Spring Break Giveaways

Hang Ten, Bro! Gnarly Promotional Product Giveaway Ideas for Spring Break

You want to invest in out-of-the-box promotional items, but you’re not quite sure how you can relate them to one of the biggest events of the year: Spring Break.

In this post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to choose the best spring break giveaway ideas for your brand.

Whether you want to invest in branded beach balls or sunglasses with your company’s name on the lenses, we’ve got you covered when it comes to spring break promotional items.

Read on to learn about some of the ideas that will have your clients — and prospects — talking.

Branded Frisbees

Some people may see a day at the beach as a time to kick back and relax.

For others, it means that chance to get into the competitive spirit by playing some of the best beach games out there.

While beach volleyball and cornhole will always be popular options.

There’s a lot to be said for playing frisbee on the beach, too.

We love the idea of gifting your clients promotional, branded frisbees that they can use on their spring break. Don’t feel as though, just because you don’t work in the travel or beachfront property industries, promotional frisbees aren’t a good fit for you.

When it comes to effective giveaway ideas and promotional items, thinking outside of the box is a great way to be remembered. As much as we love promotional pens, they’re not exactly the most original idea in the world.

But branded frisbees are much more unexpected.

We love the idea of a fitness company giving these away, to remind their clients that it’s important to stay active even while on vacation. Branded frisbees are also a great gift for pet companies — after all, you know that your customers aren’t going to leave their precious pets while they head out to a spring break destination.

The clients can play with your frisbee on the beach by tossing it to their dogs. In addition to enjoying watching their pets splash in the waves, your clients will certainly remember your company.

The Sunscreen Giveaway

So, your company may not yet make enough revenue to be able to send the winners of a contest away on a tropical vacation.

What’s the next best thing?

Giving away spring break promotional items that your customers can use while they’re on the trip of a lifetime. One of the most important items that your clients need to toss in their beach bags?

Branded sunscreen.

This isn’t just about showing your clients your appreciation for their business. Giving them sunscreen also demonstrates a concern for their safety.

After all, about 90% of skin cancer is caused by spending too much time in the sun.

To make sure that your customers remember to pack their sunscreen, make it easy by picking up several orders of sunscreen bottles with a clip. This way, they can just clip the sunscreen onto their car keys, beach bag, or beach chair.

We think these make an excellent beach giveaway idea for skin care companies, cosmetic surgery offices, or even medical practices.

Classic Giveaway Ideas: The Beach Ball

No spring break trip would be complete without a few beach balls.

So, why not invest in a few orders of branded beach balls, and hand them out to customers to thank them for shopping with your company?

Again, these are versatile promotional items that will work with almost any type of company.

We love the idea of having your entertainment company’s name printed on them. Then, when you DJ at an epic spring break party, toss them into the crowd so that everyone knows who is responsible for putting such an awesome night together.

The same goes for alcohol companies, bands, or even clothing companies who want to encourage people to shop with them.

Make sure that you print your brand’s contact information on the beach balls so that you make it as easy as possible for people to get in touch with you.

As a bonus, a beach ball also makes for an awesome company gift to reward your loyal employees.

Making sure that your employees feel appreciated and that their hard work gets noticed is more important than you might think.

In fact, close to 80% of employees say that they’ve left a workplace because they didn’t feel appreciated.

In addition to a nice bonus at the end of the year, remind them that you care — and that vacation is around the corner — by giving them a branded beach ball. You could even upload photos to your social media accounts of your team members posing with their company beach balls.

Sitting in the Sand

Another awesome idea for the best spring break promotional items?

Those that remind your customers that the beach is all about relaxing, listening to the waves, and doing absolutely nothing for a few hours.

Of course, to avoid getting sand in all the wrong places, we’re sure that your clients will appreciate branded beach chairs from your brand.

These are slightly more expensive than some of the other branded items on this list — which means that they’re the perfect option for a giveaway.

In fact, why not take things to the next level, and create an entire “beach experience” for the lucky winners of your contest?

To set up the perfect giveaway, upload a few pictures of your beach experience basket on your social media accounts. These can include the beach balls, beach chairs, sunscreen, and any other items you’d like to include.

Then, tell your followers that you’ll give the whole beach experience basket away (you might also include a gift card) to one lucky winner. All they need to do is tag two friends in the comments section of the photos.

