The frost has returned to our windows, coffee shops are now spiking every beverage with peppermint and department stores have already done the yearly dust off of their Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé Christmas albums. This can only signal the beginning of one thing: The Holiday Season. Help your employees prepare for it with holiday promotional marketing.

As Hallmark begins to tell the story of how a small-town girl meets a European prince for the seventh time this year, your business and employees have been getting ready to be thrust into six weeks of non-stop gatherings and functions. Alongside these festivities, your employees will have the expected and dreaded unexpected visits from relatives. The cast of characters that will make up these visits will vary from event to event, but at least one of them is guaranteed to cross paths with your employees this holiday season. As your employees gear up to greet these relatives, Perfect Imprints has plenty of promotional marketing products to help them stay happy, healthy, and sane as they end one year and begin another.

The Panicker:

The holiday season can make anyone weak in the knees and consider moving to the North Pole. This relative contributes to their own downfall each year by waiting until the day before a family get-together to “make a quick run” to the store for presents or by waiting until the morning of to try and put their own spin on Great Grandma’s famous cornbread stuffing recipe. When the big day arrives, this relative can spread worry through the event and have everyone bobbing their knees in angst over forgetting to feed their reindeer they don’t have back home.

To combat this all season long consider holiday promotional marketing with gifting your employees their own spa in a promotional candle. By focusing on a candle with tranquil and calming scents, every match will transport them to a calm and bright silent night.

The Drunkard:

Every family has one, the Great Uncle Jimbo or Cousin Nancy who after a few cups of eggnog is a little too comfortable rockin’ around the Christmas tree. These relatives can usually be found making up shop in your family comfy chair over in the corner so they may spike their eggnog in peace. While everyone enjoys their stories about the crazy shenanigans your parents got into when they were young, not everyone may enjoy when they grab their hairbrushes to belt out the entire Partridge Family Christmas album.

Everything can be enjoyed in moderation, so to encourage proper hydration and the consumption of other beverages consider gifting your employees with holiday promotional marketing water bottles. Not only will your employees be able to carry extra water with them all season long, but everywhere they go a piece of your business will too. Bonus points will also come your way when an extra item will be crossed off of New Year’s resolution lists.

The Scrooge:

The song likes to say that “it’s the most wonderful time of the year,” however, these relatives can’t wait until the twinkling lights get shoved back into the attic and they much prefer Hallmark’s movie mysteries. While no one should be forced to enjoy a season they would prefer not to, a scrooge’s attitude can make tensions run high at events. To ease these tensions and possibly prevent someone from jumping over the dinner table your employee will thank you for a company-branded stress ball, especially if it is a long release one. This holiday promotional marketing product can be enjoyed not only by your employee but passed around the dinner table to ease the ever so close to blowing gaskets of others present.

The Group Hugger:

After the tumultuous holiday season of the past year, we believe many people are looking forward to the hugs that were missed. Young relatives won’t run from Great Aunt Susan’s famous bear hugs and families will have the opportunity to feel closer this holiday season. While with previous relative spotlights we may have poked fun at them, the holiday season is the perfect time to encourage your employees to enjoy those around them and really be thankful for another passing year. As an employer, you can keep your employees healthy over the holiday season through a company-branded bottle of hand sanitizer which can help them stay at their best as they travel from festivity to festivity. It may also help slow the pestering questions of whether or not there’s a special someone joining them this holiday season by encouraging relatives to ask more about the company on their hand sanitizer bottle.

The Holiday Elf:

This relative must be related to Buddy the Elf at some point on their side of the family. The holiday season is not just six weeks of their year, but an entire mindset. Whereas the drunkard will sing because of their booze the holiday elf will sing because this is the one time a year it’s acceptable to sing them out loud and as often as possible. Their cheer and commitment to making every season better than the last one is seen in impressive tablescapes, perfectly recreated family recipes, and the twinkle of younger relatives’ eyes.

The holiday elf does their best to make the season special and helps everyone enjoy their time. While it’s great to be surrounded by this energy, some of your employees may want alone time or need a way to take a minute to relax and regroup. The last product we believe would be a great gift to your employees is a coffee mug. Some may think a coffee mug is overdone or cliche, but this thoughtful gesture will allow your employees to have an extra mug to share with someone as they enjoy their morning drink before the day becomes hectic with festivities and relatives. An extra mug also means that your employees won’t have to do dishes as often to get a clean mug during a season when more dishes are already expected. To make your holiday promotional marketing stand out, one could also consider gifting coffee supplies or hot cocoa supplies along with it.

Be prepared for the holiday season so you can enjoy the time!