Halloween Give Away Ideas

Halloween is a big upcoming celebration and many shopping malls, retail centers, and downtown areas promote a safe trick or treating event for children. Many businesses give away personalized Halloween trick or treat bags before Halloween; however, when it comes to the trick or treating event, businesses need giveaways to drop in the treat bags. Maybe you are looking for some ideas other than candy. Here are some ideas for trick or treat giveaways that are fun and some that even promote child safety while trick or treating.


  • Halloween Rubber Ducks – These rubber ducks are dressed as a devil, mummy, a witch, and a pumpkin. They make great giveaways for the smaller kids to play with in the bathtub.

Devil Rubber Duck - Great for Halloween      Halloween Mummy Rubber Ducks          Witch Rubber Ducks for HalloweenPumpkin Themed Rubber Ducks

  • Halloween Coloring Books – These coloring books and activity books are trick or treat giveaways that are actually educational for small children, plus you get your business name and logo printed on the bottom of the books.

Halloween Coloring BookHalloween Safety Coloring and Activity BookHalloween Coloring BookHalloween Scary Surprise Coloring and Activity Book

  • Halloween Frames – These photo frames have Halloween themes and are great trick or treat giveaways for kids to put a picture of themselves dressed in their costume.

Halloween Photo Frames   Halloween Picture Frames

  • Halloween Stress Relievers – Choose from several different Halloween related squeezable stress reliever shapes such as a pumpkin, spider, skull, and even a chainsaw!

Skull Stress Relievers  Pumpkin - Jack-O-Lantern Stress Relievers   Spider Shaped Stress Relievers - Great for Halloween trick or treat giveaways   Chainsaw shaped stress relievers - Great for Halloween in honor of Texas Chainsaw Massacre

  • Promotional Flashlights – Flashlights are loved by kids and and adults (particularly men). They are useful items and will stick around for years, plus your business name and logo will be printed on these useful promos!

LED Keychain Flashlights        Round Key Chain Flashlight         Promotional Keychain Flashlights

  • Flashing Strobe Lights – These clip on blinking lights are great to clip on your bag, clothing, or bike when out walking at night. They are also great for adults who like to do their running or walking at night. Your logo is printed prominently on the flashing strobe and will help increase the safety of those wearing the lights.
    House Shaped Blinking LightHeart Shaped Flashing Light Triangle Shaped Flashing LightStar Shaped Flashing Light

These non-candy trick or treat giveaways are sure to stick around long after the chocolate and chewy candies have been eaten, leaving behind your company logo.

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