Then, watch your social shares — and website sales — grow.

Come up with a hashtag for your competition, so that you can see exactly what your followers are up to online. Check out this handy guide to master how to make the perfect hashtag for your branded giveaway.

Laying Out

While we know it’s important to limit your time in the sun, spending a few hours soaking up the rays is still a huge part of a spring break vacation.

Next up on our list of the top giveaway ideas?

Invest in some branded beach towels.

While your clients are laying out at the beach, working on their tans, everyone who walks by them will see your brand’s name on their beach towel. This is an awesome — and seriously cost-effective — way to increase your brand recognition.

Plus, your clients will be able to use their beach towels long after their spring breaks are over. They can take them to the pool, use them as bath towels, and store them in their closets.

This means that, in addition to helping you to bring in new clients, your beach towels will also ensure that your existing clients stay loyal to your brand.

We suggest choosing towels that come in your company colors, as well. Just make sure that you pick a big, bold font that’s easy to read. Put your logo at the top of the beach towel so that it won’t be covered when someone lays down on top of it.

If you give your clients a branded beach towel as a gift, we do suggest that you throw in some sunscreen, too.

Throw on Some Shades

The sun is what makes spring break so awesome — but it can also be seriously annoying when it gets in your eyes.

Make sure that your clients can see clearly while they’re on a tropical destination by giving them some branded sunglasses.

These are affordable promotional products, and they’re also one of the most useful.

Plus, we’re willing to bet that many of your clients will wear their shades all day, every day while on vacation. This means that your brand will get even more exposure time.

You can also have tons of fun choosing the colors of the lenses and glasses legs. Just make sure that there is enough contrast between the colors of the legs and the font you write your brand’s name in.

Especially since it’s on a smaller space, you want to be certain that the text really pops. Use this handy color wheel to make sure that the colors you’re choosing are a good fit.

We love the idea of eye doctors, clothing and accessories companies, and even lifestyle brands giving out a pair of shades. Toss one into a shopping bag, and make sure you encourage your shoppers to upload a picture of themselves wearing the shades on social media.

Look through the hashtags and tagged photos, and upload a few of your favorite client photos to your account. Knowing that they have a chance to be featured by a brand they love does a lot to increase customer loyalty.

Lip Balm

Lip balm is one of those things that you often don’t realize how much you need until you don’t have it.

Help your customers to prevent dealing with chapped lips while on vacation by gifting them with branded tubes of lip balm. These are affordable promotional items that pack a powerful punch when it comes to usability and overall brand recognition.

Your clients will remember you as the company that saved the day!

This makes for one of the best giveaway ideas for cosmetic companies, dentists offices, and even natural stores and lifestyle brands.

These are also good items to bring to events, like trade shows, spring break booths, or other in-person marketing opportunities. You can just hand them out to make sure everyone remembers your brand.

We’re willing to bet that they’ll be much more effective than a traditional business card.

Hand Sanitizer

The beach is awesome, but you can’t help feeling a little grubby after spending all day in the sand.

Plus, let’s be honest: no one is going to leave the beach to wash their hands before a meal.

Make your clients’ lives easier by gifting them with branded hand sanitizer that they can easily toss in their beach bags.

We love this idea for medical services, children’s companies, or even health-focused non-profits.

Whether your clients are running up to grab a few french fries or just feel dirty after logging hours playing in the sea, they’ll thank you whenever they use their hand sanitizer.

There are also options that contain both sunscreen and hand sanitizer. So, if you want to find promotional products that can do double duty, they might be the perfect solution.

Which of These Giveaway Ideas Will You Choose?

We hope that this post has inspired you when it comes to the perfect spring break giveaway ideas for your brand.

Whether you’re investing in sunscreen and hand sanitizer spray or branded beach chairs, we know your clients will appreciate getting items they can actually use.

Plus, when you create promotional products that are a bit more unexpected, you’ll be surprised by how easily your brand is able to stick in the minds of your customers.

Of course, spring break is far from the only vacation or time of the year that you need to prepare for. You’ll still need to think about promo items for the holidays, your big sale event of the year, and industry conferences.

No matter what sort of branded items you need, we’ve got you covered.

Browse through our awesome inventory to find the products you’ve been looking for, then grab your beach tote bag and head to the beach!

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