Halloween Safety Promotional Products & Tips

Halloween Safety Promotional ProductsHalloween night is a fun night of dressing in costume, Halloween parties, trick or treating, and, of course, overindulging on candy.

However, Halloween night can also be very dangerous for pedestrians if proper safety precautions aren’t taken. Walking down poorly lit streets while dressed in dark clothing creates a less than ideal visibility situation for youngsters (and adults too)!

However, your business can help promote trick or treating safety by giving away Halloween promotional items that promote safety. This is also a great way to advertise your business during the Halloween season.

Below is a list of a few great Halloween safety promotional products that promote both trick or treating safety AND your business.

Reflective Halloween Trick or Treat BagsReflective Trick or Treat Bags

Trick or treat bags are a necessity for those trick or treating around neighborhoods, shopping centers, and church trunk or treat events. If you choose the metallic bags over the standard plastic bags, a reflective property is added to promote safety at night. The metallic bags reflect vehicle headlights increasing the visibility of trick or treaters. You can choose either silver metallic or orange metallic plastic bags. For additional safety, there are several trick or treating safety tips printed on these bags to remind parents and children about common ways to stay safer. These bags come with a stock design along with your custom logo printed on the bags. If you really want to be unique, we can completely customize a Halloween bag with an awesome design.

Custom Glow Sticks for HalloweenGlow Sticks

Increasing visibility at night is one of the best ways to promote trick or treating safety on Halloween night. Glow sticks are low cost giveaways that increase visibility. You can choose to get blank glow sticks or stock designs; however, for the most impact for your business, custom printed glow sticks are your best choice. Many glow sticks can be attached to a breakaway lanyard or to a carabiner to clip on your costume or bag.

Promotional Flashlights for HalloweenFlashlights

There are many Halloween products that can only be used on Halloween; however, promotional flashlights are useful on Halloween night as well as any other night of the year. During the course of tricking or treating, there will be darker paths along your route. This is why having a flashlight is important to keep you safe by increasing your visibility to drivers. There are many keyring sized flashlights that can be custom printed with your logo that make great, low cost Halloween giveaways.

Promotional Flashing Strobe LightsClip-On Strobe Lights

These flashing strobe lights can be clipped on bags or clothing and increase your visibility at night. These come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. These are not only great for trick or treaters on Halloween night, but also great to use any other night of the year. They are commonly used by runners, walkers, and bikers at night. These promotional strobe lights do have the batteries included so they are ready to give out as soon as you receive them.

Coloring books to promote Halloween safetyHalloween Safety Coloring Books

Often, the best way to promote safety is to educate ahead of time. These coloring books with Halloween safety tips in them are great to help educate children about safety during their trick or treating outing. Choose from several different books that are great for the younger elementary age children.

As you can see, there are many great ways to promote safety for Halloween while promoting your business at the same time. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to market your business and do you part to keep children in your community safer.

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