Here’s How Having a Trusted Promotional Products Firm Saves You Time (and Money)

Trusted Promotional Products Firm Saves You Time and Money

When buying promotional products, there are approximately 25,000 distributors in the United States. That means you have virtually an unlimited number of choices.

However, not all distributors are the best choice. You have to choose the right promotional products firm for your company.

When it comes to getting the job done right and getting the most out of your investments, an experienced promotional products firm is key. Additionally, you want a firm that is committed to providing the best options to meet your goals. It can’t be about meeting the firm’s sales goals, but it MUST be all about meeting your needs (as the client).

Many of the online companies you find are only interested in the sale. They are not interested in whether or not the products you order will meet your goals. They aren’t interested in suggesting a better option (that doesn’t necessarily cost more). They are a straight up “order taker.”

This doesn’t benefit anyone. In fact, it often ends with the buyer receiving a subpar product. Why? Well, for example, if you are shopping for stainless steel tumblers, you’re going to find thousands of options. Since you are not familiar with the manufacturers and the products, how do you know which one is the best option for your campaign? Are the tumblers safe? Have they been tested for heavy metals? Do they function as described? Is the manufacturer reputable? Will the factory ship on time? And the list goes on and on.

A steady and trustworthy promotional products company will quickly address all of these questions without you having to ask them.

5 Ways a Trusted Promotional Products Firm Saves Your Time and Money

  • Product Research – This is an area your chosen promotional products firm should excel. Reputable, full-time distributors are consistently searching their databases, communicating with their vendors, participating in industry continuing education, and learning from past experiences. They know where to look and can very quickly narrow down a selection of 87,452 promotional pens to three or four options to meet your needs. This alone can save you hours of online research time searching through websites. Be sure to utilize these skills so you can focus on your other job duties.
  • Experience – Throughout the course of business, we learn a lot of lessons. Many learning experiences are from positive occurrences, while others are from negative incidents. These learned experiences combined help shape the suggestions from your promotional products distributor. If your distributor is wet behind the ears, outcomes will often not be as expected. You see, there are over 4,000 suppliers within the industry, and many of those suppliers are offering less than acceptable products and service. The experienced distributors know which suppliers to avoid.
  • Relationships – From past experiences, seasoned distributors have forged very valuable relationships with our promotional products suppliers. These relationships help create certain benefits for end-users of promos. One of these benefits, for example,  might include faster than normal production time to meet your in-hands date, even if other distributors have been told “No” by the same supplier. In the same way relationships are so important in your personal life, they are equally important in business. These relationships help to establish win-win-win scenarios. That’s a win for the supplier, a win for the distributor, and a win for the buyer. The triple win scenario is the only one that should occur. All others have the word “lose” in them and meaning someone is losing out. A loss for any party involved is a loss for everyone.
  • Product Ideas – Do you struggle thinking of new promotional items to give out at your company events? Do you have to spend hours researching trending products? An experienced distributor already knows what’s hot. They see newly released promos on a weekly basis. As an added bonus, proactive distributors will be thinking of you when they see these unique and clever promos which fit your company culture. It’s like having a built-in product sourcer within your company.
  • Guarantee – When you are loyal and stick with a trusted promotional products firm, you can rest easy knowing if they make mistake with your promos, they will fix it. There’s no throwing the blame if the mistake is on the distributor. We eat the costs and fix it. Period. You won’t find that from the cheap online companies you find in your searches. Their prices are unbelievably cheap for a reason. They don’t invest the time in your order to make sure everything is perfect. They churn through your order as quickly as possible so they can process the next order. Stick with a firm who is interested in your success and not just your money.

Finding the right promotional products firm for your company isn’t always easy. Since all distributors are not equal, you have to do a little homework. Be sure to check out our 10 tips to choose the right distributor.

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