11 Ideas for Heart Month this February

Happy Hearts: 11 Creative and Fun Promotions to Celebrate Heart Month This February

First established in 1964 by President Lyndon Baines Johnson, Heart Month highlights the fact that heart disease is the number one cause of death in the US.

As a heart attack survivor, Lyndon Johnson wanted to bring attention to this statistic. And, National Heart Month has helped to both raise awareness and decrease the deadly effect of this dangerous disease.

People celebrate National Heart Month in many ways, including wearing red on National Wear Red Day, which falls on February 1st in 2019. And, many brands, groups, and organizations like to join in the celebrations with events to encourage heart-healthy behavior. This creates a lot of possibilities for heart giveaway ideas and products designed to spread awareness.

If your company or organization wants to get involved, here are some creative and fun ways to celebrate National Heart Month this year.

1. Heart Stress Ball

Some of the most effective heart promotions also consider ways to actively address the kinds of issues that lead to heart problems.

There is a well-documented link between stress and heart disease. Stress can lead to high blood pressure, chest pain, irregular heartbeats, and heart disease.

As such, this branded red heart stress ball is a great way to promote your business while spreading the word about stress management and heart health. Or, you could make sure their stress ball is always in easy reach with this heart-shaped key ring stress ball.

You might want to use these stress balls as heart giveaway ideas to raise awareness of how too much stress is bad for your heart. If any of your employees work in a stressful environment, this could be a way to encourage them to seek ways to manage their stress.

Or, you may want to reach out to customers or event-goers as a way to promote stress relief.

For example, your business or organization could center a promotional event or offer around healthy ways to handle stress. These include exercise, connecting with people and spending time in nature. So, businesses such as travel companies, gyms and communication companies could use this tactic to promote National Heart Month.

2. Heart-Shaped Lavender Wonder Beads

These heart-shaped wonder bead packs make great heart giveaway ideas. Not only are they well packaged in a cute drawstring pouch, but they’re also useful and thoughtful at the same time.

Lavender is famed for its relaxing scent, making these lavender wonder beads perfect for relieving stress, anxiety, and pain. So, as well as being perfect promotional items for your organization, they also spread the message about the importance of relaxation and self-care for good heart health.

This wonder bead pack uses natural clay beads and moisture to provide a warming effect that soothes pain away. All you need to do is microwave the pack for heated pain relief that easily conforms to your body. And, the natural lavender scent has the added bonus of providing soothing aromatherapy to enhance the overall experience of total comfort.

This would be a great National Heart Month promotional item for salons, spas or fitness centers. But, wonder beads are sure to be a welcome promotional gift for anyone in need of a little TLC.

3. Heart Memo Pad

Although we rely on technology more and more these days, a memo pad on the fridge is a constant in most family homes. It’s where we can leave notes for each other, write down numbers while we’re on the phone and jot down shopping list items.

With its magnetic backing and handy pen holder, this heart-shaped memo pad is sure to come in useful. And, since it’ll have pride of place on the fridge, you can guarantee that they’ll see it every day. So, as well as spreading awareness about National Heart Month, you can also ensure that they’ll see your organization’s logo several times a day.

And, since they’ll also associate the memo pad with heart health, it might make them more inclined to write down healthy shopping list items. Or, maybe a sweet love note for their other half.

4. Three Color Heart Highlighter

The excellent design of this heart-shaped three color highlighter makes this very handy for students and office workers alike. With luminous green, pink and yellow highlighters, it’s easy to mark long texts in different colors for quick recognition.

If you’re trying to reach out to parents and children, kids are sure to love having this highlighter in their pencil case. Not only is it a great tool for studying, but they’ll also love the heart-shaped form and smart design. And, with your brand clearly marked on the front, every time they use their highlighter, they’ll be reminded of your business.

5. Adhesive Heart Notepad

Useful promotional items are always guaranteed to be more effective since people will be less-inclined to shove them in a drawer and forget about them.

That explains why half of all US consumers who own promotional drinkware use it more than twice a week.

Perfect for taking messages, leaving notes and writing down reminders, this heart notepad makes a great promotional item that’s sure to come in handy several times a day. As such, these pads make great heart giveaway ideas for brands targeting busy families and office workers. And, it guarantees that your company name is right there whenever they’re in need of a notepad.

What’s more, this notepad is made using 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper, water-based adhesive, and soy inks. So, it helps to spread the message about heart health while also being eco-friendly.

6. Metallic Heart Pen

This elegant heart pen is perfect for bringing a touch of class to your company’s heart promotions. Available in black, red, blue and gold with a metallic finish, this elegant pen has an upscale look at a great price.

