Happy Halloween! 13 Spooky Trick-or-Treat Bags (and Buckets!) You Need to See

13 Custom Trick or Treat Bags and Halloween Buckets

The act of trick or treating didn’t take hold in America until the 1930s and early 1940s. When it did, candy wasn’t the only object of desire. Children were given homebaked goodies, fruit, and even toys!

That all began to change in the 1950s when candy companies started marketing more heavily around Halloween. By the 1970s, factory-made candy was considered the best (and safest) option for trick or treaters, and the best way to collect that candy? Treat bags!

In 2017, an estimated 41.1 million kids went trick or treating. And those are just the kids aged 5 to 14! That’s a whole lot of trick or treat bags!

Searching for an affordable way to buy quality treat bags for the kids at your school or the children of your employees? Look no further! We have a great variety of spooky treat bags that everyone will love!

Why Buy Personalized Treat Bags?

Our Halloween treat bags make fun, festive gifts that show the people you work with how much you care about their families. Even people without children will be delighted when they’re reminded of their own childhoods with our nostalgic designs!

Because there is the option to print a customized logo on your bags, this is a great opportunity for advertising. While the kids’ minds are on their candy, the adults’ minds will be on your business! This may not seem important, but people need to see your logo about 5-7 times before they fully recognize your brand.

Plus, for parents responsible for multiple kids on Halloween night, these brightly colored matching bags can make it easier to keep an eye on everyone in your group!

Now, let’s take a look at 13 spooky trick or treat bags and buckets that are perfect for Halloween!

1. Witches Brew Halloween Bags

The Witches Brew Halloween Bag features a green-faced witch brewing a steaming potion in her cauldron! A spider hangs just above her shoulder and bats hover in the air as she gets ready for Halloween.

Print your logo across her cauldron and go over the safety tips written across the backside of the bag. These helpful tips include things like, “Never Trick or Treat Alone!” and, “Stay in Well-Lit Areas!”

Each bag is 12″ wide by 16″ high. You can place an order for 250 to over 3,000 Halloween bags in one shipment! Production time typically takes 10 days, but with an extra charge, you can get a rushed order for last-minute delivery.

For no extra charge, upgrade from standard plastic to oxo-biodegradable plastic to reduce your business’s carbon footprint!

2. Halloween Haunted House Yellow Die Cut Bags

The Halloween Haunted House Bag features a purple, yellow, green, and black haunted house under a bat-filled sky. Ghoulish eyes peek out from the grass and four friendly green ghosts hover in the air. Their speech bubbles include helpful safety tips!

Print a large logo across the back in one color to make it pop against the yellow plastic!

Each bag is 12″ wide by 15″ high. You can order 250 to over 3,000 bags in one shipment! Production time takes around 5 days, but with an extra charge, you can get a rushed order.

The plastic material is recyclable and the handles are fold-over reinforced die cut, adding some extra reinforcement when the bag starts getting weighed down with Halloween candy!

3. Halloween Orange Non-Woven Tote Bags

If you want something that can be stored and pulled out next year, or even used for grocery shopping, consider the Halloween Orange Non-Woven Tote Bag!

The Tote Bag features a smiling ghost floating in front of a spooky tree, a full moon, and a cute owl. “Happy Halloween” is printed on a banner in front of the design!

Print your logo across the lower front of the bag, beneath the ghostly design! With extra uses, your logo will be seen even more frequently.

Each bag is 13″ wide by 13″ high. The bottom panel is 5″ long, so your kids can stock up on even more candy or you can carry your own purchases without worrying about everything getting crushed! With longer handles, you can throw this tote over your shoulder for hands-free use.

These bags are made of environmentally friendly materials, including 20% post-industrial recycled content! Order as little as 100 bags or over 3,000. Production time can take 5 days, but feel free to rush your order!

4. Silver Reflective Pumpkin Bags

These Reflective Pumpkin Bags feature an orange pumpkin with green accents in his hands, feet, and stumps! In one hand, he holds a list of important safety tips. The design is retro but the bag itself is nothing but modern!

In fact, by carrying this bag, your child will already be following an important safety tip: Wear or carry something reflective! This allows drivers to spot children on dark and crowded streets and lets them know to drive cautiously.

Print your logo in up to four colors on the back. On this shining bag, your logo is sure to be noticed!

Each bag is 11″ wide by 15″ high. Order 150 to over 3,000 bags per order. Production time takes 4 days, and with that quick of a turnover, there’s no need to rush your order!

5. Orange Frosted Pumpkin Shoppers

The Orange Frosted Pumpkin Shopper features the smiling face of a jack-o-lantern on the front and safety tips on the back! The slightly transparent, frosted orange plastic will allow kids to peek at their candy and make sure no ghoulies have nabbed any!

Add your logo to the back in up to four colors! Each of these classic Halloween treat bags are 10″ by 5″ wide and 13″ high.

Get 150 to over 3,000 treat bags per order. It takes about 4 days to have your classic treat bags printed with your logo and ready to ship!

6. Day of the Dead Skull Bags

This Day of the Dead Bag features a unique purple sugar skull, tattooed with traditional designs like roses and a cross down the forehead. These are great for Halloween and perfect for Day of the Dead! Plus, with such a cool design, you can fill them with candy and give them out to your employees for a more sophisticated trick-or-treat experience!

