How to look good in Santa Hats

Ho-Ho-Hair: How to Look Good in Santa Hats

It’s that time of year where we snuggle up with our loved ones, throw parties, and eat pounds of cheese balls.

We also wear silly hats.

We all have an image in our heads of the office Holiday party: hoards of ugly sweaters ambling about, secret Santas, and glittery eyeshadow. This season, how can you make sure your sweater is the only thing that’s ugly?

Keep reading for tips on how to look good in a Santa hat.

Get the Right Santa Hat

First things first. Santa hats are no longer the red and white flops of yester-year. There are cute Santa hats and silly hats. There are even different colored Santa hats.

They come in pinks, greens, and holographic silvers. If you’re edgy, you might even try it in black.

One thing is for sure — if it doesn’t fit you must acquit. An ill-fitting hat will not be comfortable to wear all night as you Cha-cha slide. Plus, think of the hat hair it’ll give you.

Make sure your Santa Hat Fits

To measure your head for a proper hat, use a measuring tape or piece of string. You can measure the string against a yardstick after.

Measure the circumference of your dome horizontally. You’ll want the string/tape to sit about 1/8 of an inch above the ear to cross mid-forehead. This should measure the widest part of your head.

Measurements are great if you are ordering online and can’t try it on in person.

Hair for the Holidays

If you’ve got medium to long tresses and don’t know how to style them for the festivities, don’t worry. Here are some things to do with your hair.

Wear It Loose

There’s no harm in going Au-natural. If you’re the super minimalist type, this style is for you.


Braids are as old as history. You can wear them for any occasion. Here are a few ultra-stylish ones:

The “Frozen” Braid

This braid is so-called after it was popularized latest Disney princess movie. Many YouTube girls adopted it to glam-up their style. This braid is essentially a dutch braid with the loops pulled out.

Achieve this look by starting a braid as you would a french braid. The difference is how you cross the strands.

With a dutch braid, you’ll want to cross the strands underneath the middle. Continue in this manner while grabbing more hair until you reach the end. Remember to braid loosely so you can pull the loops out after.

With a hair-tie securing the end, begin pulling the loops out starting at the top. Pull slowly to avoid having to redo the style.

This look is great when styled to the side or tucked under for an updo.

The Fish-Tail Braid

The fish-tail braid is another braid style you can wear in a glamorous way. To begin, secure your hair in a low side-pony. As you get better you can skip the low pony step. This will give a more flowy look.

A fishtail braid is like braiding with two sections of hair. Begin by crossing the two sections into opposite hands. Grabbing from the outside of either section, cross the new piece to the other hand.

Repeat this process down the length of your hair. Remember to always pull new hair from the outside of the section to cross over.


If you have the hair, you can wear a Santa hat with cornrows which can be several small braids or three to five medium-sized braids. Add extensions to achieve the fish-tail or dutch braid looks.

The Low Pony

The low pony is a time-honored classic by lazy girls everywhere. Style it to the side to be flirty or wear the classic down the back. You can leave it straight or wand-curl it. The choice is yours.

If you’re feeling extra cute, you can try low pigtails. Try these tails with your hat on to find the prime pony position.

Loose Ringlets

The skill involved in achieving the perfect spiral curl should be awarded.

Use a wand to achieve these curls or a heatless curling method. If you style your hair several hours before your party, your curls will be loose and flowy. Also, try wearing your Santa hat and curling the hair around the hat so you know it fits.

Heatless methods will help the curls last longer. They may take some finesse to achieve a “loose” look.

The Gibson Tuck

The Gibson Tuck should be in the average homeowner’s toolbox.

It’s quick. It’s practical. It’s stylish, yet casual.

The Tuck is like a chignon but easier to pronounce.

Part your hair in the front as desired. Take a section of hair from either side above your ears and secure them in the back middle. You can do this by banding them together or using bobby pins.

Gather the remaining hair together, twist and tuck. You can tuck the hair into the banded section or roll and secure with a bobby pin. Don’t twist the section for a looser look.

Your hat should fit neatly over your hair.

Makeup for the Occasion

We are NOT talking about the Santa hat eyebrow trend which emerged last holiday season. Although, if you’re creative enough to pull it off, go for it!

As mentioned before, go Au-natural if that hangs your mistletoe. Whether you glam it up or tone it down there are four styles to keep in mind:

Bold lips, simple eyes — the emphasis is on the mouth. Bold can be a dark or very bright color. The eyes may have only mascara and neutral shades.

Bold eyes, simple lips — emphasis on the eyes. You can go smokey or holiday glitter here. A natural lip color or nude color will make this look sweet and fun.

Simple lips, simple eyes — keep it simple with nice neutral tones.

Bold eye, bold lips — you are ready for a night out. Smoky eyes and dark lips are a way to make a statement at any holiday shindig.

Play around with these combos to find the right look for you. Sometimes wearing a hat can call for an adjustment.

Miniaturize It

After all the work you put into looking great, you may not want your Santa hat to be the show. When in doubt, grab a tiny Santa hat headband.

It’s cute, fun and flirty, just like you.

Don’t Forget the Selfie

Seriously. Selfies or it didn’t happen.

For this season of festivities, you want to be the life of the party. Style your Santa hat with braids, ponies, or buns. And don’t forget to set your makeup for the dancing and pictures.

For more fun ways to bring in the Holiday season, check out our blog.

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