And, there’s plenty of scope for printing your company details on it. Both sides of the pen shaft and both sides of the heart are all available for selection.

Unlike the kinds of white plastic pens you normally see during promotional giveaways, these pens are the kind you’d love to have on hand for taking notes. As such, event goers and customers are more likely to keep hold of these pens and use them every day. This means more brand exposure for your company or organization, and more awareness for National Heart Month.

7. Jumbo Heart Jar Opener

This branded heart jar opener offers a great way to get an extra firm grip on heart health promotions. Not least because the huge imprint area makes this jar opener the perfect option for promoting your company while spreading the message about National Heart Month.

With an extra large gripper, it’s also extremely effective for opening jars. And, since jar openers aren’t something that people typically already have, they’re sure to use them time and time again. As a result, you’ll achieve countless advertising impressions for your company.

With 13 different color options, you can match your promotional jar openers to your brand’s color scheme. Or, you might want to have a selection of different colors made so that people can pick their favorite color.

8. Heart Tape Measure Key Tag

Who doesn’t love a key tag with something handy on it? Torches and bottle openers always make super useful key tags, but a tape measure is another great tool they’ll be glad to have on them at all times.

This heart-shaped tape measure key tag comes in red and white and features a 1.5″ diameter for your organization or company logo. The tape measures 60 inches in total, and it has a release button on the back to draw the tape back in easily.

You might also want to use the tape measure as a tool to encourage event-goers or staff members to measure themselves as part of your heart health promotions. Many of us focus on our weight when it comes to measuring our health. But, where we carry fat on our body can often be a better marker for potential health problems.

Fat focused around the abdomen is a sign that your organs are surrounded by body fat. As such, belly fat is linked to heart disease, high cholesterol, stroke, and diabetes. Men should measure no more than 40 inches around their belly while 34 inches is the maximum for women.

By giving out these promotional key tags, you could help spread awareness of this dangerous issue. It also shows that your company is keen to tackle the problems that can lead to poor heart health. As such, this highlights the good intentions of your company while also creating an association between your brand and this important message.

9. Healthy Heart Step Pedometer

An even better way to spread awareness about National Heart Month is to encourage people to seek ways to reduce their potential for heart problems.

The human body is designed to move. But, our increasing reliance on technology such as cars and computers makes walking less of a necessary activity to get things done.

Of course, heart disease is nothing new. Yet, due to our increasingly sedentary lifestyles, we’re now faced with headlines that state how ‘sitting disease’ may be worse for our health than smoking.

Which is where this branded healthy heart step pedometer comes in. And, as well as tracking steps, research shows that having a pedometer actually motivates people to exercise.

If your company or organization is considering an activity-related event as part of your heart promotions, this pedometer is surely one of the best heart giveaway ideas. And, since it’s such a handy gadget, people are sure to get a lot of use out of it, meaning more exposure for your brand.

10. Heart Fitness Jump Rope

On a similar theme, this heart fitness jump rope is a fun way to encourage people to get active as part of your company or organization’s National Heart Month promotions.

The eight-foot jump rope includes flat handles with plenty of room for printing company details and logos. And, the decorative red hearts at the ends of the handles highlights the heart health message.

This is a great promotional item for appealing to parents as their kids will love playing with this unique and original jump rope.

These jump ropes would also be great as part of a jumping competition or group activity drive. For example, you could encourage event-goers to jump rope in sync to see who lasts the longest.

11. Heart-Shaped Hot/Cold Gel Pack

After all that activity, this large heart-shaped gel pack makes a great promotional item. Not only will it come in useful for any injuries, but it also highlights the importance of relaxation and self-care during National Heart Month.

This reusable gel pack is easy to clean and can be used hot or cold. All you need to do is microwave it for soothing warmth, or freeze it for cold therapy. As such, it’s perfect for sporting injuries, work-related muscle complaints or menstrual pain. All households are sure to find it useful on a regular basis, meaning more exposure for your brand.

And, these gel packs come in seven different colors. So, you’ll have lots of choices when it comes to deciding how your company or organization wants to use them as part of your heart promotions.

Fun Promotions to Celebrate Heart Month

Heart Month is an excellent opportunity for businesses and organizations to promote themselves while also raising awareness about heart health.

But, these creative promotional ideas show how it pays to put more thought into how you plan to use the theme of heart health within your promotions.

By highlighting the importance of exercise, stress management, and self-care, you show your commitment to seeking ways to decrease heart disease. As such, people will see your company as one that offers solutions, as well as support.

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