Print your full-color logo across the bottom of the front side, beneath the eye-catching sugar skull. Each bag is 11″ wide by 15″ high, and you can order 250 to over 3,000 bags per order. The reinforced die-cut handle adds extra durability for even more Halloween goodies!

It can take up to 10 days for production time, but with an extra charge, you can get rushed shipping! You won’t want to wait for these treat bags!

7. Light-Up Halloween Trick or Treat Buckets

Delight your employees’ children with the Light-Up Halloween Buckets! Each hard plastic bucket is shaped like an open-top jack-o-lantern and the plastic handle is powered by LED lights to brighten up your trick or treating experience!

Kids can switch from strobe lights to blinking lights to a slow flash with the push of a button. They’ll love the fun effect and, due to the increased visibility, have a safer trick or treating experience. Each bucket comes with 3 AG13 batteries so you can keep the Halloween fun going for years to come!

Each bucket is 6.5″ high with an 8.5″ diameter. Choose between the handle or the sides of the bucket for your logo placement–sometimes, subtlety is key!

You can get a minimum of 72 buckets or over 432 per order. These treat buckets are so great that we’ve included a rush time of as little as 24 hours!

8. Vintage Movie Monsters Halloween Bags

The Vintage Movie Monsters Bag is fun for kids and parents alike! Any classic movie buff is sure to appreciate this sepia-toned, vintage-style bag featuring Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolfman, and The Mummy. Even the font that reads, “Happy Halloween,” drips with old school spookiness!

Each bag is 11″ wide by 15″ high. Print your logo in black ink beneath the monster mugshots.

Order 250 to over 3,000 bags. Production time can be up to 10 days but rushed shipping is available at an extra cost if you need to get them more quickly.

9. Retro Chalkboard Trick or Treat Bags

The Retro Chalkboard Trick or Treat Bags will really bring you back to your childhood days! Each bag is made of black plastic with a faint white undertone to look even more like an authentic chalkboard. They feature the words, “Happy Halloween” in a banner style written over a cute cat sitting in a field of jack-o-lanterns!

Each bag is 11″ wide by 15″ high. Print your logo in white underneath the cat doodle and order 250 up to 3,000 or more bags per order. 10 production days are required to complete your order for the Retro Chalkboard treat bags or pay a small fee for rushed delivery to get them to your doorstep sooner!

10. Witch Over a Full Moon Trick or Treat Bags

This colorful Witch Over a Full Moon Halloween treat bag will have everyone howling with delight! Each bag features the silhouette of a witch aboard her broomstick, decked out in her cloak and pointed hat, flying in front of a vibrant orange moon. Beneath her, the silhouette of a graveyard looms, backed by a ghostly blue night sky.

Each bag measures 11″ in width and 15″ in height. Print your colorful logo beneath the bright orange letters that spell out, “Halloween Night.”

Order 250 to over 3,000 bags per order. Production time can take up to 10 days but rushed delivery is available for an extra charge.

11. Pumpkin Head Trick or Treat Bags

These Pumpkin Head Trick or Treat Bags are some of our most colorful Halloween candy bags yet! Each bag features a trick or treater decked out in a jack-o-lantern mask and a cape, ready for more candy! Look closely in the background to spot ghoulish eyes peeking from the bushes, a hovering ghost, tombstones, a witch on her broom, and a few flying bats!

Each bag measures about 9″ wide and 13″ high. Print your logo in full color above the safety tips on the backside. Order 250 to over 3,000 of these fun and festive treat bags!

Another great feature of the Pumpkin Head treat bag is that it is 100% recyclable! We do what we can to help the environment and every little bit counts! Why wait 12 production days for these bags when you can get them faster with rushed delivery?

12. Candy Trick or Treat Bags

The Candy Trick or Treat Bags are simple, stylish, and extra cute! Colorful pumpkins, leaves, and pieces of candy pop against a white background, surrounding the multi-colored words, “Trick or Treat.” Find more candy and pumpkins on the back, along with safety tips and your own company’s logo!

Each bag is 9″ wide and 13″ high. They’re made from 100% recyclable material, so you can feel good when it’s time to get rid of them!

Get as few as 250 bags or over 3,000 and ask for rushed delivery if you don’t want to wait for 12 production days to pass!

13. Halloween Candy Buckets

When you pick our Halloween Candy Buckets, you get to choose between three designs and two color options! Go with the classic jack-o-lantern face in black printed on an orange background, or change it up to have an orange face on a black background. The same goes for our cute mummy design or our friendly ghost design!

Each bucket measures 8″ wide across the top, 6.5″ wide across the bottom, and 8″ tall. Print your logo on the back and bring these buckets with you to Halloween events or leave them at the reception desk. Brighten everyone’s day with candy and show off your business at the same time!

You can order as little as 25 of these buckets if you just need a few or over 1,000 if you want to give them out as gifts! They take 5 production days to make but get them sooner with rushed delivery!

How Do I Get My Treat Bags and Buckets Customized?

With our website, we make it easy and stress-free to add your logo and customize the amount of treat bags or buckets you need. Simply pick the product of your choice, upload an image of your logo or business slogan, and start tweaking your options!

Whether you want 250 bags or 3,000, your logo printed in one color or four, our price calculator will adjust every time you do! That means you don’t have to go through the entire ordering process before finding out that you went out of budget or could afford to spend a little more!

Want to see more Halloween goodies? Visit the rest of our online Halloween shop to find more festive ways to share your logo with your community!

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