them out at each and every game. The costs associated with doing it could become astronomical.

But one of the other things that makes foam fingers so effective is that they last a long time and can be used over and over again. So you might want to find ways to get people to bring them back out to games after your initial promotion.

A simple way to do it is by offering a small discount on the ticket to a game to anyone who shows up with a foam finger from a past promotion. Another way to do it is by giving away a small food item to anyone who brings a foam finger to a game.

You can even try to hold a special promotion at a game that features foam fingers. There is actually a Guinness World Record for the most foam fingers waved at once that sits at just 554. Why not try to break that at a future game and really put your school on the map?

Whatever you do, don’t miss out on the opportunity to continue to use your school’s foam fingers as a unique promotion. There are so many ways you can use them to promote your school and your sponsors.

Order Custom Foam Fingers for Your School Today

Would you like to use custom foam fingers as part of a promotion for your school, team, or other organization?

You can do it by simply finding the right foam fingers and then designing them to look like whatever you want. From there, you can place an order and hand them out at pep rallies, big games, and more.

If you would like to learn about placing an order for foam fingers, contact us today for more information.

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